Saudi Arabia Announces End of Dollar Dominance in Global Oil Trade

As we have consistently warned for more than a year, Operation Sandman has now been activated, with Saudi Minister of Finance, Mohammed Al-Jadaan, telling Bloomberg TV (during a WEF Davos interview) that the Saudis will gladly accept all currencies for settling oil transactions.

The foundational pillar of US global currency dominance and its ability to export inflation to the world is based on the so-called Petrodollar status, in which the US agreed to protect the (corrupt) Saudi kingdom in exchange for the Saudis demanding US dollars for all oil transaction settlements. This agreement has been in place since the Bretton Woods conference in 1944 and has carried the dollar until today.

But this arrangement is now coming to an end.

Very few Americans have any clue what this means to their assets and their future.

Also, very few people realize that over 100 nations are prepared to renounce the petrodollar as the dominant currency for oil settlements. Instead, many nations are going to switch to using the Yuan (from China), or the digital Yuan, or the new BRICS+ commodities-backed reserve currency that’s about to be launched by China, Russia, India and other participating nations.

The dominoes have been set into motion. And as this plays out, it means dollars will come flooding back to the United States as world nations dump the greenback fiat currency they no longer need. This means dollars will experience rapid devaluation in their purchasing power, which will be reflected in higher prices — i.e. inflation — in consumer goods such as groceries, automobiles and more.

Although this will take time to be fully realized, it also means that those people left holding dollars will be financial ruined as dollar purchasing power evaporates. The government response to all this is almost certain to include a new wave of mindless money printing, adding yet more dollar inventory to the flood of dollars being dumped by nations of the world. The end game is, of course, hyperinflation as the dollar loses not just 2% of its purchasing power per month, but may even slide into losing 10%, 20% or even more per month (in the final blowout stage). Think Weimar Germany as the end game here.

Protecting assets now becomes a matter of urgency

Among informed Americans — and anyone holding dollars — protecting assets must now become a top priority. This means we should expect a rapid shift of excess dollars into hard assets over the next several months: Gold, silver, land, vehicles, ammunition, firearms, food, etc. Check Comex silver inventories if you want to know what the insiders are already doing (hint: They are taking physical delivery of precious metals and emptying the vaults).

It also means that the prices we see today in almost everything are likely the lowest prices we’ll see for years to come. At some point, plummeting populations (mass vaccine die-offs) and rising interest rates will have a strong deflationary effect, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards for 2023 or even 2024. All the strongest factors remain inflationary, and the Saudi decision to sell oil in currencies other than dollars is going to devalue dollars which means consumer prices will be inflated in dollars.

We strongly urge all readers to investigate strategies for asset diversification and reducing exposure to dollars, dollar-denominated assets (such as bonds) and the entire US banking system which seems increasingly fragile.

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**By Mike Adams


5 Replies to “Saudi Arabia Announces End of Dollar Dominance in Global Oil Trade”

  1. Faithone

    It was properly plan for years to come all business men need to do now is hold on to their assets untill the right time to sell out

  2. flazak

    We need a new source of energy that is decentralised, cheap, easy to manufacture and easy to plug in to existing infrastructure. It definitely exists but it either suppressed or not discovered yet.

  3. Mark

    They said a willingness to go with other currencies. They didn’t decide to do this. This is ridiculous sensational journalist junk. You should be more concerned with accuracy than views.

    1. Jack Carli

      Your semi correct –what ever Singapore does– Asia follows!! As of now
      Singapore has switched to the YUAN thats a biggee!! Not 100 countries
      have switched over ,,,,the 100 countries have an option to switch ,England has gone to BRIC knifed the USA in our back!!

      Other European countries seeing our debt have started steps to dump the USA dollar ,,,,Greece already, this could be quick . Putin has Not gone bananas after NATO what so ever ,,,lets see how the Ukraine plays out ,