Stage of Loneliness


Given that we are all soul incarnated in a physical body, it becomes easier to understand life. Many believe that we are just this material body, and that when we die, everything ends. However, many also understand that we are an immortal soul, which reincarnates successively, until we complete a cycle of learning in this earthly school.

Let’s reflect on this second chance. What is a soul? We have already brought here issues relating to Monada, to which each belongs. A Monada can be compared to a tree, with root, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds. Everything is part of the same essence. But let’s say that in fact, it’s a single consciousness, divided into parts.

The soul incarnated in a physical body on Earth is the smallest particle of that consciousness, so the feeling it has is of not belonging to the Monada. So the Divine Plan that creates and drives everything, provides that this soul can free itself from matter from time to time in order to expand its consciousness, enough to remember who it is. You will also remember all your past lives, and at the same time, know a certain future time, in order to elaborate another incarnation Plan.

This Samsara Wheel of successive incarnations, exists here on Earth, since mankind emerged here. It’s The Plans Within The Creator’s Project. Everything is going according to plan This is with the Earth and all the other planets, stars, galaxies, and infinite universes.

Every school has a curriculum. In finding learning, it is necessary that learners move to the next level.

The Earth as a School, offered a limited level of consciousness, and the lessons were based on the duality of all that can be created here. To live one polarity, now another, in successive incarnations, generates a situation that has been classified as Earth, a World of Trials and Atonement.

By beginning the Age of Aquarius this early 21st Century, every soul that has ever come to this earthly school has already learned all the lessons presented here. It justifies the state of consciousness of every human being. Everyone already has, within their unconscious, the knowledge of each action and its consequences. Therefore, no one can claim that they did not know the outcome of each action taken.

Even though a lot of human beings still always defend their personal interests to the detriment of the collective, there is not even a single soul that does not have the discernment of what is lawful and what is not. Insisting, even knowing that you should not proceed with such attitudes, will generate a consequence that requires future repair and harmonization.

As time is now running out, future adjustments debts can no longer be made here on Earth. This is in fact, the most important care we should have in this final stage of learning. So far we live the experience within what is understood as separation. As if we are indeed separated from the Source and all that is. But that was only an illusion We have always been an extension of our Higher Self; of our Monada.

Finally, the time for unification has come, that is, our integration of this soul fractal, with its higher versions. Remembering that soul is simply a consciousness. Therefore we are a fractal of this larger consciousness And there at the Source, where we were created, our HIGHER SELF, is also ONE WITH ALL, that is, with the other Monadas, and with everything that is in the Cosmos.

And if that’s the case, everything here on Earth, is also ALL that there is. This explains the chaos we are currently living in on the Planet. Is time to integrate all into UNITY. However, there’s the question of frequency. As each consciousness possesses an individual frequency, two situations will determine the fate of the students of this school. The consciences that have already learned and put into practice each action within the day to day, always based on cooperation and unity, will follow through the high frequency, to the Ascension Portal, leaving behind the World of Atonement and Testimonies.

Since the consciences that still conspire in division and negative actions, belong to the group that prefers competition, and that goes against unity. This group of consciences will form the collective that does not have enough frequency to pass through the Ascension Portal. These are not ready for the New Earth, which has already been plastered and will soon replace the one we know so far.

The group of consciousnesses that possess the frequency of ascension are now undergoing major internal changes. Feel something great coming. But they also feel very uncomfortable. As it is a shift in consciousness, in fact what you feel, is a sensation of death. And in a way it is. The old understanding of things is dying, to give birth to the new one. You need to understand this in order not to suffer unnecessarily.

This is also the moment called LONELINESS You never felt so alone even when you’re surrounded by so many people and things There is a sense of loss A feeling of being abandoned And also a certain amount of insecurity. And I would say more: fear and insecurity too, because we are leaving behind a known world, to enter a new, unknown world. And even knowing that it will be a better world, the fear of the unknown is always a threat to our emotional stability.

The situations that happen out there only enhances what’s inside you. Don’t worry about it, as it serves as reference only, so that we can better understand that which is in the consciousness, which is not material, therefore invisible. Nobody will go through what they don’t have to go through. No one will escape their individual process of adjusting their consciousness. It’s like students of a school on the end of the year. Each one will do the missing works and tests, because you have to look for the grade that gives you the course approval.

Loneliness is not loneliness. Solite is a necessary introspection for each person to evaluate themselves. It’s going inside yourself and feeling all that you still need to understand. It’s also an opportunity to prepare to take the quantum leap of your consciousness. Jump the bridge that separates a World of Trials and Atonement, from a World of Regeneration. We can say it’s a Dimensional leap, because it will definitely throw us into the Fifth Dimension.

With that, I hope you can find some comfort in these amazing days that all of humanity on earth is going through. Remember: You’re not dying!! The world is not getting any worse. What is happening is a wonderful change in everything on this Planet. An experience of death and rebirth, but in fact it represents an upgrade of one’s consciousness. The moment of unification of body, mind and spirit in each one. Oneness with the many souls of Earth oneness with the other Realms of nature. And finally, unification with our higher versions of consciousness. This will also lead us to the integration of this soul fractal, with its higher versions. This is the RISE.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.

**By Vital Frosi


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  1. john

    Thank you vital so good to see you here on era of light but the final wakeup call site is fantastic too, much love to all.