Human Spies and their Messages

Those voices and all the messages that many receive are not always there to make you feel comfortable. Those messages are there to convey information that is needed to be told to humanity and sometimes those messages and information can be very uncomfortable.

Their purpose is to engage you in a world to something beyond what you thought you were not capable of…this is what it’s all about. Those who firstly are aware of these messages are those who will speak of a reality that many cannot comprehend…

It’s like you are spy for Humanity. Everything you are experiencing good and bad, all your thoughts are going directly to your guides, the unseen, the beings of free nations who are here to attain knowledge through you for the purpose of understanding what needs to be done here on Earth.

Remember, free nations are very rare especially in our area of space and free nations do not get along very well with unfree nations. Also, remember there are races that are far more clever and effective then we are who can exert far more control over the mental environment. Beware of their deception.

What it comes down to is we are becoming aware about a reality that we are now learning to understand. Meaning, there’s lots of unfamiliar territory out there which makes it easy for the negative to creep in and many of you know what I’m talking about. But, always remember it’s not all about warning us per say, it’s about encouraging us.

They are seeing people lose confidence in their ability to convey their message because of the breakdown of global leadership but again this all needs to happen. Tear down the old, bring in the new.

Remember, our Universe is governed by Nature and the more the Human race becomes technologically advanced the need for more of its resources become more dire. Meaning, you run out of resources to uphold this furthering of advancement and if nature can’t compete with that advancement… NATURE WINS ALWAYS!

We live in a very populated part of the Universe where there is strict rules on trade and control of the territory. So, if you want to gain control over the population you do it by means of persuasion, suppression and deception. Sounding familiar?

The human race is a very vulnerable race, a needy race, in need of higher technology because we want power… Are you seeing where I’m going with this? But remember, the Earth will never be taken over militarily by other highly advanced races and their incredible destructive weaponry because that would destroy Earth’s value and those other races couldn’t live here because it would make Earth a biological hazard. So, they take it over by controlling the consciousness of the population.

Again, these messages and the information that comes with them are not all about a warm and fuzzy feeling because that would not help mankind in the least. We are going through a transition, a rough one, so buckle up!

**By Teri Wade


One Reply to “Human Spies and their Messages”

  1. Mary

    What are these inorganic beings doing to humans ? Watch humans go into flight or fight mode when you mention this topic or freeze for fear, or start shaking everything shaking even the voice. WTF is going on ! Even the young ones are not spared they know exactly what is going on and why am i not supposed to know those secrets while am being abused, you might as well reveal it to me.