Watch: CNBC Says It’s A ‘Lizard People Conspiracy Theory’ That WEF Is Promoting Vaccines And Bug Eating

In a Thursday broadcast, CNBC talking heads claimed that anyone questioning the intentions of the World Economic Forum as potentially nefarious is a likely a ‘conspiracy theorist’ who believes in lizard people.

The network platformed Semafor Editor-In-Chief Ben Smith, who took shots at Elon Musk for “whipping up” conspiracies about the Davos elite on Twitter, after Musk described the WEF as “an unelected world government.”

Smith mocked Musk’s assertion and claimed that Musk is with the crazy right wing “people who think that the CEOs here are gathering to make you take vaccines and to eat bugs.”

In a further video, Smith claimed “[T]here may be a conspiracy, it’s basically a conspiracy by global businesses to keep their taxes low by making the case that they’re doing good in other means than paying taxes to the government,” Smith further declared, adding “There are no lizards involved.”

Smith’s assertion that the Davos agenda doesn’t include propagandising vaccines is patently absurd.

The WEF has this year has once again prominently featured Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel relentlessly pushing their respective vaccines:

The WEF also featured former British Prime Minister Tony Blair calling for a digital database to monitor who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t:

There was also a panel to discuss a crackdown on “disinformation” that is preventing people from taking vaccines:

Last year, Bourla and Klaus Schwab mocked and attacked anyone who isn’t interested in taking mRNA vaccines as ‘conspiracy people’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’:

Bourla also previously spoke at the WEF about his fantasies of ingestible computer chips that signal to authorities when a drug has been digested, to ensure ‘compliance’:

As for bug eating, the WEF has previously directly called for people to move to insect based diets on its web pages and social media:

They literally never stop posting about eating bugs:

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    The world should move towards non-meat foods…The best foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes…When we eat meat we are eating death…
    Do we want sentencing ourselves in this manner? The best foods are rich in Light…