Hold the Light

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

The dark ones had the power and knowledge to educate humanity. Instead they chose secrecy. And power over the humans. They chose to praise cults, and blood sacrifice, as they moved further from Source.

The dark ones actually think they are separate from Source. So they resort to different rituals to keep their life beat going. Failing to understand that even the dark cannot exist without Source energy.

We have stated previously the only power the dark has is your fear. The moment humanity stops fearing the dark’s agenda and tactics, the dark becomes handicapped, facing inevitable collapses.

All the souls which have played dark roles, particularly in the secret societies, involved in blood sacrifice, and so on. They will all experience what they have put others through. Incarnating on other planets where their learning continues. It is the law of balance. Humbled they will be.

Great amounts of karma continue to be cleared from the Earth. This lifts off the weight from the Collective and Earth. Making the upliftment into the fifth dimension easier and more comfortable.

One must allow all the energy to come to the surface for expression. For feeling, observing, and releasing. If the emotions are pent up, this builds and can result into a physical ailment. Also may cause random outbursts, or further escalation which leads to karmic energies.

You are spiritual light. So realize and hold this light in your heart. In your mind. In every moment of your day. And you will begin to see great change in your reality.


2 Replies to “Hold the Light”

  1. khann61

    I found an interesting website called Whatonearthishappening and the work of Mark Paseo. It clarified things for me.
    Paseo asserts the Occultists (hidden) keep us locked in a Satanic mindset which keeps us ignorant and vibrating on a lower level which allows them control over us. The Satanic personality has 4 elements:

    1) Selfishness/Narcissism
    2) Moral Relativism
    3)Social Darwinism

    Couple with the rejection and inversion of Natural Law they keep us locked in bondage.

    Maybe someone else may find his work helpful.

    1. Real human

      Just went there,but did not delve into materials.Looks Really Valuable!!Would like to underscore Mark”s point of pdf screenshot and Offline Any Remotely useful material ASAP ad I just had a pdf photo of geoengineering pilots gleefully spraying toxins on us Ensouled humans disappear.Found it thru a link in comments of zerohedge and couldn’t save whole video so I did what I could to save some as pdf.Went back next day to ensure its preservation and,Poof!!Some weird message like cannot locate text or nothing here.Psionics and a.i. Sentient and other techniques used.This has happened to me and others who have brought this up across comments.Skynet has been Live.Several hostile Alien a.i. r present.See projectcamelotportal re. This and Very Important info.Also…theorionlines.c gene decode@Telegram kim goguen galacticanthropology.org exopolitics.blog asheanna deane books and vids ascensionglossary.org elena danaan books and vids The Only Planet of Choice book The Naked Bible book Voyagers book william thompkins david adair dan winters Peter Moon Montauk Babies book Bucegi Mountain Tartar Culture Hyperboreans Dracos Vril Reptilians Magenta Pixie They Live-dvd soul transfer and recycling morphogenetic field or mind carlos castenada supersoldiertalk.org 20 Years and Back-book by slave Tony Rodriguez Enochian Tech roserambles.com dr. Michael Scala educateyourself.org whatreallyhappened.com dr.judywood.org zero point energy and perspective suzanne geisemann and Sanaya The Law of One material @ l/lResearch.org Seth Speaks Geoengineeringwatch.org Andawarriorcalls.org briteon.tv.com Nag Hammadi Kings List Keys to Enoch Laura Magdalene Eisenhower-note the name!!!truthbits.blog