January Energetic Update plus Frequency Activation

Beloved hearts,

Welcome to 2023, a year of Rebirth and Illumination, as we deepen into the Christ Consciousness within and expand our Service Roles upon this sacred earth.

Notably in this Now, we are experiencing much greater Solar Flare Activity, with three recent X-class flares just days apart. For some, this is a welcoming energy, assisting us to shift realities faster through elevated consciousness. In other words, quantum leaping and expanding the heart/mind/body templates to experience each Now moment (converging timelines) and well as a deepening sense of the Light codes and Gamma frequencies activating from within. This further brings through greater levels of creativity, crystalline consciousness, pineal gland activations, codes of higher consciousness and much more.  For others, depending on our density clearing, we are very sleepy and tired, cannot work, or are very wide awake, feeling anxious or nervous. We may also be experiencing heart expansions and /or heart palpation’s (fear being released), chakra activations, and karmic timeline clearings as we step into parallel timelines and realities, letting go and letting God.

For all, if we can be offline, and in nature, connecting into the increased levels of Photonic Light/Plasma Light and sunlight, as well as staying hydrated, and observing all, as we expand in consciousness and light, the feelings of uncomfortability will surely pass. Presence is key.

I have personally been experiencing a next level of Christ Consciousness, attuning to the frequency of the Masters and Saints and delighting in renewed connections through the Golden Flame of Christ Consciousness. With Paramahansa Yogananda as my guide, I have been enjoying a deepening remembrance of the Yogic teachings and Kriya Yoga.

As we share our Light that illuminates all as the Light of God We Are, this year in particular we expand our Service Roles and deepen into new levels of our Purity, Innocence and Divinity.

Additionally, a whole new value system, Soul aligned, births into existence as we remember the knowing that we are all One, living as the Christ Ones, Source Light, as the Beloved I Am That I Am upon this sacred earth.

Portals of Light activating now call us ever deeper into the Christ within. Additionally, timelines are opening in this Now into ancient Egypt, timelines of Initiation, activating the Golden Race DNA Codes and new levels of our Service work, as we come together more now with Soul and Star Family.

Light codes activating hold frequency codes of 11/111, 22/222 and variations thereof, and 33/333 coming online in the next few months. All timelines of Self Mastery, our Purity, Innocence and Divinity.

I invite you, precious hearts, to download this beautiful 17-minute frequency activation that expresses energetically much better than I can do in these humble sharing’s. Here is the download link – https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/0NvkrcLwJh

Alternatively, you can view on You Tube at https://youtu.be/UcEv5oO88bU

I invite you further to join myself and Lauren Galey Wednesday January 18th for a lovely Light encoded show on New Earth One Network.

Lovingly, Anrita