E.T. Race: Pleiadians

Pleiadians are less “alien” than one would think at face value. They originate in the Pleiades star cluster, AKA the Seven Sisters, located in the Taurus constellation. In the beyond ancient past, they were among the Lyran civilizations that were shattered in a great galactic war. A splinter group of the devastated Lyrans would one day become the Pleiadians after millennia of barely avoiding genocidal extinction. They even allegedly hid out on Earth itself for a while, but this was eons before human history began.

It is important to remember there are many versions of Pleiadian lore, and this is in no way absolute and, in fact, will contradict information you may find out there on the Pleiadian E.T. race. However, concerning extraterrestrial lore, that is half the fun. Just consider this my own little compilation of the knowledge I personally know on Pleiadians, but there is no official narrative or canon.

Most of the Pleiadians look pretty human, though larger in build. Their eyes can be pretty much any color you can think of and even a blend of colors. Both the men and women of the race are universally beautiful and breathtaking to the point a normal human looking at them may become awestruck and compare them to the gods of myth in their perfection. Their muscular and chiseled bodies are statue-like in their magnificence. However, a Pleiadian will never give value or focus on their physical appearance. They are universally either humble or uninterested in their faultless physical appearances.

Some Pleiadians are shorter in height, reaching a maximum of around five feet tall, and have almond-shaped eyes with noticeably alien facial features. So it’s important to remember that Pleiadians have a large gene pool mixing about, and though many may appear different from one another, they all consider themselves Pleiadians despite differences.

Pleiadians believe that since all life share DNA and RNA, every living thing in the cosmos shares a common ancestry and is all one family. With this belief comes a practice of unconditional love for all beings in existence. Pleiadians believe we are both individuals and the Universe itself simultaneously. They consider every fabric of matter in space and time to be all one thing at its core, and that separation is an illusion. The spiritual nature of Pleiadians gives them an intense philosophical worldview across the board.

They have around 700-year lifespans and are considered still a work in progress evolutionarily, and still have a long way to go. In saying that, though, they are still far more advanced emotionally, spiritually, and biologically than humans to a vast degree.

Pleiadian starships use biological supercomputers and travel through space-time funnels and the inner space continuum. So they pretty much avoid space travel in a literal sense altogether, other than short distances. An easier way to explain it is they travel through portals instantaneously to wherever they want. Their ships do appear pretty typical concerning UFOs and whatnot, though; saucers and stuff like that. Their motherships, in particular, can get pretty gargantuan, but they have ships in many sizes.

Pleiadians are part of a Federation of alien species and participate in something called the Starseed Program, which incarnates teachers within the Earth population. In fact, allegedly, they discovered Earth itself and even walked the planet’s surface until 10 A.D., when they finally either went underground or back into space within the Solar System. They have command stations under the planet’s crust and in space not far from Earth, though invisible to our technology. So they are actually not far from humans at any given moment. This does not mean they get involved in human affairs, though, but only influence our civilization in extremely subtle ways so as not to interfere with our free will or natural progress. However, it is believed that they’d stop an outright extraterrestrial invasion of Earth or our self-destruction.

Pleiadians are one of the species that seeded life on the planet Earth, and their genetic code is alive and well in modern humans as well as animal species. So throughout Earth’s history, whether we have been aware of it or not, this alien race has had a close relationship with humanity. It is a kin relationship to them; not unlike a parent and a child, though, they have always referred to humans as brothers or sisters from contactee reports. They want to introduce us to the galactic community once we have advanced enough but worry about our future.

Pleiadians have fought countless wars against hostile alien civilizations in the galaxy but have remained a culture based on freedom, self-improvement, and enlightenment despite all the darkness. They’ve also allegedly had wars against the Annunaki for the sake of humanity in some lore. Even their original homeworld was completely destroyed in the Great Galactic War, and their modern incarnation is essentially a hybrid of races. Not all Pleiadians stayed “good guys,” but the majority have.

Renegade Pleiadians

Renegade Pleiadians are rather different than other Pleiadians. They average a height of 8ft tall and appear much more brutish and not universally beautiful like other Pleiadians. Their hair and eye color is black or dark brown in contrast to other Pleiadians as well. This is because long ago, they began genetically engineering themselves to completely go off the rails compared to others of their race.

Renegade Pleiadians are leftovers from a much darker time in Pleiadian history and created a culture of warriors to fight off their enemies. The ancient savage wars in the Lyran star system forced the race that would later be known as Pleiadians out into the unknown of the galaxy. The Renegade Pleiadians are an offshoot faction of this original group. They went through such constant battle with hostile reptilian aliens that their culture changed into one focused on war first and foremost. These genetically altered super warriors are still a potent weapon against hostile alien forces in the galaxy but, for obvious reasons, have been pretty alienated from the rest of their Pleiadian kin.

The Renegade Pleiadians have a hatred of their enemies so powerful they cannot let go of it. They live to fight the hostile Orion aliens as well as any oppressive alien civilization in the galaxy and continue their endless conflict to this very day. However, this does not mean they are allies to humanity and would most likely conquer Earth to use its resources in the eternal war if the opportunity presented itself. However, Renegade Pleiadians are not the only splinter group of this E.T. race.

Native American Pleiadians

Cherokee legends tell a story that’s quite interesting. According to the myth, Native Americans come from the Pleiades, and that, in a way, indigenous people of Earth are starseeds, which basically means their souls originate from the Pleiades. The Navajo tribe calls the Pleiades stars the “Sparkling Suns,” and the Iroquois petition the Pleiades for happiness. The Lakota and Dakota tribes also have legends that their ancestors come from the Pleiadian star cluster, so it’s possible Native Americans are an offshoot of Pleiadian, which I find very fascinating. However, their journey to Earth would obviously have been prehistoric and not necessarily in physical bodies, which I know may seem kind of trippy.

Alcyone Pleiadians

Alcyone (Al-sigh-oh-nee) Pleiadians come from the Alcyone System, which is the brightest star in the Pleiades star cluster located in the North West of the Taurus constellation. Alcyone Pleiadians are pretty much indistinguishable from humans on Earth. But their skin color can differ greatly depending on circumstances and range from pale blue to violet, red, or pale white. Other than this, though, they look like Earth humans.

This E.T. race has mastered existence in multiple dimensions and prefers the 5th dimension because of the etheric nature forms take while still experiencing physical touch. The potent nature of consciousness in the dimension is also appealing because of their heightened evolutionary advancement.

Alcyone Pleiadians believe in something called the Cosmic Law of One. This is a very spiritual belief system focused on love and being as one with their own soul and the Universe. Alcyone Pleiadians have spread this enlightened belief to an extent with chosen contactees on Earth.

This Pleiadian group also selectively chooses contactees to tell secrets about our own planet and other alien species in the cosmos and their worlds. They are friendly scientists as well as spiritualists who enjoy studying humanity. These E.T.s have studied and categorized almost half a million civilizations amongst the stars. But the primary focus of the study is the cellular structure of all living things in existence, which is no small task.

Their spaceships are up to 300ft long and driven by pilots whose minds are united to craft organic brain matter and use crystallin plasma technology to travel beyond the speed of light. During flight, their ships can change shape and appear as light and change colors depending on velocity. No matter how fast their ships go, though, everything inside the ship is normal, as if the craft was completely motionless, which allows the crew to go about their business as usual, no matter how chaotic or turbulent their journey gets.

Alcyone Pleiadians have highly evolved consciousness and universally have telepathic abilities. They can also project their consciousness in space-time, both forward and backward. However, the extent of this ability seems limited and not a casual practice. They mostly project their consciousness when they have a child in the womb or during other life-changing circumstances.

Light Being Pleiadians

And the last of the variations of Pleiadian are the Light Beings. These energy beings have transcended physical bodies in all ways and are egoless and connected directly into infinity. These Pleiadians spent a lot of time being taught by higher advanced E.T. races like the Arcturians and have “ascended.”

The Pleiadian Light Beings are the overall masters of the E.T. race and guide it from beyond material matter. There are few in all existence as enlightened and spiritually advanced as them, and they help assist all races of the cosmos in myriad dimensions and planes of existence beyond human comprehension.

**By Cryptic Chronicles


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  1. harrrrrie

    I was told I was Pleiadian. I need to confirm it, but this info you provided is great to know. Thank you very much!

  2. Dawn Fucile

    I believe Barbara Marciniak has been transmitting the Pleiadians for 35 years or so, which I find truly remarkable! Also “Kryon of Magnetic Service” informed humanity that we are, indeed, seeded by Them! Thank You for your great service to Life.