Kryon: The Winter of Spirituality

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. We wish to pause for just a moment to enjoy the energy that pours into this place, one that’s different than it has been in the past.

You may be unaware of it, but even in these few moments that you’ve gathered together, there have been entities arriving every single moment. Even though there are some who feel that this can’t be happening, there are also those who will send their energy into the chair where my partner sits, in an attitude of communication with Spirit. These are the ones who will be communicated with today.

It’s not an accident that you, or those who surround you, are here. There are far more of you than you think. For each one of you – senior, young person, and all the others – represents at least five or more entities around you who’ve arrived for this moment… just for this moment. And that doesn’t include the ones who come with you in your DNA! What? Oh, that sounds odd, doesn’t it? Wait until you hear more about it in a moment.

We’re going to present something. It’s something we’ve presented before, but never in this succinct way. Now it’s being transcribed, and before it wasn’t ready. It was my request to my partner [Lee] that he transcribe it now. He had a warmup for this message, a practice time in two other channellings, so this message was given in partial form before so that he would know more about the energy and accuracy of what to present. That’s the way we do it. For in these last years, this information has become not just more esoteric, but far more difficult to explain.

Each of you has a different kind of life, and each is on a different path within your own time line of learning. Some of you would say, “I’m very content with everything around me. There’s nothing I have to decide, and there’s no large challenge.” And if this is you, we say to you that you’re thinking in 4D. The next level is for you as well. How bright will your light shine? How far can you send it? How strong can your light be sent and still not be evangelistic or inappropriate with respect to others’ free choice? Do any of you understand that the energy of right now is why you were born? Satisfied and content, are you? Then why do you wake up at 3 A.M. so often with questions or anxiety? What is really next? Do you hear the Lemurian chorus within you yet? Indeed! Why do you sit here listening to this? Some of this is metaphoric, but all of it is happening.

Then there are the ones who have come with specific questions, and we know what they are. We always do. Oh, do not despair, Human Being, thinking that you’re alone. Do not despair, thinking that there’s no one around you who knows how afraid you are. God is always surrounding you, and when you can see that invisible shell and paste it upon yourself, you can stand tall and walk from this place knowing that you’re protected. And when we say protected, we mean energetically and spiritually.

There are those who’ve come here who want specific answers to specific private challenges. We’re going to say that you’re going to get some of those answers today. Each of you is different – different choices to be made within vastly different life situations. Yet there’s also a private answer for each. We’ve spoken so many times of this! There’s a passion that you develop on your own, which only you know about, and which will guide you like a life’s compass wherever you go. The prophet that so many ask for and look for is actually within you! The angel that’s inside each of you is the one to follow. It’s the most intuitive, the one who’s written the only book for you. Those of you who want to follow a prophet and have a book to consult don’t have to look any further than what’s surging interdimensionally within your own life code. It’s in there, it’s yours, and we’ve told you this for 15 years.

Mastery is internal, and the masters you currently worship who walked the earth in past times had nothing more than you did, except a message that you continue to deny and misunderstand. They all told you the same thing in different words! Each told you that you were God! Each told you that you were sons and daughters of the Universe, and each told you that you could have what they had if you looked for it and followed the divinity that was there.

When you approach these things and search with pure intent, you’re going to get the answers that are appropriate – not only for your life, but for those around you and for the Universe itself. Some of you have to make difficult decisions. There will come a day when you look backwards at this time and you say, “It was correct, it was appropriate, even though it was difficult to do.” So be guided – not by the words of men, but the thoughts, intuitions, and the spiritual compass you have inside.

Some have said, “I have trouble listening for these answers. Where are they? What do I have to do to get them?” It couldn’t be simpler. Sit alone on the ground and know that you’re not alone. Then say, “Dear God, tell me what it is I need to know.” Do you believe that if you approach God with pure intent that the family will walk away? Why should it be difficult? Let us tell you this: The difficulty in finding your own spirituality is based on your disbelief that it exists! Your perception is your barrier to God. You ask for lists and procedures, yet you don’t yet understand that love has no list! The power of God has no manual. It is that it is. Where’s your breathing manual? Where’s the manual that instructs your heart to beat? Think of your spiritual abilities as intuitive and automatic, just like these body functions that you never have to think about, but which you depend on for life itself. Master-hood is alive and active within you. Now claim it.

And when you sit before Spirit in meditation and prayer, don’t provide lists with the lineage of what’s going on around you, because we already know all about it! We’re there with you every moment. Don’t give us the reasons why you need certain things, because we know all about them. You see, we’re with you all the time! Do you have a prayer list? Forget it. We helped you write it! We’ve seen everything that’s taken place. We know of your fear; we know of the challenges; we know of the decisions to be made. If you’re praying for another, we helped bring that to your attention! Like a spiritual brother or sister who never leaves your side, we are there. We wanted to remind you of this fact before we go into this next discussion, which may be difficult, to say the least.

We sit before warriors of the light. We sit before those who’ve been called metaphoric spiritual Lighthouses. Oh, not all of you, but most who are here and are reading. So right now we address an entourage of humanity that numbers in the tens of thousands. You don’t know they’re there, but we do. For as we give this message, it’s also being read by thousands of eyes. Now, you may not see that, but we do. So let us talk to the reader in real time. Reader, we see you now, and we know who you are. And what we’ve just said to this audience of listeners is good for you, too. The information today may be difficult to understand and absorb, but it’s needed for you, too. There are challenges before you that you may want to weigh based upon what is said today, and some of this information is, therefore, just for you.

So the group is far larger than you think, is it not, as we prepare to give you the information of today? Sit in this safe place and know that all is appropriate. See the colors if you wish, for they are there now [speaking of those who always see colors around Lee on the stage]. The energies are in place. We’re ready to go.

The Winter of Spirituality

We want you to pretend for a moment. Fantasize what it would be like to come from a planet that had an orbit around the sun that took hundreds of years to complete instead of the 365 days that you enjoy now. What if you were on a planet where you could live out your entire lives within just one or two seasons? That would mean that there would be only a few of you who would be in a culture or in a lifetime who would see a change of seasons at all. And when you did, wouldn’t it be scary? It would be frightening, especially one or two of the seasons that had never been seen. Can you imagine going into autumn and winter when, for hundreds of years, humanity had only seen spring and summer?

Just consider how it might be: You lived all of your life, your parents before you and their parents before them, where the earth had always been mild. Warmth prevailed, with birds every day and sun and nature celebrating life. Then it happens: The trees drop their leaves! What’s wrong? Are they sick? Are they dying? Where did the birds go? Look at the stark trees! Oh, what is taking place? Darkness, grayness… death. You never saw the fall before. To you, the trees are dead – just look at them! They’re dead and dying all around. All the life has been sucked out of them, and they’re becoming just skeletons of what they were before.

Then the sun doesn’t come out anymore. You can’t walk around either, because it’s too cold. The water you drink from the lake is freezing. Your well is freezing! How will you drink? How can you grow food? The earth is dying, and so is humanity. You might even consider dying yourself! Wouldn’t this be a possible attitude? Indeed! There would be mass suicide and much angst. Governments would fail and priorities would shift. It would be the end of the earth if you didn’t know better.

Now, project your perceptions to that possibility. Then, can you even imagine what might happen after four or five generations went by and humanity saw the spring? Wow! Heaven had arrived! Miracle upon miracle – the trees weren’t dead at all. They were just hibernating! Who knew? New growth, new life – the sun, the warmth, and even the birds came back! Humans could sing again. The perception of a tremendous healing had taken place, and all humanity celebrated.

Silly? We present this to you because all of you know about the seasons. So perhaps this is a metaphor that you’ll understand through familiarity of change. What we’re going to tell you is this: You’re sitting in the energy of something that you’ve never seen before, nor have your parents or their parents or even the ones before them. Dear Human Being, you’re seeing a spiritual winter.

Never before on the planet has this kind of shift occurred in this way. Master after master came here with an altered DNA, with all of it enhanced and activated so they could give you messages about your own mastery. And they all said the same kinds of things, if you noticed. Even within diverse cultures, they had this message: They told you that there was more than you saw in 4D. They told you that there was interdimensionality, and that you were not to make decisions based upon what you see, but upon what your intuition told you was the truth.

They told you that you were not to trust men for your spirituality, but to trust yourselves. They told you that all of you were equal in your ability to create miracles, and that there was no real death. They showed you what an activated DNA was like, and they healed themselves and others around them. They spoke, and the elements changed. They gave intent, and the animals heard them. Then they looked at you and told you that you could do the same thing. Then many of them were killed because it was enabling information in a time that wasn’t ready for it. Now it is.

Here comes spiritual winter. All of the lineage that you’ve been through, ever since Lemuria, has never given you this kind of change. The masters of the earth said that you could change your reality, and you did. There’s been a shift of dimensionality occurring on this planet and this solar system, in this section of space, because of what you’ve done here. We’ve given you the primers of magnetism and gravity, and we’ve even talked about astrology being part of it. We’ve spoken about how interdimensional information rides on the solar wind from the sun, which then talks to the magnetic grid, and then to Human DNA.

This shift and change has brought you to a place where some of you say that it’s very dark. When you look at the planet and you turn on the news, it’s dark! It’s there, is it not… the darkness? It would appear that this isn’t an enlightened planet at all. It would appear that you’ve been born, and have lived your life up to this time, in a mild climate, but now the planet has changed tracks. You’re sitting there holding your light in a very dark place.

What’s going on? Isn’t this supposed to be the new energy? Well, let us tell you that those appearances are real. It’s getting dark. The trees are dying… the trees of civilized logic… the trees of peace… the trees of old energy thought. The birds’ singing has also stopped, and it’s uncomfortably quiet, isn’t it? Anxious, are you? You’re in a spiritual winter, and it’s the first one on Earth!

What’s happening? We’ll tell you: That’s what happens when the earth decides to shift dimensionality. We said to you in the year 2000, in a place much like this, in Israel, in Jerusalem, that the potential of this was real. We told you that the temple would be rebuilt, and that’s a metaphor for the planet’s consciousness. We told you that for the third time it would be rebuilt, but that you’d have to scrape the foundation clean first. That’s what you’re doing, and it’s called a spiritual winter.

Everywhere you look, things don’t make sense, do they? Do you feel a disconnection? Think about this: A disconnection with spiritual things hasn’t been that uncommon in spiritual writings. It normally happens right before a shift. Humans who make profound transitions feel this kind of disconnection, also. Go read about it. Even in current situations, there are some of you who’ve moved from one level to another only to feel complete disconnection until you’re taken into another consciousness. But a disconnect had to be there for a new dimensional perception to occur. Sometimes it’s frightening, if you didn’t expect it.

This is what’s happening on Earth. Let us give you some examples of things that don’t make any sense. It might help you see the bigger picture and provide some evidence of what we’re speaking of. Let’s start with the big one. Let us take you to a place right now that’s precious. It’s called the Temple Mount. Four grand religions of the planet all share it. It’s sacred to them all. Christ himself walked there, and so did Abraham when he almost sacrificed his only son. [There are two versions of this, the Christian one and the Islam one.] This makes it precious to all Christians and Jews on Earth. Mohammed was also said to have put his countenance there when he ascended [where the gold dome of the mosque is today], making it very precious and sacred to another billion people on the planet. Yet it’s in the middle of the most unstable area of earth… Israel.

Can you imagine such a challenge? Intermingled with all those of differing faiths who are “walking on the religious eggs,” so to speak, the Palestinians are still looking for their state. Many, in a generation far removed from the actuality of it all, believe that they should reclaim land that was taken from them. Others disagree. Many feel that there’s “men’s law,” and others are following what they feel is “God’s law.” And the argument rages, as it has for 50 years.

Now, we want you to sit in that place for a moment and feel the anxiety and the energy of its sensitivity and potential for explosion. For this was the spark that was to create Armageddon at about your 1998 to 2001 time frame. Don’t believe us? It’s written in prophecy in many places over hundreds of years by many priests. This isn’t something Kryon brought you. It’s a strong potential that you had for a very long time, and many of your religions spoke of it and warned you about the end times coming from this.

But it didn’t happen, did it? For after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, which was then celebrated by the 11:11 in 1992, things started changing on the planet. Very, very quickly after 1987, the geopolitical structure crumbled around some of the governments that were scheduled to be principal players in the prophesied Armageddon. Go back and look at the synchronicity regarding that 1987 event. Now, pretend for a moment that you’re still in Israel at the Temple Mount in the old city, then expand your field of vision and understanding to encompass the entire Middle East. We want you to look around for a moment and feel the discontent that has simmered and cooked itself there for over a half century. It has festered into a hatred that’s affecting all of you at the moment. It’s the center of the reason for your worldwide terrorism. It’s creating the polarity that’s on the planet right now that so many are experiencing.

It has polarized brother against brother. The Jew and the Jew supporters stand on one side, and Islam and their cultures are on the other. And the core of the challenge is in Israel! It was supposed to be the trigger for your Armageddon, but something happened instead. It became the trigger for your spiritual winter – a time on Earth that we spoke about: a large shift of civilization, a time when there could be no more fence-sitting about where you stood, a time for the Lemurians to return, a time for the Lighthouses to be built for the coming storm, a time where humanity decided to continue or not.

So here’s the logic question, dear Human Being: In this day and age with all that you have before you, and with all the modern-ness of your thinking and all the leadership and ancient wisdom on the planet, show us the peace plan! In that place where everyone knows that an explosion is simmering, where’s the solution? There is none. No plan. And if you think about it, that simply doesn’t make sense, does it? How is it that everyone can see the problem, but no organization on Earth has the solution? Where are the wise men? Where are the peacemakers?

It’s because you’re in a winter where no one can think of what to do, since they’ve never seen anything like it. “Go to the source and solve it!” some would yell out. Doesn’t that make sense? Isn’t that logical? But you see, the trees of logic are dropping their leaves. You’re in a spiritual winter where things aren’t making sense. There’s no peace plan for the very thing that continues to fuel the fire of hatred, create the wars, and perpetuate the terrorism that’s at the core of old energy versus new energy on your planet.

Now, there are those of you who are saying, “Well, there’s going to be one. We have great hopes for leadership shifts on the earth. We’re working on it, Kryon. It will be in this election that’s going to be in the United States. There would be new leadership, and there would be new life, and then we will have a real peace plan.” We have bad news for you. Your American election won’t make a bit of difference.

We gave you information in the year 2000 that it would be eight years until 2008 before you saw the potential of the temple being rebuilt. There’s four more years of this, Lighthouse, so strengthen the foundation and keep the lamp lit. “So, Kryon, that means that there will be no shift in the United States leadership.” We didn’t say that. It won’t matter who wins the election. You still have free choice, but take a look at what you have to chose from. The leadership of both choices is old-energy leadership. They’re cut of the same cloth. Understand that it’s appropriate for the larger plan that your time line will remain this way. Again, do not despair. Instead, send light to your leadership, no matter who it turns out to be.

You won’t see miracles for a while. You won’t see the peace plans yet either. Oh, there may be talk about it, but there will not be pure intent from any side. Does it make sense to you that Israel and Palestine would choose the two leaders they have now? Did you ever think of this synchronicity: Here are two leaders in the hot spot of Earth, where what happens ignites wars, and the people have chosen two old-energy men who have been trying to kill each other for over 25 years! Does this make any sense to you? Peacemakers?

All of what’s before you will only serve to perpetuate the spiritual winter that is, at this moment, appropriate to continue. Let us ask you another question: If you haven’t noticed, where are your heroes? There are none. There’s not one on the horizon. Can you remember a time like this, where there weren’t any bright spots of hope? There’s no political or spiritual or “peace hero” in sight. “Yet there always has been,” you might say. But not in a spiritual winter.

Now, of course we speak metaphorically, but some of you are starting to get it. Perhaps what we’re telling you is beginning to make sense, and you now understand why you’re reading this. Listen: When it gets dark and you go into a spiritual winter, there’s a whole group of you who have been placed here called the Lighthouses who are going to keep the ship of humanity from crashing against the rocks. And they’re the readers and listeners and many, many more who are awakening.

Reader, are you getting this? There are tens of thousands of you reading this now. It’s why you’re here. It’s why you exist, to hold that light during this spiritual winter. It isn’t going to get better for a while longer. But don’t despair. Hold that light. It’s why you came, and why you’re alive on the planet right now. Let us say it again and again and again: You’ll never find a lighthouse built in a safe place, will you? The storm comes, and that’s when you light the light. It’s to hold the energy on the planet in a balance so that you can go through this disconnection and let it endure for the appropriate time.

In the Christian culture, the story goes that the master of love, Jesus the Jew, was being crucified. It’s a story that is told over and over by several sources. He was in the process of what he thought was death. That’s what crucifixion is. He was about ready to shift in dimensionality and go to the next level, whatever that meant to him, including the very real potential of ascension. But instead of this master looking up in peace for what was to come, it was reported that he called out to the heavens and said, “Father, why have you forsaken me?” Here he was… a Human whom some called “the Son of God, the Ultimate Divinity in a Human body,” calling out in frustration. Why? Because he felt a complete and total severing of all relationship, and a total disconnection. He cried. “Where have you gone? What has happened? Why have you forsaken me?” The “third language” of constant connection to Spirit had suddenly left, and his spiritual lifeline was gone… and even “the Christ” was confused. This is common for dimensional and spiritual shifts, and you’ve got one going on right here on Earth. It’s called the spiritual winter. It’s the planet Earth’s “dark night of the soul,” and it’s the first time any of you have seen it, but all of you came here knowing that it could happen.

Lighthouse, maybe you’re getting an idea of why you exist on this planet? Listen: there is good news! There are heroes. The trees aren’t dead, and the birds didn’t stop singing. There are youngsters sitting here who have no concept of what they’ll see in their lifetime, but the potential is that they’re going to see the good news! Many of you will, too, but you’ll just be a few years older.

What You Can Do Now – Activation of the Eighth Layer of DNA

We’re going to tell you what’s going on: There’s a potential of a new tune being sung on this planet by birds you’ve never seen before [another metaphor], and it’s going to be sung if you’ll activate certain layers of your DNA that are becoming interdimensional. The new tune is the consciousness of what you call the New Children of the Planet. Some have called them Indigo; some have called them Crystalline. The Crystalline designation is one that would emphasize the Crystal Grid that’s now being rewritten. This rewrite is literally the history of Earth. We know that you can’t understand that. How can you rewrite history? Yet we will say it again: It’s not about changing the facts; rather, it’s about changing the consciousness of humanity when the 4D history took place. Think: If the facts created hatred and strife, a rewrite won’t change the actual history, but instead, a rewrite of the reactions to history by humanity will change the entire scheme of your existing polarities and current feelings about the past and what to do next. That’s going to tie right in to what we’re going to tell you next.

We’re going to give you a Jewish phrase in Hebrew: Rochev Ba’a’ra’vot. It’s the name of the eighth interdimensional layer of DNA, and it means “Riders of the Light.” Now, in this numbering sequence that we give for these DNA layers, we again say that they’re not really in a list, but rather in a circle. This could as easily be number one as number 8, but for our conditions here, in this explanation, we make it number eight in a series of 12. However, there are also energies in the numbers. So, since we must give the information in linearity for you, pay attention to the energy of the numbers we’ve selected for the names.

We told you sometime ago that you’re in “the dispensation of eight.” We said that it is a dispensation of responsibility. Reader and listener, this activation is truly an important one. You are the staple of humanity, Lemurian, and that’s why you came back. That’s why you’ll come back again and maybe even again. After all, why stop the cycle just when it starts to show results?

The winter is upon you. Look around you. Do you see anything really hopeful? The answer is no. Everything around the creation of peace or stability is either postponed or is simply not happening at all. Don’t despair! (This is something we said before and will continue to say.) You’ve been groomed to hold the light. This is why you went through many of the things you went through, so that each lifetime you’ll have a little more wisdom so that when this potential was manifested, you’d know what to do. There’s purpose in all of this, and it’s not a great mystery. Your life is a culmination of many expressions (lifetimes) on the earth, and they all build energetically on themselves to a focus, which is this spiritual winter.

We’ll give you another name for this eighth layer, and it will be in Lemurian: Akee Yawee Fractua. The Lemurian phrase means “The Master Record.” In Lemurian times, it was also known as “Record of the Masters.”

We want to talk about Layer 8 and what it is. This layer is the individual Akashic record of your divine entity. There are many of you who are aware that there’s a divine Hall of Records on the planet that we’ve talked about for many years. This place keeps track of the comings and goings of all entities called Human Beings on planet Earth. It’s a place that none of you will ever see except when you come and go. Call it a “spiritual accounting of Human balance on the planet” if you wish. It’s called the “Akashic Record.”

Now, if you were able to visit this place, you would find that in crystalline form is stored the memory of who you’ve been on the planet… all of it. Right now, in this room of more than 200 people, there is not one new being. There is not one here who’s experiencing planet Earth for the first time! We would say this to you: This is unusual, Lemurians – old souls each – make no mistake. It’s no accident that you would form and come together in this reunion to hear about this winter that you’ve planned.

Layer 8 is ready to be activated, and we’re going to tell you about it. Layer 8 is your own personal, crystalline Akashic Record. Layer 8 in your interdimensional DNA contains the full record of every single Human lifetime you’ve ever had on the planet and everything that you’ve experienced. Up to this point, with you walking around in 4-D, this layer wasn’t really important past the obvious energies it provided for your contracts and karmic attributes. It kind of floated; it didn’t matter; it was good for past- life readings, and that was about it.

It also gave you some phobias, if you’ve noticed! Some of you were born with abnormal fears related to things that have no connection to your life experience this time around. This is a safe place to talk about these things… it really is. Now the potential is that it all starts to make sense, and you can have an understanding of all these things. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of light? Perhaps there are those here who don’t want to take this activation step. They might be saying, “I’d like this discussion to be over soon; let’s not hear any more of this.” Done this before, have you?

What happens if you take that step? What’s going to take place? Some still have the “seed fear of enlightenment.” There are those in here who’ve taken vows of celibacy and who’ve married God. Suddenly, as you become interdimensional and Layer 8 is starting to vibrate, you’re waking up at three in the morning. There are those here who know what we speak of because when you wake up at that time, there’s a whole lot of entities in your room! [Laughter] It’s irritating, to say the least.

Not all of you have this experience (of awakening often), but enough do, and so you will now know what’s going on when it happens. Layer 8 is being awakened. You can’t go into an interdimensional shift without your private Akashic Record waking up! Everything that ever was you is starting to vibrate. Anytime in the past where you gave a vow to God, you’re going to be reminded of it. This Akashic Record will wake up and poke you about three o’clock and say, “I couldn’t help but notice you’re married. What happened to that vow?” [Laughter]

There will be other parts and pieces of your past waking you up at different times, saying, “Remember when we did this and we did that? Well, then, we’d better not go to that spiritual meeting, because it might start a ball rolling that you can’t control, and you’ll end up paying the price again.” Remember, you can’t unknow things! Remember the last time you entertained certain spiritual passions, and you ended up being burned at the stake for it? You don’t want that again, do you? No, you don’t. Memories are forever at all levels.

The Human attribute of an old soul is that he has many, many lifetimes and many of them are profound and wise. Especially if he goes all the way back to Lemuria. Lemurians are the core race of the planet. They were there when the Pleiadians appeared and gave humanity the seed biology which included an extra dimension, did you know that? Did you ever have dreams where you were real tall? That’s a pure Lemurian trait. We’ll talk more about that another time.

But let ustell you there’s an awakening of Layer 8. Your Akashic Record is before you, and this represents lifetimes that sometimes number in the hundreds, if not more. These are lifetimes that you had on this planet, many of them profound, that are all coming together and are becoming an irritant to you because they all want to know what’s going on! When you broach interdimensionality, this Akashic awakened consciousness will occur at some level. So we’re giving you instructions regarding what’s taking place.

It’s time for you to throw away the idea of a past life, or at least what you thought of were the energies of a past life experience. When you become interdimensional, there’s no more linear time, and time and distance are irrelevant. In this new Earth energy, all of the you’s of your past lives are together in the now, representing one energy in this lifetime. This is the now lifetime. Therefore, you cannot even say the words past life. Your current life is one that has attributes of everything that ever was, and the potentials of everything that can ever be. Welcome to what the masters felt! For this is the same thing that’s the precursor to the DNA activation that they all had.

Now, what are you going to do with all of these awakening past energies that are sitting there tapping their feet due to a displaced dimensionality? This represents all the history that you had with all that you’ve experienced on the planet. So we give you these instructions before we close: It’s time to unite all these energies together and speak to them out loud. Find a place and a time where there’s no one else around, for we guarantee that they won’t understand what you’re doing! Interdimensionality is that way.

Speak to them out loud and say, “This is what we’ve waited for! It represents all of the lifetimes we’ve ever lived, culminating in the one that we have now. Our purpose for being is truly being realized. Like a past school, all of us together are awakening into one being. You’re my support; you’re my team. Now, line up and get behind me and push! I need all of you to be as one in this new energy that allows for such a thing.”

Take from all of them, the wisdom, the knowledge, and the experience that they gave to you in other expressions on the planet. Also remember that they are all you! See it as the wisdom of the ages… a profound history book that you actually lived sequentially. Then inform all the you’s that there’s a new vow on this planet that supersedes all the others. Then give the new vow: Create one for yourself that tells about your magnificence and your divinity and why you’re here. For example, “I vow to take the energies of all of the past that’s being rewritten on this planet and pull them into the middle of my passion. I promise to marry myself so completely that I’m as comfortable with my own being as I am comfortable with God. I now have thousands of my own lifetime experiences behind me that are supporting me. I have the wisdom of the ages to apply to sending my light to dark places. Therefore, I vow to claim my place in this new energy and use all the attributes of each of my lifetimes that I carefully stored in Layer 8!” Then do it.

Send your light right now as you sit, reader and listener: Send it to the Sudanese. It’s time to stop the old-energy behavior in that place. They need your light! When the darkness of that situation is truly revealed, humanity will act!

Send your light, reader and listener, to Palestine, and give them hope for what we see is a peaceful state that’s run intelligently by those who have a real goal for them, and not just a vengeful spirit. See them wishing to create peace with a neighbor who’s been their enemy for half a century. See miracles in their future, with smiles on the faces of their children… in this decade!

Israeli, don’t give up hope, for there’s light being sent to you – no matter what language you speak, no matter what culture you’re from. In an area that is small, yet so profound, called Israel, there can be peace with your neighbors. Drop the past energies and look to new possibilities. Look to the young people for what is to come. There are seeds of peace there regardless of the spiritual winter that you’re seeing.

Lightworker, send your light to the continent of Africa. See those who can do something in the south create possibilities for the whole that have never been considered as a reality… a system of health that might cure a whole continent! A dream? We’ll tell you this: We wouldn’t ask you to send your light for this purpose unless that potential literally was written as a strong potential in your future!

Finally, we tell you this. In the heavens at this moment, there’s a song being sung – a timeless and historic one – and it speaks of a beautiful place in the past called Earth. It speaks of the entities there who did something amazing on their own, on the only planet of free choice – the only one that has the power to choose a higher dimension. They brought upon themselves The New Jerusalem… peace to a divided planet. It’s a story that will go down in the history of the Universe and be marked on the walls of the most divine places that exist. Entities will meet you all over the Universe, and they’ll see by your colors who you are and what you participated in. This is the potential of what you’re creating right now. In some aspects, the tune is already being sung, since you’re well on your way to accomplishing a task that many of you came for. It’s the reason you’re here, Lighthouse. You’re the light in the darkness of this spiritual winter. You may be the only light until the spring arrives! You exist for this storm.

And that’s why we’re at your feet, celebrating the Human entities you call ordinary, because in 4D you simply don’t know any different. Some of you are starting to acknowledge it, waking up and seeing that it is so. After the winter will come the spring. And when you hear those birds and you realize the trees are not dead and the countries start to bloom with wise leadership, you will see that indeed peace on earth is possible. Oh, there’ll always be strife. There will always be discontent. There will always be those who have different opinions and ideas, but all of this can exist on a peaceful planet.

This is the potential we’ve always seen. These are the end times we spoke of 15 years ago, and you’re right where you belong, holding it all together!

And so it is.


**Channel: Lee Carroll


3 Replies to “Kryon: The Winter of Spirituality”

  1. Maud

    Yes. This is the way it is. Life continues and spirals into a clearer and more beautiful frequency. Humanity becomes more and more perfect.

  2. Kirsten

    Wow. Just wow. My vibrational frequency has changed for the better just from reading this. I would say if I could only read one thing for the entire year of 2023, this would be it. Feeling so much gratitude for Kryon, Lee Carroll, and Kejraj for putting this out. I am shifting and it is glorious. Thank you.