Daily 777 Message For 1/22/2023

Greetings! You speak truth, and you’re thought of as crazy. The ones who speak lies, and those who believe in their lies, are the ‘normal’ ones. Well, there is a new energy on Earth now. And in this new energy, the liar and the believer of the lie have no room here. Much more is to be revealed. Many will find things shocking, yet still hope for the ‘normal world’ to return. Such will not occur, for 3D is dissolving. Embrace the change ~Kejraj

5 Replies to “Daily 777 Message For 1/22/2023”

  1. xfgxh

    Is there a ruthless person who can directly help those who are seriously injured by the virus and vaccine of the dark forces to solve the pain? They (billions of people injured by vaccine sequelae and COVID-19) are also the fractal of the sacred origin. Why don’t you care about them? Don’t even mention it?

    1. harrrrrie

      Disorders, diseases, accidents, victims of violence or wars and the vaccine aren’t mentioned specifically in articles regarding spirituality. Generally they are mentioned as our karma, bucket list items to experience, planned for in our life plan or as challenges.