Message from God: Responsibility and Freedom


“The fear of death is one of the most oppressive ideas of our culture. It is based on the secularization of our consciousness, which assumes life and security of being only in the physical existence, which it never wants to lose. Fear of death is therefore the evidence of a rootless spirit, for a spiritual being that has distanced itself from the source of its being, the Higher Self.” (Karl-Heinz Jaeckel, Dialogue with the Beyond, Neugra-Verlag, Munich 1984, p. 84 and Metamorphosis of Humanity, Dieter Broers, p. 70).

JJK: With this sentence Dieter Broers introduces a chapter of his book “The Metamorphosis of Mankind” already mentioned here.

So, fear of death increases with the distance to the source of all being, that means, since fear of death is widespread, most people do not possess a connection to God. Is this right?

GOD: I bless you who seek knowledge in these words and between the words my love. I am with you.

Fear of death is the mother of all fears. Who has removed this fear from his consciousness, has conquered all other fears.

Who am I and where am I going?

In this world, the fear of death was a constant companion of man. That is changing now. The awakening of people brings with it that death is subjected to a whole new consideration.

This leads to the fact that all churches or religions, which lived well from this fear, get into serious difficulties. They lose their jurisdiction, their competence in this important question and become worthless for people.

The change in consciousness that is currently underway raises completely new questions for individuals.

‘Who am I and where am I going?’, is no longer a question for philosophers, but this question is now reaching the everyday consciousness of more and more people.

This is accompanied by a “spiritualization” of the human being.

Increasingly, people understand themselves as spiritual beings who have a human experience. For this it needed this density of the bodies. But now the light opens the consciousness of the people for a larger perception. The reduction of life to birth and death – and in between what you called your life until now takes place – is unacceptable for more and more people.

This factor is setting in motion much that was previously unimaginable.

JJK: I think to myself that if I am not afraid of death and am well rooted in my Self and connected to the Source of all being, then the many fear mechanisms of this matrix no longer operate. When I know that God cares for me, I no longer worry so much about worldly things – losses are much easier to bear, and gains don’t mess with your head either. Being “connected” is what matters, then the power and fear mechanisms lose their effect.

Optimal conditions

GOD: Up to now the human being experienced his life in a very narrow radius. The human consciousness was calibrated on this earth. Specific experiences were to be made and to it also the experience of the fear, the lack and the unkindness belonged. When this earth was farthest from the center of this universe, the darkness was greatest and hardly any light penetrated to you. In this remoteness from the Divine, caught in this illusion, you could have these extreme experiences. These were the optimal conditions for light-filled angels who wanted to experience themselves in the darkness.

Since the Earth is approaching the solar center of this universe, this quarantine is lifted. Light particles from the central sun penetrate to your hearts and you can awaken.

Connected to this are all the changes that you are currently experiencing and that you will experience in the future.

JJK: Death loses its sting?

GOD: And life, which was for many people up to now one single struggle for existence.

JJK: I ask myself very often, how long it still needs, until more justice prevails on this world – and then I ask myself, would it not be perhaps also meaningful to go times on the street and to cry out loudly. Always working in secret – is that the way?

GOD: Every man finds his tasks and is led there by me. What is a must for the one, is an impossibility for the other.

The irrationality

“Justice” will rule as soon as the individual people lose their fears.

Please consider how many people live in existential distress and how few people are responsible for it.

It is just a handful of dark power elites who are responsible for all the injustice – and the whole of humanity is unable to stand up against it? Do you recognize this irrationality?

JJK: Yes, the people who are still better off are afraid of losing their modest prosperity and remain silent – and those who have nothing left to lose often rise up, but these revolts are either nipped in the bud or end in a bloodbath. The power lies with the few and not with the many.

GOD: And that is the error. The real power lies with each individual – and that’s the answer to your question about how long it will take before we see more development.

Mankind will be blinded by the dark magicians of this matrix until a certain number of people wake up and consequently in a maelstrom move the whole mankind to wake up.

Until it is so far, many people will leave this earth. For all those who neither want to nor are able to integrate the ever higher vibrations from being, this earth will soon become unbearable.

When you speak of the moment, of the moment that changes everything, then always include that this does not concern all of the present humanity.

Are there catastrophes coming?

JJK: That means, there will be many upheavals – also catastrophes?

GOD: The transition into the new dimension of being is for an awakened human being an extremely harmonious and peaceful process.

The transition into a dimension of unconsciousness is for an unconscious person always accompanied by pain experiences – pain which ends in the moment in which a beingness is ready for the healing. In this sense, each being inflicts upon itself what it wants to experience.

Take complete responsibility for your life!

Nobody, except yourself, is responsible for what happens to you on this earth or in the infinity of being. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you take complete responsibility for your life from now on. This requires courage and that means being brave.

Everything that happens for good or bad in your life is your own responsibility. Are you ready for that much responsibility? Do you want to be completely responsible for your life?

It is easy to blame the dark magicians of this matrix for your problems. How about blaming yourself? Because it is only from this attitude that the power to change is born in you and you are given every power to move something externally or internally.

Then your powerlessness dissolves and it can no longer be suggested to you that external phenomena are responsible for your inner dissatisfaction. No, it is up to you “all-one” what happens in your life and in your dying.

If you have fears – free yourself from them. If you experience a lack – change this. If you wish for more love between people – become loving yourself. It is always you who is at stake and not a world that is angry with you.

To awaken is to realize this dimension of your responsibility. This is true self-empowerment and this leads you straight to freedom. It does not need a revolution on the streets of the world, but an evolution in the hearts of the people! As soon as you not only recognize but dissolve your inner dependencies to this system, you regain your power.

Fear is the result of powerlessness, a truly free and self-empowered person knows no fear. Please understand the scope of a self-empowered life. Everything becomes possible because of this consciousness. Your waiting has then an end and you are free.

I am GOD,

I inhabit the dark areas of your soul, until you order me to fill them with light and to immerse them in love.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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