Love: the Only Defense for Dark Times Ahead

Love never fails. With the dark times sure to come upon humanity in the coming years, it is more important than ever to go within and discover the center of love within; the divine spark that is our true nature; the divinity within. That is the only defense for these times. Love makes you powerful in a way the ego never can.


Jesus’s entire message was one of Love and non-resistance. Jesus was the greatest teacher of love in times of darkness the world has known. He taught about forgiveness, non-judgment, going the extra mile, servanthood, turning the other cheek, mercy rather than sacrifice, doing to others as you would want them to do to you, returning good for evil, praying for, loving, blessing, and doing good to one’s enemies, non-retaliation, humility, meekness, giving freely without expectation, not seeking the limelight or recognition and so forth. His message focused on finding satisfaction and glory in oneness with God which freely gives you all things. An abundance mindset.

To the ego (fear-nature) such a message is foolish because it seems weak. The ego, the animalistic nature of man, thrives in competition, survival of the fittest, attack, defense, offense, enemies and victims, comparison, envy, strife, arguments, dissension, malice, vengeance, and the me vs. them mindset. The ego nature thinks and believes that these attitudes protect it from seeming enemies whom it must defeat to get what it wants. A lack mindset.


Light is stronger than darkness. In fact, darkness is not a real thing in itself. Darkness is simply the absence of light. When light enters a dark room, no matter how small the source of light, darkness disappears. LOVE IS LIGHT. Love is not an empty, sweet platitude. Divine love is true power. When one is truly living in a state of LOVE from within, darkness, no matter how widespread, cannot prevail against such a one. This is because darkness automatically disappears when light enters. It is a spiritual truth that can’t be altered. It’s why workers of evil always do their deeds in darkness, in hiding.

If you are rooted and grounded in love, you have no cause to worry, because you are lifted above this world into the Kingdom of God within. These are spiritual truths that have practical reality. However, when one is already living in fear and darkness, they have no defense and darkness will continue to crowd them in. Like attracts like. It is simply universal spiritual law.

Humans can accumulate guns in their homes, gather armies to protect them, accumulate billions to keep them safe, buy land on mars, and live in fortified mansions, but without love, it is all in vain. Those who choose to live in darkness are always looking for external arms, power, and gimmicks to keep themselves safe. It reminds me of the verse in the bible that says, “The wicked flees when no man pursues: But the righteous are bold as a lion.” (Proverbs 28:1)


True safety only comes from LOVE, for love is the only truth that endures forever. It never fails. One who abides in the consciousness of oneness with God has nothing to fear. By abiding in love, we abide as citizens of a kingdom that is beyond attack. We can be in this world but not OF it as Jesus taught. Jesus was not afraid of his body being killed, for he knew that he was not a body. He knew the act of violence against him would only serve a holy purpose. You cannot kill the light. Light exposes and shutters darkness.

Make no mistake, it will the darker on earth before dawn. In the same way many are awakening to their divine nature, the wicked are also getting more wicked. And as a result, dark times will happen on a global scale. The only true defense is not panic, fear, being reactive, trusting in external machinery, and resistance. It is to abide in the center of love within, that spark of God in all of us.

Fortify yourself by discovering your true nature so that you’re not swept to and fro by the appearances of the world. Elevating your own consciousness by living from your true nature within will guide you and give you what the world never can: true love, peace, joy, life, and security.




2 Replies to “Love: the Only Defense for Dark Times Ahead”

  1. tigersnack1114

    Years of DARKNESS coming?!?! LOL
    No….or maybe just for those that chose to remain in third Dimensionality

    this one doesnt feel right…too much FEAR mongering