KaRa of the Pleiades: Expect Miracles

I am KaRa. I come at this time to be with you in these momentous changing times you have been speaking of, the momentum that is happening here in this country of your United States For America, as well as many other countries across the world. For these are bright, sweeping changes that are happening, all to bring about The Great Changeover and to lead that which you have heard called The Event, or The Changeover, or The Solar Flash. All of this is leading to that.

But before that, you are in the transition. The transition that is happening right now. The transition that is leading toward many changes, some of those changes being new technology being released everywhere. And this technology is coming. It is coming. It is already being advanced in many areas.

Many of the councils that we have spoken of, the Earth councils, the galactic councils, all of this have been speaking about releasing these new technologies: these new energies, these new medical understandings that are beyond the medical understanding of today, beyond the allopathic medicine that is practiced today.

But there will be no more practicing of anything. It will be real. It will be those that know what they are doing, and do not question it. Because this is technology coming that is beyond anything that this world at this point has.

But it is coming. It is being released. Slowly at first, but then, just like anything, to gain momentum more and more. And there are centers being planned everywhere to bring this technology forward, these ‘med-beds’ that you wish to call them. But they are the precursors of the celestial chambers, the celestial healing chambers that you have also heard about, and some have even visited those chambers within their light body or within their astral body. They are real. And they are coming forward more and more.

These technologies are based in consciousness. Consciousness and vibrational frequency working together and bringing about the changes, or the restructuring within the DNA processes that you have heard about, literally bringing DNA back to where you want it to be, back to before it was changed, before it was shifted away from the balanced DNA that you are all meant to be in and have a balanced DNA structure. And do not forget about the changing of the DNA to add more DNA, more beyond the double helix, reconnecting here and there. All of this is coming.

And the reason I am bringing this up now, and the reason that James brought this up in your discussion earlier is because we want you now—we, being all of the Galactics, the Ascended Masters, the Agarthans, all of your Guides that are working with you, your Higher God Self, all that are working with you want you now to begin to share more and more as you are able, as the situation calls for it. Share. Be open. Do not be afraid to speak about these things now. These new technologies. Just as your President Trump spoke about this in 2016. He hinted at it. He even mentioned it almost directly that these technologies would replace the ones that you have now. So those of your pharmaceutical companies will no longer be. Those of your medical hospitals, as you know them now, will no longer be. It is the change. It is the changeover that you have all been expecting, waiting for. Do not feel like it is not coming. Do not feel anger in any way that it has not happened yet. Because it is all a process. A process that must continue just in the way it is doing. Because mankind right now is not ready to be deluged with these changes all up front. Overnight changes are not possible at this point. It will become more so. But for now, just know it as what it is, a transition where everything is moving in the direction of light. Light and love and higher consciousness. This is where you are all headed. This is what is coming.

In your next year, not to give a prediction, but in your next year expect miracles to come. That is what is happening. Miracles. Scientific miracles. Scientific and spiritual miracles. Many will look at this as miracles. You yourselves will know this differently. Know it for what it is. You will know it as the combining of science and spirit coming together. That is where your technology is leaning toward. And yes, technology can be used for evil forces, it can be used by the dark forces. Just as it has been up until now. But those times are changing. You are moving beyond the darkness. You are moving fully into the light more and more. So expect the miracles.

I am KaRa, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. That you will continue to move in the direction of this transition and allow the entire process to continue to play out.

And I release now momentarily to another that wishes to address this group, and to all of those that resonate to these words.

Peace and love be with all of you, my brothers and sisters.

**Channel: James McConnell

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20 Replies to “KaRa of the Pleiades: Expect Miracles”

  1. jakesey

    Thank You KaRa. “And yes, technology can be used for evil forces, it can be used by the dark forces.” Hmmm, makes you think..

    1. AzureLeaves

      On the contrary, I’m happy. That means these people’s negative energies are being vented out of their system as part of a clearing process.

      That is, however long it takes for them to realize that their healing and salvation does not depend on the Aliens or any entity or group outside of themselves, but instead is only a simple perspective and mindset change, and paradigm shift away, for the Inner Christ, the Inner Buddha, the Inner Kalki, the Inner Divine Source: the “I AM”-ness–their Awareness of Being is within each and everyone, no exceptions.

      Those energies that can bring about Deliverance in the reality they experience are within each and everyone, never went away and can be accessed now if they so choose–again through a perspective and mindset change and paradigm shift.

      Unfortunately they are preaching to the choir with their venting, but the good part is they are releasing it out of their system, which can help so the proper realizations dawns on them, and hopefully someone asleep out there can read it and wake up, too.

    2. john

      Me too but i have learned to let them be they will rise when time is ready much love to all.

      1. AzureLeaves

        We’re all in a “Bus Station”, the “Bus” that comes to pick us up appears on “The Event” once the few final “pieces” of this “grand puzzle” has fallen to its place and the actors and actresses have played their necessary roles.

        Those who will ride that “Bus” towards the new, Ascended Earth are the ones who have already worked out their inner problems and chaos; who have integrated and transmuted their inner demons, those who have done the Shadow Work and the Inner Spiritual Work necessary to have heightened consciousness, paradigm, mindset and perspective, way beyond the 3D.

        And that also includes those who have let go of useless, heavy 3D “baggage” such as limiting beliefs and mindset weighing them down, and those who already realized that blaming an external entity, being, or group, etc., that are outside of themselves–their “I AM”-ness/Awareness of Being, for the reality they are experiencing is a moot point.

        The ones who will be left behind includes those still doing the “blame game”, continues to persist in tethering their consciousness in the 3D, those who haven’t realized yet that the power to change things, the power of Deliverance and Healing are already within them–all it needs to access that is a change of perspective, mindset and paradigm, and doing the Inner Spiritual Work and Shadow Work, guided by the benevolent mystic and occult authors of ages past and the sages of old, such as Neville Goddard, Franz Bardon, Hermes Trismegistus et al.

        But being left behind the “Bus Station” is not a bad thing for them for they will have plenty of time to learn their remaining lessons in the old Earth.

        Granted there will be much more suffering, much more intense “flames” to purify them and what no longer serves them, but they won’t be left alone for their Higherselves and the Prime Creator already decreed that “everyone ascends, one way or another, no matter how long it takes”, and that includes the ones who will be left behind in the 3D Earth once the “Bus” during “The Event” comes in.

        And the power to Ascend above that and “ride the bus to the new home” will always be available for them, on STANDBY, once they have already realized what needs to be realized, and wake up–they won’t be left alone in their own devices, as the Divine Guidance will always be by their side ready to help them should they just acknowledge it WITHIN themselves.

        1. Raksha

          I don’t want to pose myself as someone who is entitled as separating the wheat from the chaff (I am not at all saying that you do, not at all). I guess we, Starseeds/Lightworkers came here to help for the “Harvest”, even to our own detriment.

          And I do hope, and believe, that once things will go forward, once the famous shit will hit the fan, I do hope and believe than many will have an accelerated growth. I know that ultimatly, all is well, and we will all get home at some point, but are we not here to improve the harvest ? Even if it is an illusion from some perspective, pain is pain. And I really wish that a lot of us will join in the fun. And I bet we will be surprised how many will join in the fun in the last moment. Hope so.

          1. AzureLeaves

            What I presented are possible criteria whether an individual will board the “bus” to the “Beyond 3D Earth” or not. I could go on and on but the character limits of the comments prevents me from expressing further, and that includes the perspective I left out due to character limit:

            At the time the “Bus” arrives, there is a possibility that a lot of sleeper will wake up then and there, too. Remember when I said some individuals (i.e. Actors and Actresses) have still yet to play their roles, and that includes mine–I will elaborate no further.

            “Separating the wheat from the chaff” is not even a state that can be experienced by anyone, because at the end of the day, it is the individual Source Fractal’s choice themselves whether or not they will wake up and board the “Bus” towards “Beyond 3D” Earth, or choose to remain tethered in their limiting and non-beneficial beliefs, mindset, and paradigms.

            And the thing is, while being tethered in the 3D energies, they will, consciously or not, choose to stay in the 3D Earth even if a bunch of people already aboard the “Bus” are shouting at them to wake up and board the “Bus”; but they won’t until they choose to.

            Whether they continue to be blind to the Inner Christ, Inner Buddha and Inner Kalki within them or not for their own Deliverance and Healing is up to them–we and other truly spiritually awake ones can only show them the door and lay out signposts or become beacons that they can choose to follow or not towards true Awakening.

            We can only really inspire, suggest, recommend and guide, or even advise them (should they ask) at the end of the day; and yet it’s ultimately their choice whether they will accept our help, in its various forms, or not.

            But one thing is for certain “every Fractals of the Divine Source will Ascend, one way or another, no matter how long it takes”, it’s just that some individuals will board the “Bus” earlier than others; it’s really no big deal, as the “script” for this “Divine Play” is already done, with just a few random variables mixed in.

  2. tigersnack1114

    As we begin moving into the 5th we will move WAY past this old 3-D Negative thinking and the Blame Game. blaming “doctors”???????

    MOVE INTO the 4th Dimension and leave behind the OLD Negative 3-D way. (TOSSES YOU A ROPE!) Come on! Climb up into the 4th into the clearer energies!!!

    This is going to explode in the USA as the Massive corruption will be revealed. When it starts, many still asleep and clinging to the old behavior, will be first to start screaming, pointing fingers, blaming and saying “I told you so!”

    Both political parties are rife with corruption in some form. Surrounded by the Temptation of POWER and WEALTH and…stupidly, they have to take NO TESTS to verify they are honest and trustworthy to care for the power and money of the USA! They’ve been running WILD with corruption

    1. Mary Parkin

      Doctors follow their orders from big pharma without question they know medications and vax s are killing us they are legit murderers may their karma be a slow painful one

  3. Mary

    I agree Mike our doctors are murderers karma will be long slow and painful for them and their masters the pharmaceutical s

  4. Mike Ohira

    Very good news. Thank you, Kara!

    In August of 2017 I met with the Ambassador of Agartha (Inner Earth) in New York to attend her meetings. I was one of the 80 participants who came from various countries worldwide. From Japan I was the only one.

    I was very interested in med bed which was why I wanted to attend the meetings. My first question to the Ambassador (her name is Tamarinda) was about medbed. I asked her if there are medbeds in the underground city of Telos. She looked at me as if I asked a stupid question. This was her reply: The medbeds are everywhere, of course in Telos but in other underground cities as well. And all medbeds are free. Your energy signature is required if you are going to make changes to facial features or your traits.

    Everything is possible with medbeds. Hair color, eye color, color of your skin, your height and weight, physical body features, etc. etc, all that can be changed the way you want it by simply changing dna. And the process takes only minutes. No more work for the doctors!

    1. khann61

      Putting doctors out of business sounds great, they like everything else in this world are really an inversion of what they claim to be, some of them know this but don’t care, others are completely insouciant.