Hakann: The Breathing Path

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I love you very much.

A while ago I shared one path towards spiritual growth and emotional well-being, in my message: “Hakann: The Observation Path.

That path is still entirely valid, and today I would like to share another option, namely The Breathing Path.

To some of you this path will be very obvious and it may be something that you are already doing. However, while this is basic, it is still something that is very beneficial to actually do regularly. You could think of this as something that is part of your personal energetic hygiene. This will bring help you feel more calm and grounded and present in your body.

The Breathing Path is simply this: every day, breathe slowly and deeply, for at least three breaths.

That’s it. That is the breathing path.

The possibly new information here is that you are invited to combine this with other activities. Yes, you can do the classic: “sit down, meditate, and breathe deeply and slowly.” That is absolutely a valid way to do it. However, that is just one option.

You can also walk while breathing deeply and slowly.

You can breathe deeply before, during or after exercise. Certain yoga forms invite the practitioner to continually breathe deeply and slowly while doing physical exercises. We think this is great. You can combine deep and slow breathing equally well with weight lifting or with very light jogging or with a number of other exercises.

If you want to connect with someone, it can be great to both sit down, close your eyes and then individually breathe deeply and slowly for a while. Then once you’ve both grounded yourselves, you can connect by breathing deeply together, possibly while holding hands or sitting in each other’s lap or when looking into another person’s eyes.

Breathing deeply and slowly during sexual union can also be very intimate and spiritually expansive. I am not suggesting that from now on you only have sexual union in that way, but it can be good to make love in that way occasionally.

Cleaning or cooking can also be done while breathing deeply and slowly.

Breathing deeply and slowly before or during a meal can be a great practice.

There are a ton of other options as well. You can do slow breathing during just about any part of your day.

Even if you are already doing a morning meditation, which is great, it may still be beneficial to also take three deep breaths during some other part of your day. This way you learn to slow down and be present during yet another part of your day and every part of your life, and not just during your meditation time.

As always, you don’t need to immediately start doing this for hours on end. For example, you can start out by hanging a note in your house or apartment somewhere to just take three deep breaths at any point during the day. That’s it. Later on you can always expand this period in which you’re breathing deeply, if you want to.

It’s much better to take just three deep breaths every day, than it is to spend one hour once doing deep breathing and then never doing it again.

I hope this helps. Yes, I know this is basic, but actually practicing the basics consistently will certainly bring results. After all, that is why the basics are considered to be the basics.

Usually the true masters are not the people who think that basic exercises are beneath them and who now only do very complicated and exotic exercises. Usually the true masters are the people who just consistently keep doing the simple and fundamental exercises.

I send you all my love and best wishes.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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  1. unionylibertad

    Thank you Hakann…I appreciate this reminder…I love it…It is simple and just a matter of remembering it…Many blessings and much Love to you and your crew up in the ships…