Tunia: Why Do Men Act That Way?

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I feel so happy and honored that I continue to be able to share my thoughts with so many of you.

Today I will give my perspective on a question that Earth women sometimes ask, which is: “why do many men act so violently, so aggressively, in such a risk-taking and attention-seeking and overly sexual way? Why are so many men violent or sexually violent?”

Naturally, it is completely heartbreaking that so many people are assaulted every single day. And yes, most sexual violence is done by a man to a woman, unfortunately. Of course, this is not okay, especially when we consider just how much sexual violence there is in the world.

Conversely it is also true that many men are not behaving in destructive ways. In fact, lots of men are behaving in very positive ways.

In this message, I will share that my perspective is that a lot of men are in very much pain, and that is why some men act destructively.

Of course, a lot of women are also in a lot of pain and of course, society treats women absolutely terribly in all sorts of ways too. My heart breaks when I see the ways in which my Earth sisters are treated by society, and indeed sometimes by men.

I am not making a statement about which gender has it worse. I think Earth society treats everyone appallingly poorly, and everyone should come together to improve the situation for everyone. If men and women fight and play I-win-you-lose games or play who-is-the-bigger-victim games against each other, then everyone loses. However if men and women come together and cooperate, then everyone wins.

This ascension process needs both men and women who are in their power and are working for the common good.

Also, obviously men are not a hive mind. I am going to greatly generalize in this message, and what I say will not apply to everyone.

With that said, let us begin to answer the question: “why do men act this way.” This message will involve a discussion on people considering to end their lives, so if you do not wish to listen to that, I suggest that you skip this message.

Now, one critical thing to understand about Earth men in 2023 is that many of them feel that they are inherently worthless, or even that they are inherently a net negative on the world.

One part of that is the endless barrage of messages that men are the primary source of most problems in the world. Or at least, that’s what certain messages sound like to a lot of men. Some messages literally argue that the source of most problems are men. Then there are statements that can be misconstrued, such as someone saying: “patriarchy is the problem.” When that is said, most men just hear: “men are the problem”, even though a feminist scholar might argue that those statements are not the same thing.

If a man believes that men are the cause of most problems in the world, then he might very well conclude that his very existence is a net negative to the world. Often he then either becomes depressed and loses himself in video games, or becomes destructive. Maybe this is not entirely rational, but subconscious anxieties usually are not entirely rational.

Similarly, when the phrase “toxic masculinity” is mentioned, a lot of men hear: “masculinity is toxic.” Many would argue here that this is not what the phrase “toxic masculinity” means, but that is often what that phrase is being interpreted as. Admittedly more dialogue could clear up this misunderstanding. Still, to a lot of men, this is a distinction without a difference, because the lived experience of a lot of men is that they are treated as suspicious until proven innocent, and that masculinity is not welcome even if those forms of masculinity are healthy.

For example, schools absolutely do not welcome healthy masculinity in boys. Instead boys are being forced to obey, sit still for hours, study things they don’t want to and they are given punishment or drugs or social shaming if they behave in a masculine way.

The way school treats boys is absolutely crippling to a lot of boys, and distills in them a deep lived experience that masculinity is not welcome. This implicit message that their masculinity is not welcome, is given to boys in school over and over and over again, for years, during their most formative and impressionable time alive.

This is not some kind of wrong conclusion either that boys are drawing. Boys’s masculinity literally is not welcome in school. One essential part of masculinity is that most boys want to move and do things and explore and have freedom and follow their interests and passions. Boys are not at all allowed to be masculine in school.

Frankly, if someone tried to take my son away to an Earth-style school back when my son was young, I would have resisted that with every ounce of strength in my body. They would have had to throw me in prison or kill me, to stop me from trying to get my boy out of school before they could break him.

Or if I had the option to move to another country so that I could legally homeschool my son, I would have done so. I am being 100% serious. School is that damaging and emotionally crippling to a lot of boys.

Yes, some boys genuinely do fine in school. However even in boys who are seemingly fine, a lot of subconscious damage is being done to them. It is no coincidence, after all, that so many men are emotionally tapped out and are numbing their feelings with food, alcohol, video games or porn. A huge part of that is the damage that was inflicted on them by school.

Obviously, I’m not against education. I’m just against education in the way it is commonly set up on Earth. Girls also don’t always have a good time in school, but the Earth school system is less damaging to girls than to boys.

So, school is one huge way in which boys learn that their masculinity is not welcome, and hence in a sense, their very existence is not welcome.

Unfortunately, there are yet more things that cause men to feel that they are inherently worthless or even inherently a net negative on the world.

There is the endless barrage of messages that people in general are the problem. People are told that they are causing species extinction, soil erosion, climate change, et cetera. And lots of men inherently are wired to take responsibility and take action and fix problems, but in such an individualistic world, no one man can hope to stop soil erosion all by himself. So in practice, this feeling of responsibility coupled with a feeling of powerlessness often leads to subconscious guilt and to a subconscious malaise and possibly even self-hate.

Furthermore some people are being shamed for what their grandparents did. Again lots of men are wired to take responsibility and take action and fix problems, but in this individualistic world, no one man can fix the issue that a certain country colonized another country in the past. No one man can undo the evils of slavery. Again, this just leads to men feeling powerless, detached, helpless and sometimes they begin to loathe themselves.

This is breaking my heart to communicate, because I love men so very much. I think men are amazing. But still, let’s proceed with the message.

Yet another thing that undermines the feeling of men that their very existence on this planet has any value whatsoever, are the messages that say that even if men make it, they are still bad or worthless people. If a man starts a new business and that business eventually pays wages to and feeds a thousand families, then in a lot of circles this man is seen as an evil capitalist, or as someone who exploits people for their labor, or as automatically evil because he is rich, or as someone who is not diverse enough.

It also does not help here that it is becoming more and more difficult to have a decent life if you are an average worker, at least in the West. Men often feel guilty if they cannot provide the life for their families that men think they should.

Men also subconsciously feel that they don’t have any value as a loving father and devoted husband, because the media continually portrays fathers as incompetent, dumb, unattractive, unable to tie their own shoelaces without help, et cetera. And yes, of course lots of people do actually appreciate fathers, but media messaging has still given lots of men the subconscious idea that even if they are loving fathers and husbands, that they’re still losers. Then they’re still Homer Simpson.

We all understand that media messaging matters, right? If any group is consistently depicted negatively in television, then most people understand and agree that this is problematic and that this is creating negative stereotypes and possible self-hatred in that group. Well, fathers are being consistently depicted negatively on television and in movies.

So basically, lots of men feel that they are worthless, or even that their very existence on Earth is a negative. And men feel that even if they succeed at the traditional paths for men to prove their value as a person – being a father or being a successful worker – even then men subconsciously feel they still do not have any value as a person, and they might as well not even exist.

If you feel that you are inherently worthless and that there is no real path towards you having any value as a person – why would you not start behaving in a destructive manner? What is there to lose?

Unfortunately, I am not done yet. On top of all of this, men are also treated by society as if they have less inherent worth than say women. Yes, rich and famous and beautiful men are treated very well by society indeed, but the lived experience of the average guy is that they are treated as if they have less worth than women.

For example, there is a ton of money being spent on breast cancer research, and very little money being spent on prostate cancer research. This seems to at least partially undermine the narrative that average men are privileged. Also, sometimes it is implied that because most rich people are men, surely men must be rigging society to benefit men. But if so, why is society spending much more money on breast cancer research than on prostate cancer research?

In America more women than men go to university, and yet still there are far more women-only scholarships than men-only scholarships.

When men become aware of this, they either conclude that society is rigged against them, or they conclude that apparently women are apparently just inherently more valuable than them.

What else are they supposed to conclude? And yes, sure there are some misogynist men out there, but that doesn’t make this fair.

This is also one part of why men tend to be less left-wing and less collectivist. If collectivism means that there are far more women-only scholarships than male-only scholarships, even though there are already more women at university, then understandably, collectivism becomes less appealing to men.

Yes, lip service is being given to the idea of also helping men who are struggling. However it usually doesn’t get any further than lip service. If women struggle or there is unfairness against women in society, then actual change is made, and furthermore women expect men to support them in this and indeed a number of men do.

Whereas if men struggle, then lip service is being given to the idea of helping men, but little to no actual change is made. While women expect men to help if they struggle, which is indeed as it should be, few women help men with their struggles beyond lip service.

Let’s take an example. It is commonly known that the vast majority of workplace deaths are of men, and no one really seems to care about that. No one is really doing anything to change that.

Now imagine if the vast majority of workplace deaths were women. Suddenly lots of people would be out on the streets protesting. Women would want men to speak out on their behalf. Every big corporation would instantly pledge to improve the safety of their female workers. Politicians would immediately start writing legislation to protect women in the workplace. Average people would include some text or sign on online platforms that said that they supported women’s workplace safety. Anyone who said that protecting women in the workplace wasn’t a big deal, would be called a misogynist and deplatformed.

But because it’s men who are dying and not women, no one really cares.

What are men supposed to conclude from this, other than that their lives are apparently not as valuable as women’s lives?

Yes, rich and famous and handsome men have an incredible amount of privilege and are treated very well indeed by society – far better than most women are. But this is not the experience of the average guy. It doesn’t help the average guy that most rich people are men, as we saw with the example that prostate cancer research is funded far less than breast cancer research.

I am not saying that unfairness against women does not exist. Of course it does. There is a ton of that, in fact. But there is plenty of unfairness against men too.

Or take another example, one that I personally consider to be quite heartbreaking. In his mid-twenties, the channeler was working as a mailman. He was delivering mail to people and it was about 35 degrees Celsius outside, or about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. A woman handed him a glass of water, and this experience shocked the channeler to his very core. To this day, that image is burned into his memory and he can still clearly picture the situation in his mind’s eye.

Why was this situation so shocking to the channeler?

Quite simply, up to that point only friends and family and teachers and people who wanted something from him, ever did something for him. Basically, the channeler’s lived experiences were that strangers did not care about him at all and would not even lift a finger to help him. The concept of a stranger doing something nice for him, without there being anything in it for the stranger, was absolutely shocking to the channeler.

This is pretty much the experience of your average, non-rich, non-handsome guy. Few to no strangers ever lift a finger to help you.

And no, the channeler did not have an awful body odor and is not disfigured or anything like that. In those days, he just came across as your average guy.

This is also illustrated by how men and how women approach the act of ending their own life. Obviously I’m generalizing here, but in general women are more likely than men to do so in a way in which they can be found or saved, because women know that within reason, strangers are willing to help them. Indeed, women are right – within reason, strangers are willing to help them.

Whereas men know, correctly, that few to no strangers are going to lift a finger to help them. And hence if they decide to end their own life, much more often they do so in a way that guarantees that their life ends. It’s far less common for men to end their life in a way that’s survivable and that could be seen as a cry for help.

Even if a man’s family and friends do genuinely care about him, often their so-called “solution” is just to tell him to man up and get back to work.

One more factor that leads to men feeling awful about themselves is that society tells them that they are losers if they do not have lots of sex and/or have a girlfriend. Yet most young men in 2023 are not able to find either. And yes, of course men can work on themselves and become more attractive and better people. However, it is equally true that society probably should not shame young men if they are unable to have regular sex or find a girlfriend. By shaming men like this, men actually become more focused on this than they naturally already are.

One part of why some men are aggressive against women is that a number of men are actually terrified of women, on such a deep level that they are not aware of it. After all, some men’s self-image depends on what women think of them, and whether women want to be with them or not. And some men fear feminine power. Indeed feminine power is awesome, but of course, men benefit if good-hearted actualized women are in their power. Similarly, women benefit if good-hearted actualized men are in their power.

So, let’s get back to the question we asked at the beginning: why do men act so violently, so aggressively, in such a risk-taking and attention-seeking and overly sexual way?

Well, as I’ve I’ve argued for most of this message: a large part of that is because they feel inherently worthless or even less than worthless, namely that their very existence is a net negative.

The message that society is sending your average man is something like this: “Your very existence is a net negative. Your masculinity is not welcome and we expect you to suppress that. If you work really hard, you might be able to prove your worth as a person, but at that point you either become Homer Simpson or an evil capitalist. If you start a business, government has proven that it can tell you to shut it down for a year, which may very well kill your life’s work. Tough luck.

In some ways, the system is slightly rigged against men specifically. If you fail or even die, few people care or help you. In fact, if you fail to reach a high-status position, then that means that there are more opportunities for women to get into high positions and that would make things more diverse.”

So, is it really surprising that some men behave in aggressive or inappropriately sexual or in unreasonably risk-taking ways, or that many of them are addicted to alcohol or drugs or porn or video games?

Of course, just because men suffer, does not mean that they have the right to hurt others. They do not. However, I do understand those men who hurt others, even while I wish they didn’t.

To be blunt, when I look at men, I am surprised that more of them are not out there robbing and assaulting and murdering people. While yes, obviously every assault is one too many, Earth men are actually behaving better than I would expect them to, given the circumstances. The vast majority of men really are just wired to be responsible and dutiful and protective towards the people around them.

Or perhaps the more cynical interpretation is that men who feel awful about themselves are more likely to lose themselves in alcohol drugs and video games and porn in 2023 than they are to start murdering other people.

This is heavy stuff. Fortunately, we are finished with the saddest and heaviest part of this message.

Before we continue, I would like to invite you to take three deep breaths.

One. In… and out.

Two. In… and out.

Three. In… and out.

There is a second reason that I have not yet talked about. That is that historically, most women reproduced and most women didn’t reproduce.

This happened because the most successful men had children with lots of women, while men who were not at the top had children with no one. Meanwhile women could pretty reliably reproduce simply by making themselves available to the most successful men. Of course this involved lots of repression and keeping-women-down and violence and even sexual violence against women. Of course I am not saying that past structures were women-friendly. They very much were not, and I would not want to live in such structures. Still, most women reproduced and most men did not.

You can verify this for yourself with some online searching. One headline says “8000 years ago, 17 women reproduced for every one man.” Another source says that 80% of women had children while only 40% of men had children.

None of these sources are 100% accurate, and also it depends very much on the specific time and place we talk about. But in general, this principle is true. In the past, before many societies started enforcing monogamy, a few super successful men had a ton of wives and sometimes literally hundreds of children. Meanwhile men not at the top simply did not reproduce.

Meanwhile the average woman absolutely may have been kept down, but she could reproduce simply by playing it safe and making herself available to the most successful men – or she reproduced simply because powerful men claimed her. Which of course is not a good thing, but from a reproduction standpoint, this still leads to having children.

For women, from a reproductive standpoint, playing it safe led to a large probability of reproductive success. Meanwhile, there was not that much upside to taking huge risks. Even the most reproductively successful woman will only have somewhere around 15 pregnancies. Earth women simply cannot have the hundreds of children that men can.

So let’s put this in a modern context. Suppose that you are an employee of the corporation called “being a man.” This corporation is going to fire the vast majority of its employees, but this corporation is going to reward its top performers incredibly well. So, of course people employed here would start taking huge risks, they would start trying to stand out and would heavily and openly compete against each other. Fights may even break out. And indeed, this is what we see men do.

Now suppose you are an employee of the corporation called “being a woman.” In this corporation, if you just perform normally and don’t get into fights with your colleagues and don’t take any big risks or cause trouble, you will very likely make it – you will reproduce. Furthermore, if you do take a huge risk and it pays off, then you will not be rewarded that much more than other people who do not take risks. So of course, most people employed here do not take huge risks, do not heavily compete against each other in the open, do not physically fight each other, et cetera. And indeed, this is what we see women do.

So for men, the default is that they do not reproduce and their line goes extinct. Hence they take risks, they compete in the open, they fight, they can be very overtly sexual, et cetera. Men feel like they have to take chances and compete and get ahead, or they’ll die alone. And this leads to certain negative behaviors, but it can also lead to some men becoming true experts in their field and contributing a lot to society, for example. I’m not saying that women can’t be experts, but there are fewer women than men that dedicate their entire life to a single career or a single topic of study.

This is also one thing that leads to the pay gap. A man feels that they have to excel, and they know that if they do a bit of this and a bit of that, no one cares. So more men than women hugely focus on one area and become so good at it that people have to take notice and have to pay them well for their true excellence in that field.

Meanwhile women tend to lead somewhat more balanced lives and are a bit more all-round and explore more topics, which society doesn’t reward as much monetarily. This is because it’s not reproductively essential for women to truly excel at one career path or field of study. And frankly, being more well-rounded is more fun and healthy for most people.

So, hopefully this message makes it a bit clearer why men sometimes act the way that men stereotypically do. The first reason is that they feel that their very existence is either worthless or even a net negative, and this pushes some men to engage in risk-taking or destructive behavior. The second is that from a reproductive standpoint, men are pushed to take chances and compete and excel while women are not, and again sometimes this leads to destructive behavior.

And finally there is of course a cultural element. In Pleiadian society, there is zero shame around female sexuality, and our women face zero risk of being assaulted by our men. Hence contrary to Earth, slightly more Pleiadian women than Pleiadian men choose to express themselves in an overtly sexual or nude way. Similarly, our culture also encourages Pleiadian men to express themselves a bit differently than Earth culture encourages Earth men to express themselves.

I wish to repeat that yes, I acknowledge that women have it bad too. Women are treated poorly by society and by certain men too, in all sorts of ways. Yes, way too many men sexually assault women, and even though men can be victims here too, usually it’s men sexually assaulting women. All of this is true.

I am not saying that either gender has it better or worse than the other. What I would like is for men and women to come together and work together on a better world for all. Men benefit when women are empowered in a positive way, and women benefit when men are empowered in a positive way.

I have also been massively generalizing in this entire message. What I have written obviously does not apply to every single man or to every single woman.

I am curious about your thoughts and your lived experiences. Feel free to share them in the comments, no matter what gender you are.

Finally, to end on a positive note: yes, many men feel worthless. However the good news is that you can make a massive positive difference in the lives of the men around you, simply by telling them that you care about them, that they matter to you, that you think their lives are a net positive and telling them which things you appreciate about them.

Men are sometimes so starved of love that they remember compliments for decades. So if you want to make a man’s decade, give him a compliment.

I love you all so very much. I think that everyone, men and women, are actually doing amazingly well given the amount of darkness on your planet. You have all my love and respect for keeping a good heart and keeping an inner light in this darkness.


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


**These channelings are exclusively submitted to EraofLight.com by the channeler. If you wish to share them elsewhere, please include a link back to this original post.

33 Replies to “Tunia: Why Do Men Act That Way?”

  1. scotth9510

    I will say tunia if you had any power or influence on earth society things would change and improve dramatically.

  2. One who Knows

    A Woman. Not of this Planet. Talking like she knows about Men… right…got it…ha!!

    1. One Who Deeznuts

      Oh look, an Earthling, not of the Pleiades, talking as if they know Pleiadians very well by mocking their ability to talk about fellow humans that just happen to live in another planet. Got it… haa hAah

      Oh wait, I probably shouldn’t talk about humans in another country, even though they are humans like me too. Oh well smh my head.

  3. Jared

    Yes earth schools are very bad and backwards. I hated school the whole time I was there. Only classes I liked were lunch, recess and my language classes.

    People/society need to get more manners and stop trying to control people and children so much and let them be.

    Glad you enjoyed the glass of water.
    Jesus says that giving someone a glass of water is a great act of kindness, Ta!

  4. Alias

    Thank you so much for your love and the channeler for giving us the opportunity to share your thoughts and love. As a man I can heavily relate to what I read here. It is a harsh envoriment to live in as a man and to feel and stay empowered. I play videogames and I watch porn. I know them to be bad for me, but haven’t broken the habits. There was a time in which I couldn’t find a partner for several years. My low self esteem wasn’t helping me either. I didn’t feel desirable to women (I was really flabbergasted, stunned or didn’t even notice it when a women was interested in me). My only sexual experience I had for years was myself. I can say to you that gets quite boring fast. Porn was the only way I knew how to fulfill my sexual needs. And videogames gave me something to occupy myself with. And I’m sad to say that it sometimes still is this way. It is still a struggle to feel and respect my own masculinity. From my perspective I’m getting better at it day by day. I’m happy to say that I got opportunities to experience and learn the value of my presence. I’m hoping to pass that on.

    I know women have it hard too. I feel for them too, as I do for my struggeling brothers.

    Thanks for reading this.

  5. tigersnack1114

    PLEASE…dont use absolute labels. When people use labels in this manner, it is ALWAYS FALSE…..
    “All Men do this….Women NEVER do that!”
    All Americans are this… All Dems or All Republicans

    etc etc

    The ONLY way statements like this are correct, is if the person claiming such has spoken with EVERY PERSON that has been labeled a certain way.

    It is silly!

  6. Christina

    Thank you Tunia. This is beautiful. All this isolation (where I am) makes for too few interactions with men – unfortunately for me, so thinking good MORE MEN IN MY WORLD PLEASE thoughts 🙂 – but I certainly can do much better with compliments in my existing encounters. I know I tend to compliment women more – no idea where I got it that men don’t need them as much, if not more, than women do! So thank you again for this wonderful insight and some great practical, I-can-do-this-NOW advice. <3

    1. Raksha

      Hehe, I liked your comment. It is indeed my experience that women get far mor compliments than men. I have some ideas about why.

      First of all, men do compliment women because they like to seduce women, or just because it’s “normal” to do so. I think women are reticent to compliment men because they might think that this give a “seduction signal” (and I would argue that if everything is open, that is not necessarily the case, but I understand why they might be cautious).

      Lastly, men very seldom compliment men, just because. While I think women are more open between themselves. If we talk about archetypes, Venus is more likely to express love and share compliments. And in a general way (many individuals exceptions), women are more “Venusian”.

      I hope you will find some good men to share with.

    2. Softheart888

      Christina, one problem in many man woman interactions is that women rarely ever take the first step in communicating. In my experience, many women don’t even say Hello to a man unless he does it first. All this is complicated by the shaming in our society. Some people see a married man talking to a woman and immediately get suspicious etc. So it takes small steps and a lot of courage. A smile, a small “harmless” gift, a nice word here and there, coupled with female initiative, indeed go a long way.

  7. David

    Hi Tunia, I feel most men are just trying to get to the finishing line with some credibility and honour in my opinion, the odds always feel heavily stacked. But as a man, we take it, put our head down and move forward. This is Earth, there is no other way. You are right, a genuine compliment does go a very long way I feel, your insights are warm hearted, candid and very thoughtful. Heartfelt gratitude. I of course acknowledge the hardships women have also faced, your view means a massive amount to me. Thank you x

    Aleph etz adonai urim ve tumim. Namaste 🙏

  8. Philippe St-Pierre Hébert

    Wowww, that post is refreshing, to say the least. True clarity from a women, even if she is a pleiadian. And she is right, that just made my day. Thank you very much, Tunia.

  9. Raksha

    Very reasonnable and sensible analysis. The sad thing is if this was posted in a maintream media, there would be outraged reactions.

    It seems that only the « women’s pain » is acknowledged nowadays. I hope we could collectivly stop this vain « gender war » and start to work together for the betterment of all.

  10. Denise G

    Hey guys! I’m aware that this sounds a little OT but it was this Gift from Tunia brought me to so in truth it may be the perfect place for it! Lol
    HerSelfs topic of introspection for this morning ended up being these very divisions which ended up being a direct path to what I’m going to say although my head is still spinning a little because when your mind gets blown open it kinda has a tendency to do exactly that. So, warning given! Lol
    I have known on an academic level that the totality of my choices have lead me to where I Am, good, bad, and ugly but I was gifted a deeper level of understanding on it, one that actually shifted my perception to a different level.
    HerSelf showed me, the Ego aspect for that is what I am, the totality of the choices made in this life, that IS the perspective of Source that I represent, She showed me that in truth there is no no such thing as “right” or “wrong” choice for that is exactly what it took to bring you to your Present. In truth it is simply Choice and Outcomes and in those choices and outcomes we bring Source a new perspective and knowledge.
    It is Duality that brings the opposing forces into play because as we have known, academically speaking, for years now, ALL is Source literally.
    Imagine a book with infinite chapters where each perspective, Us, is that chapter. WE attach the meanings because we see it All in duality, good or bad, right or wrong, love or hate.
    It’s NONE of those things, it’s simply the journey that BROUGHT Us here NOW, Our Story.
    When I suddenly got all of that I was sitting on my porch steps enjoying the morning, looking at the Bayou and watching the birds and that was when I made another realization, not ONLY is Mother Gaia a School, She is a School designed to give you a deeper understanding of The One.
    I’ve always seen where patterns in the Animal kingdom have been present in Humanity, after all We ARE just a higher thinking animal so I had a tendency to look for the repeating patterns all my life oddly. As I was letting all of this other stuff unfold in my mind I was thinking about how CONNECTED we all are, every single organism has a FUNCTION and PURPOSE that actually makes this All run. The birds have a purpose, the fish has a purpose, the plants have purpose, the WATER has purpose, they EACH play their part in the Symphony of Mother Gaia and I suddenly saw how WE do too, when We All work in sync together for a specific purpose we achieve Perfection, Oneness, when Man doesn’t interfere with process homeostasis is achieved, when they work WITH the process, Perfection and Oneness.
    The Negative Forces know this as it is their goal as Negative Forces to spin this planet their direction as Ours is to help spin it the Opposite, it is why they interfere with the process of Nature so much.
    The Planet is showing you what Oneness truly IS if you only look.
    Anyway this may be word salad to most but I Am so very grateful for the deeper understanding and perspective!
    Love and Peace to All and One
    Denise G

  11. Mike Ohira


    1. Goofy's Trial





      1. Mike Ohira


        1. Goofy's Trial








  12. Jared

    I would suggest the satanic practice of infant genital mutilation would be a prime contributor to any undesirable attributes that develop in men.

    People should not have to experience a satanic ritual as their first experience of life. We shall be kind and loving to the babies. If men are safe throughout their life they will treat everyone better. Make Earth safe for babies again! GESARA!!!

    Also I suggest everyone shall use a clearing practice such as the 7 steps by Arnoux Goran and divine affirmations inspired by Peter Mt. Shasta. And stop playing victims and saying negative affirmations. Say good affirmations.

    All men are good and loving amen. is a better phrase. Make it so. GESARA!

  13. Denise G

    I have found that it is actually yet another repeating pattern personally.
    As you must balance your own inner masculine and feminine so must the outer world, micro to macro.
    I would however say that all of which you spoke of is truth, I even saw my son and my husband in some of the things said, that said however I will say it’s not just these norms but the structure of the planet.
    This world operates through division, misery, and survival basically, it is how the power structure keeps division among the People in order to grow and keep their power. But as I have also said before this is one giant placement test, to sort the Soul Sparks where they belong, dimensionally speaking.
    Everything you see, hear is quite literally designed to DIVIDE you into every possible grouping they can conceive of, it’s a control mechanism yet sadly this mechanism can only be stopped by the People JOINING TOGETHER.
    Look at it like this, how can Humans EVER Ascend if they can’t even get along with each other? How can they fix Govt corruption if they’re too busy fighting amongst themselves? It has ALWAYS been used to control Humans. The Negative forces have actually done an excellent job on dividing Us into groups stripped of any individuality, they have us clinging to these group identities FEARING our own Individuality.
    From my current perspective on this it seems the ONLY way to “fix” it IS through our own inner balancings and work, the INDIVIDUAL ones. No one will ever get OUT of their “boxes” without climbing or digging out of them, instead we wait for those boxes to disappear on their OWN and they won’t.
    That Planet IS a School and it’s been pointed out by many we are here to learn and grow but in School there ALWAYS comes a point where you must move up to the next grade or stay where you currently are, Graduation and THAT is what Ascension basically is, Graduation.
    Once you realize it’s the System that designs all of this it can become easier to understand that not everyone sees you in the way you see yourself, they way they have programmed you to see yourself and even allow you to start searching for your true inner self. 🤷‍♂️
    But as I said, this is mostly just my current perspective on this, it is ever evolving and building itself so who knows what tomorrow can bring?
    Love and Peace to All and One
    Denise G

    1. Dennis Shipman

      This perspective by Denise is how I see it, as well. The dark forces set it up thousands of years ago for men to dominate and for women to be suppressed. It was set up for both men and women to fail. Now, here we are, in the Ascension process. And we have to sort this thing out. If we look to society to give us our clues, then we are looking in the wrong place for healing and empowerment and ascension in consciousness. Our direction needs to be redirected and refocused into the multi-dimensional heart source of every human being and of all life (love itself unconditionally) found in each human being. Because only love can heal, provide the empowerment we are seeking, and bring us the bliss of ascension that will bring us collectively together as galactic humans. That’s not an opinion. As you will discover, it is a universal fact.

  14. jakesey

    Thanks Tunia for your astute, comprehensive observations on the plight of men especially. You have clarified the case very well, and in doing so, made it look to me, more complicated in the long run with all this work to be done amongst ourselves down here, which is perhaps why you Pleiadians plan on not physically helping yet, just only observing.

    Why not try a different tack? A less circuitous one? Why not admit that all we need is Love, the Supreme Energy that creates the Universes, holding them together for eternity. If there was enough Love actualized, everything will fall in place, heal automatically. If this Energy was more central and not intellectualized in our lives, there would be nothing to heal, nothing to restore, or bring to Balance.

    This is Factual in the realms even ‘higher’ than where you, Tunia, are at. Love bypasses eons of time spent in trial and error, torment and terror. Focusing instead on a positive timeline that will save energy and linear time, which will be used in placing Love central in our lives, lives lived more simply, in connection with our Creator as One.

    Humanity’s “Cross” finally transcended by transfiguring Love. The Energy that is Truly, everywhere, all around us, (beyond the fear/control matrix,) that many do not yet “Feel.”

  15. SP

    Dearest Tunia

    I love men in the same way I love every being and I do recognise they have had some very bad programming. Also, I know about the terrible education system, most of us have been through it.

    I can speak to you from my experience as a woman.

    – I had a violent and abusive father. I was unloved so I left home early and grew up without a family.

    – Age seven I was molested by a male family friend.

    – Age eight a male young adult left to baby sit me spat in my eye whist I was trying to sleep. All because I looked at him and his friends when they were playing strip poker. I was just a curious child.

    – Age 14 I lost my virginity through a much older male stranger raping me.

    – Age 15 my first boyfriend cheated on me constantly (even with my friends) and was very abusive. Left him.

    – Age 17 new boyfriend. I fell pregnant with his child (unplanned) married him hoping to create a loving family. Moved in together the violence started. I nearly lost the baby (was hospitalised) due to him pushing me over. He broke my nose on our baby’s head by kicking my head from behind when I was soothing our child from his yelling. I ran away with our child when he was out of the house. Started again with nothing. It was all my furniture I left behind, he came with nothing. I had to get a court order to keep him away from me, he always found me and more violence, e.g. strangling me, smashing my head into the bedhead, smashing my furniture. Finally free of him at age 21, filed for divorce.

    – Age 21. The bishop of the church (religious upbringing from childhood) came over ‘to see how I was doing’ and raped me. I took it to the chuch leaders. Through my revealing him others stood up and said he’d done it to them too. He preyed on vulnerable single women in the church. He was excommunicated but back within a month, sitting across from me smirking. I was told not to say anything to anyone.

    – Age 28 new boyfriend. I found out he was already in a relationship with another woman. He’d been deceiving me and kept it from me. Left him.

    – Age 30 drugged in a bar, have no idea what happened to me for quite a few hours. Woke up home alseep in my shed.

    – Age 27 new boyfriend who used me. He lived in my house for free for 3.5 years, paid for nothing although he was not short of money by any means. I was his slave, he did nothing to help. Left him.

    – Age 32 new boyfriend. Dating for three years and all seemed good so we got engaged. I bought a house and he moved in with me, I put his name on the title as we were getting married. He came into the relationship with no money no belongings. As soon as we moved in together I was not allowed to work, see friends, have any money etc. I was under his complete control, his prisoner and slave. He ruled me through fear, he raped me daily, tortured me, manipulated me, lied constantly, forced me to go to his Catholic church when I was no longer interested in religion. I had no voice or say in anything. I escaped with next to nothing and went into hiding. Had to start all over again. He found me through an investigator so I had to keep moving.

    Through all but the last relationship I was caring for my child with no support from anyone, financially or physically. My child’s father and his family did not care for her. There was no family to help on my side.

    Inbetween relationships I studied continually and worked, sometimes 2-3 jobs. Today, no one knows my abuse history and many would see me as successful.

    After the last relationship I could not put myself at risk again. I had learnt my lessons finally I said no more. I stopped dating and chose never to date or have another relationship with a man again. It has been many years now and I have stayed alone.

    I can tell you all the men that did this to me had zero empathy, compassion, care, kindness and remorse. If I must label them the words I choose are narcisists and psychopaths. It was 100% about control, power and manipulation. These were not men that were hurting through their environment/upbringings. These were men that enjoyed hurting.

    Now I am certain my experiences are not uncommon. If the stats are accurate it is very common. There is zero protection for women here, we are on our own. There is no justice so no point seeking to make change in this current system designed to be unjust.

    In all my life the men I have been in close contact with have never allowed me to have a voice, opinion, wants or needs. Even at work I am ignored. I spent many, many years trying to climb the corporate ladder when less experience/qualified men got senior positions before me. I was also paid much less for the same job.

    All my male friends over the years wanted more and when I just wanted friendship they no longer wanted to be friends.

    I see you are looking at it as if hurt men hurt. In the nature-nurture psychology debate you are saying nurture made them do it (their environment). However, the men I knew grew up with loving families, great friends, no abuse/violence, good jobs etc. They had great lives and loved their lives.

    From your assessment/conclusion, that means my environment should have made me hurt others. I was subjected to mistreatment and significant abuse in all forms right from a very young age. However, I am the exact opposite. I love and have forgiven each and every one of them. I thank them for playing their parts in my soul’s contract. I treat people the way I would like to be treated: with kindness, respect, care and compassion.

    I do not believe all men treat women badly. I know there are very loving men, just they weren’t to be part of my soul’s journey.

    Since I learnt about regressive Dracos, Greys and Orions I now wonder if the men I have known have some of their DNA. I favour the ‘nature’ side of the debate (they were born/or changed genetically to be that way).

    I do not seek any pity. I learnt a lot from these harsh lessons and I know they had to be part of my experience here. I survived, I moved past it. I am completely fine. I only want to share my real life, first hand experiences on this topic and my conclusions from spending much of my life knowing these abusive types. I cannot see that environments can make people hurt others: we can all choose, we all have free will. We must take responsibility for those choices.

    Thank you for allowing this discussion, it is good to be able to talk about these things as that is how we can find solutions.

    I am very open to others thoughts, responses and experiences.


    1. Ken

      Dear SP,
      Your story is heartbreaking. I’ve had a difficult time here myself and can somewhat relate to your story. However it is clear that women are the bravest people on the planet. It is incomprehensible to me that some men can be so cruel to women.

      You have survived it all and you are an inspiring, amazing being❤️

  16. Mike Ohira


    1. Goofy's Trial







      1. John Robbins

        More compassion is needed, and individuality nurtured, respected without wanting life to be like a saloon in a spaghetti western for everybody.

      2. kieran laffan

        he,s only here to annoy people. trying to shock. the dear fellow doesn,t know , the lightholders are not like the holy nuns of past. they have been through it all. they cannot be shocked . nothing upsets us anymore, the game is over,.