The Collective: How Do We Cope With the Energies?

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today again we speak with our writer, who asks:

COR: My friends, is there a “new normal” that empaths, Starseeds, Light Bringers, and other sensitive beings can tap into now?

These energies are so high. The highest that human bodies can withstand, from what I hear.

So many are having trouble sleeping, or they feel exhausted yet wired and stressed throughout the day, as if they are sleepwalking and sort of electrified at the same time.

Is there a new normal in the middle of all this? A new way to be, so that we feel a bit more balanced and reassured, even in the midst of so much happening with extreme weather, armed conflict, economic and political turmoil?

So many are saying, “I thought the fifth dimension was going to be more calm, not less! What is happening?

And I know you have said that the density is rising to the surface to be released, and this is a good thing, I agree.

But how do we cope in the meantime, when we feel to be between two worlds—the old and the new?

THE COLLECTIVE: We are very glad you have asked this question, as it is indeed highly relevant now.

This is the turning point, the time of Rebirth we have spoken of before.

Yet what makes it quite different from the past, is that you are all working hard to expunge or resolve the old, unhealed places in your own consciousness, as well as in the Earth.

And so you are both patient and nurse in this scenario, and that is extremely demanding.

You are all working very hard in the etheric all the time, both in your sleeping and your waking hours.

Many of you work side-by-side with Angelic and ET forces of Light who may appear to be human outwardly, but who are not.

This work extends to both what you are actively doing in your sleep state, which you do not usually consciously recall upon awakening, and the work you are doing energetically with your presence on the Earth, 24 hours a day.

Many of you are now increasingly performing tasks of your Earth mission in your daily waking hours, not only in terms of energetic resonance but in terms of actual actions taken.

And so you might be moving into an area of work now that entails, for example, healing, transforming, brainstorming, encouraging, counseling, building, teaching, or creating in ways that directly connect to the work you do as you travel both Earth and space in your etheric body each night.

You may be thinking that your Earth mission is unknown to you—a mystery that is not connected to your “real” life, yet it is, and greatly so.

That mission has become exponentially more powerful and expressive over the past year, and particularly these last few months, as the solar flares continue to send powerful Lightwaves forward.

The energies are such that they are awakening in you long-dormant aspects of your DNA that connect you to your Divine creativity, higher insight, and healing and purification of Earth and your own and others’ energies.

And so, you are becoming increasingly aware of intrusions in your energies—beings, energies, influences, toxins, that do not belong there.

This will increase your discomfort at times, yes.

Yet it also brings far greater clarity of your inner life and increasingly reveals to you your true nature, your true path, and your real (soul) family and origins.

We would say to those who feel they are not in touch with much or any of those experiences, to understand that what is coming to you now is not something that the left-brain will easily grasp.

That is not necessary at this time, in fact.

You have long been trained to be suspicious of that which the left-brain cannot grasp. Trained to think only in narrowly defined parameters of what is acceptable, possible, or advisable.

These narrow constrictions have been applied to every area of your life, in every Earth life you have ever lived, since the fall to the third dimension.

And now—What is happening? Your thought processes are asking.

Are these new ways of seeing and experiencing life safe to trust?

Is it possible to go through life and not stress or worry?

Is it true that we live in a giant hologram, and that there is no need to become stressed over the appearance of an issue—because appearance is all it is, and not reality?

Am I also a holographic illusion? Or just my outer life?

Many ideas will occur to you now, friends! And often they will seem strange, unacceptable, or unlikely.

And yet—you cannot return to the old life. That is over and done with now.

Each day now, you are accepting increasing levels of higher Light into every cell of your being, and becoming a new being—one who does not live at the survival level, and who does not fear “the future” because they realize that all Time is now.

All times are now, as we spoke of in the podcast last evening.

While the old Earth aspects of the human mind are swimming in confusion at how quickly life is changing on this planet, the New Human mind is coming forward.

They explain now that “even bigger than the fact that I create my own life, is the fact that my responses to that life, and to all else, can live in a Peaceful acceptance of what I experience—that which I consciously created, and that which I unconsciously created to learn from.”

That New Human within you will also find increasingly now, that “There is no need to engage in negative emotion as an automatic response to creations I do not prefer. I can accept them as threads of color in the fabric, release all judgment, and focus on what I do want to create. All is well.”

You can no doubt feel how entirely different that kind of response to life is, compared to the old, fear-driven, self-protective outlook.

This is You, admitting to your power!

This is You, releasing the need to have only “good things” happen in order to be at Peace!

And this is You, denying release of your co-Creative power to individual people or experiences, as if they had some sort of influence on who you are at your core. For they do not.

Decide now: Will I welcome these changes as part of the great shift into enlightenment for myself and all others? And will I accept the shifts Mother Earth Herself is experiencing, without panic?

Will I accept that the old Earth structures must fall and fade before the New can fully anchor?

Or will I shrink back from that very Transformation that I helped design before incarnating?

We know you will accept the challenge before you, dear ones, just as you have accepted the demands of hundreds of challenging Earth lives. The one very marked exception, is that this particular challenging time on the Earth is the one that changes the vibration, experiences, and reality of an entire planet in unprecedented ways. Which also shifts the vibration of the Universe.

Am I that powerful? you may wonder.

We are happy to confirm: that powerful, and even more so.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan


9 Replies to “The Collective: How Do We Cope With the Energies?”

  1. harrrrrie

    Just a half hour ago I was wondering what vibration do I dwell in mostly, and if I was ascending at a good pace. Am I even going to make it to the 5th in this lifetime? What’s holding me back?
    After reading this article I do feel better.
    I decided months ago to not worry about the symptoms, none will kill me and all feel temporary, and it seems like I get less symptoms if I’m not concerned. I believe I read that if you are more highly evolved you will have less ascension symptoms, but I wonder if they are making that up.

    What is really difficult right now is to ignore people who bother me. I am incredibly sensitive. Currently, there’s a close relative I never want to see again because she is testing my tolerance (not deliberately tho, she’s 3D and she’s not hiding it). They say to hang with people who you can get along with. Now I know why. I’ve already ended 2 friendships, there’s another I think is in danger of ending, and now this relative. And it’s not over little stuff.

    News media that hides the truth or only reports the negative is incredibly boring. All violent sports and movies are wrong. Comedy is very welcome. Rock music is so harsh now. Teasing babies, children and pets is unacceptable. Criticism, cutting down, telling off, abuse and judgement is unbearable to listen to. But I feel stronger in other ways. If someone starts something with me and they don’t back down, they will regret it. I don’t mean to sound like a badass, but I feel smarter, and what am I willing to put up with if love and kindness doesn’t work?

    After giving this some thought, I believe the divide between the 3D and 4D/5D groups is going to get ugly. I’m seeing hints of it now. Much uglier than it is now.

    I’m going to pray that the 3D will dissolve their fears and start looking at peaceful ways to live life, open up to being aware of the changes that are taking place and what needs to change for the better. Like compassion, understanding and kindness.

    1. harrrrrie

      After reading my first post I’d have to say I’m in 3D some of the time. If someone is bothering me or causing me to have problems, I definitely do not want my behavior to make them regret their behavior towards me. I must have been really frustrated at that moment. I will instead back off, observe, use a very peaceful response and not emotionally react.
      Love you all.

  2. tigersnack1114

    I agree 100% on the symptoms- Tired and feel like I partied all night and rolled in at 4:00 am. Can FEEL the increased energy. My Ear ringing has been constantly ringing non-stop for 10+ years but not Im hearing tone frequency changing many times a day for the last couple months.

    Finally got PISSED and said “OK! Enough of this s**t! Lets get me Healed and Cleared of toxic negativity.” I asked for it and now Im getting it !!!
    BE CAREFUL and be ready if you do this too.

    Doing lots of work during sleep and Ascension is on my mind, in some form, constantly.
    I used to Dream ALL the time and would remember multiple dreams the next day but…for the last 5-6 years or so, I barely remember 1-2 a month.

    1. tigersnack1114

      Need an EDIT feature……”My Ear ringing has been constantly ringing non-stop for 10+ years but not Im hearing tone frequency changing many times a day for the last couple months.”

      should say I AM hearing all these changing frequencies

  3. tigersnack1114

    I better get some GREAT chocolate chip cookies as my reward for “swimming in the slimey, green dirty ditch water!


  4. spiritual924

    Until one dissolves their 3D Matrix you will twirl and not find grounding. The energies may be shifting but if you are not doing the work to shift out of this low vibrating dimension, 3D, you will suffer. You cannot avoid what needs to be done. You will never understand 5D until you’ve accomplished 3D. You have been hijacked by spiritual liars and thieves.
    This is a spiritual revolution. You must go within to dissolve the within to achieve higher frequency results. The Masters taught me well. There are no shortcuts.

    1. Franciely

      Unfortunately I have to say you are correct.
      I’ve been suffering since the beginning of these transformations (or as I call them deep cleanings) and there are days when I don’t even know how I’m still alive. I experience ALL kinds of symptoms and the most disturbing sensations that I can’t even describe. in addition to challenging, toxic situations and various spiritual attacks. It’s like every day is endless torture. I meditate and nothing happens, I do everything to not fall even further into low vibrations but I always find myself stuck in them. To this day I don’t feel a day of relief or peace. And sometimes I wonder if I will have some kind of “merit” or some kind of “gratification” for living through all this torture?

  5. Kim

    Zero fear, completely open, excited to learn evolve and enjoy the love! How freeing it is when one does not feel the need to respond. This realization alone is quite powerful. Peace!