Akatu: About Dragons

Beloved Friends Of Earth! You Have Become Quite Accustomed To Hearing About Beings That You Once Knew! Now We Share What Many Have Always Known As Mythical Creatures! Basco! (Indeed) They Are Very Real And Quite Charming!

In These Moments Of Sharing, I Bring You The Truth About Dragons!  Parts Of Their Story Are Intertwined With Fairies And Humans That Were Rescued By The Fairies Millions Of Years Ago. These Humans Were Starseeds From Many Places That You Now Know About.

Many Were Babies And Small Children When They Were Found Abandoned Or In Danger. Fairies Took Them To Safety Within Mountains And Deep Forests Around The Planet. They Taught Them Survival Skills And Gave Them Magic To Carry Within.

These Children Grew Up And Had Children Of Their Own. They Had The Choice To Return To Origin, But They Chose To Remain With The Fairies. They Have Never Experienced The Death Of The Body. Some Have Returned To Their Planets To Visit As Fairies Can Easily Transport Them!

They Always Return To Their Haven On Earth. They Can Become Invisible As They Walk Through Forests. You Have Seen Many Of Them As They Can Change To Look Like A Tree With A Face. Many Call These Elementals. For This Sharing, We Call Them Children Of The FAE.

Part Of The Life Of These Children, Is The Experience Of Unicorns And Dragons. You Know Fully That Unicorns Are Gentle And Playful. Now You Will Understand The Dragons Are Also!

Living With Fairies Since The Beginning Of Creation, Dragons Were Very Small And Fairies Enjoyed Riding On Their Backs! Fairies Took Them Into Astral And Through The Cosmos As They Entered Portals Of Pink Energy To Change Densities.

Over Time, The Fairies Gifted The Dragons With Large Bodies And Magical Powers Of Their Own. Dragons Leave The Fairies For Extended Periods. They Can Be Completely Invisible Or Enter An Area In The Higher Realms Where They Are Welcomed As All Animals.

All Of The Elohim Races Are Accustomed To These Beautiful Creatures That Arrive To Spread Joy To All. They Have Wings That Are Silver, Purple, Pink And Yellow! They Do Not Emit Fire!

They Project A Frequency Of Bright Pink And Orange That Resembles Fire And Yet It Brings Peace And Calm. Many Families In The Higher Realms Enjoy Dragons Playing With Their Children And Animals. They Spread Magic Over All Areas They Visit.

They Always Return To Earth To The Fairies That Have Loved Them And The Children Of The Fairies That Wait For Them. Fairies Were Created In Elohim And Have The Power Of Creation To Assist And Watch Over The Innocent.

Their Protection Is Often Magic And They Only Love And Assist. They Created The Dragons To Be Beloved Pets And Their Love Grew To Allow Freedom And Growth In Size For These Magnificent Flying Creatures!

They Kept Their Secret So Well That Most Believe Dragons Are Not Real And Fairies Are Simply Make Believe! Think Again, Beloved Ones! You Are Surrounded By Fairies As Well As A Great Host Of Beings That Simply Love You!

Be Blessed As Your Consciousness Is Ever Expanding In Light! You Will Remember All Of These Aspects Of Life As You Shift! EN EEKE MAI EA! I Love You So! AKATU

**Received by Judith


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  1. harrrrrie

    Maybe it’s another being the Fairies are speaking about and they call them dragons. Like people in Europe call moose ‘elk’.

    1. harrrrrie

      Another thought. This article sounds like a children’s story. Who knows. Perhaps some dragons did join with the fairies for many reasons. I believe the dragons are here to help us. Perhaps they joined with elves and divas too. It doesn’t make them any less magnificent.
      I can’t remember the details but I read they can take any form they choose.

      1. AzureLeaves

        Dragons, Fairies, Unicorns, Phoenixes, Elves, Devas and so on, these “mythical” beings are indeed here to help and assist humanity, out of their free will.

        In Dragon Magick, we treat Dragons as friends, family, mentors, teachers, co-magicians and the list goes on. They can teach us, protect us, guide us, and they are very powerful, reliable and trustworthy friends, ally, family and so on.

        And Dragons are pretty much capable of taking a humanoid shape–shapeshifting is easy as heck when you are not bounded by a physical body; the four Spirit Dragons, one for each of the basic Four Elements that are my companions for years now, and even Goddess Tiamat loves to appear in a human form, but with features that let you know that they are indeed dragons: wings, horns, large scaly tail, while appearing as a very beautiful human with those features.

        They are not even limited by that, sometimes it’s a mixture of many beings, e.g.:

        My personal Akashic Records librarian is a mix of Dragon and Phoenix, she’s a towering figure in this form, yet can still shapeshift into a human appearance.

        These beings are very wise, intelligent and powerful; ain’t no way one of two of them are subject to the other for each of them are their own sovereign being–a Fractal of the Divine Source.

        Granted, young/baby dragons can act their age, but that doesn’t mean they won’t grow and mature into a wise being, capable of both creating and destroying.

    2. AzureLeaves

      I sure hope it does, since it just really looks like a children’s story; but even so, teaching children to treat Dragons as lowly animals that can be domesticated as “pets” are pretty much putting your child in danger.

      What I cannot stand in this “channeling” is how they presented Dragons and heck even Unicorns, because ain’t NO WAY Fairies created Dragons, ain’t NO WAY these majestic beings owe their powers, existence, growth and purpose to other beings be that fairies or otherwise, for they themselves are Fractals of the Divine Source.

      “They Created The Dragons To Be Beloved Pets And Their Love Grew To Allow Freedom And Growth In Size For These Magnificent Flying Creatures!”

      What does a “pet” have? Someone to domesticate them–a “master” or “owner”. If you say this in front of a genuine Spirit Dragon and label them as such, I don’t even want to know what’s gonna happen; for more mature ones they might even sense how stupid this mindset is and stay away from you, or they might be the strict type and teach you a lesson for this disrespect.

      If you take the magickal path of Dragon Magick, the first and foremost lesson is to never call and treat Dragons as lowly animals that can be domesticated and become your “pet”; it’s the height of disrespect–if someone call your loved one, be that a dear friend or family their “pet”, how would you feel? I’m honestly quite hurt that these beings that I respect and love are misrepresented like this, even more they label it as “truth about Dragons”.

    3. AzureLeaves

      Nor do they like being worshipped by anyone, putting them on a pedestal while disgracing yourself to be “lower” than them–they are creatures of Balance, capable of both Creation and Destruction and are neutral at best; just like humans there are those that are truly loving and others truly aggressive, yet both work and exists as part and parcel of Balance.

      Garnering from my personal experiences with Goddess Tiamat–a Chaos Dragon; her energies are a mix of Creation and Destruction–“Chaos”, yet we treat each as other as family; I see her as a “Mother Goddess”, there is indeed a bond of parent-child love in there, but that doesn’t mean she’s a fluffs and rainbows individual that allows herself to be degraded to a status of “pet”, when she herself is a being of the Primordial Void from which all creation came forth; even Fairies.

  2. AzureLeaves

    Ok, an addendum to my other comment, I saw another one”

    “They Created The Dragons To Be Beloved Pets”

    NO… JUST NO.

    I can’t believe how much disrespect towards Dragons whoever’s responsible for this information can cram into one post.

    These noble, sovereign very ancient and powerful individuals who helps uphold the multiversal Balance get labeled as fluffs and rainbow animals that can become “pets” and ride on their backs willy-nilly?

    This is so disrespectful, as someone who have forged lasting relationships with genuine Spirit Dragons, this is honestly not good.

    Please, to anyone reading this, approach the dragons with respect befitting of their status, they are NOT “lower” than any of you, nor “higher”. for we are all equal, fractals of the SAME Divine Source.

    Please do not see dragons as “fluffs and rainbows” animals that can become your “pets” as that is VERY disrespectful–see them as family and friends, and respect them for they themselves are also exalted, powerful and divine fractals of the same Divine Source as you are.

    They are conscious, wise and intelligent individuals too and they only offer “back rides” to individuals they trust and respect, they are both beings of BALANCE, capable of both creation and destruction for that is one of their roles.

    To whoever’s responsible for this information, I suggest you start channeling REAL, ancient Dragons who have been doing their duty for millennia, both here on this planet and on other galaxies, to witness and feel their the extent of their powers and their majesty as another Fractals of the Divine Source and see if you still have the gall to disrespect them through the the label of “pets”.

    I respect your perspective, but I’m very sorry to say that this is very offending and disrespectful towards these powerful, noble individuals whom I’ve considered family and friends all these years of walking the magickal and spiritual path.

    1. sea

      Thank you AzureLeaves for sharing this and I whole-heartedly agree with everything you’ve said! There’s not much I resonate with on here anymore but I’m glad I read your comment.

      1. AzureLeaves

        Thank you too, it makes me feel better to know that there is at least one more people in this type of community who seem to resonate and understand that creation and destruction are part and parcel of Balance, that creation is not all “good” and destruction is not all “evil” for they are neither.

        I noticed the problem with the “love and light” individuals they just focus too much on the positive side, anything that is dark, that destroys, etc., are all disregarded, feared and shunned, completely disregarding the Law of Reversibility, Law of Dependent Origination and the part and parcel of Balance.

        1. gav

          Aye AL, you are certainly ticking all the boxes! It’s lovely to see others who understand that balance requires the chaos of of the Divine Feminine in all her GLORY, standing shoulder to shoulder in perfect balance with the Divine Masculine. And the smile shared between them creates……

          Have you ever heard a lion purr? It reverberates through your chest! So imagine what the purring of a dragon feels/sounds like! 😁

          1. AzureLeaves

            Ah, it’s nice to see another one who also gets it. At this point, it’s quite apparent that we can learn, understand, and thus free ourselves from limitations, fear, ignorance and prejudice if we don’t limit ourselves to just focusing on one side of the spectrum (e.g. “Love and Light”).

            There’s a saying “Only a Sith deals in absolutes”–that something is either “good or evil”, “black or white”, no in-between, but that limiting mindset is very detrimental towards an individual’s evolution and expansion of consciousness.

            And indeed, despite how gentle some of the Dragons are, there is always that reassuring “fierceness” in them that makes them very trustworthy as companions, mentors, guardians, friends, family and allies.

  3. AzureLeaves

    …umm, what is this… post? Is this really a serious post?

    It’s already quite painful to read with the formatting, but labeling dragons as some sort of small, cute, purely–imbalanced–love and light fluffy rainbow “animals” and that anyone can ride on their backs is honestly very appalling.

    If any other mage who practices Dragon Magick or works with Spirit Dragons were to read this other than me they would probably lash out with the amount of disrespect this post had for the Dragons, get confused or ridicule it at best.

    I’m sorry, though I respect the different perspective of the ones involved in this “information” regarding dragons, despite how appalling it is, it’s still very unsettling.

    I’m speaking from personal spiritual and magickal experience here:

    It’s honestly quite offending that Dragons, who are proud, very powerful, balanced i.e., walks the path of both Negative and Positive, Light and Darkness, Creation and Destruction, got reduced into… this “fairy land rainbows and fluffs” travesty?

    Granted, newly born Dragons are cute and all and can behave their age, but to present them in this fashion as if they do not grow larger, more mature, and more powerful than that and are more of a balanced individuals (NOT “ANIMALS”) who serves the Divine Source and its fractals by providing lessons, guidance, protection and so on through both the path of Creation and Destruction is misinformation at best.

    And speaking from personal gnosis and experience here: Dragon’s DO NOT owe faeries–or anyone for that matter–anything, be it their inherent powers or ability to grow; their powers and abilities came directly from the Divine Source spark WITHIN them as individuals for they themselves are also Fractals of it just like everyone of us. And they can sure as heck breathe fire and do various other elemental manipulations while helping to uphold the BALANCE of all Creation.

    This post made my head hurt, I’m sorry, but this post just reeks of so much misrepresentation or even misinformation, it’s like declaring these noble, sovereign, powerful individuals to be nothing more than fluffs and rainbows “animals” that you can ride on their backs willy-nilly.

    This is even dangerous at worse: if an ignorant individual who god forbid can communicate with nonphysical entities were to read the information presented on that post and approach genuine Spirit Dragons with the mindset of them being nothing more than fluffs and rainbows animals, they would get ignored at best or “destroyed” at worse to learn their lesson with that amount of disrespect towards them.

    This is not good. Not good at all.

  4. john

    I have always belived in dragons and that they are the friendliest of beings despite how they are portrayed by the media i love you dragons. much love to all,