From 3D To 4D And 5D: Shield And Roadmap

The strongest and most reliable personal protection is our constant staying in the Light, the shield of our high frequencies, which reliably safeguards from ANY negativity. It is for this mode that all the Darks’ technologies, described in Duel, Part 10, are programmed.

They are powerless against the Light also because are fully exposed, weakened after the Global Predictor’s death, and are targeted to zeroing, which already started. Besides, they couldn’t exist in the new conditions that are rapidly forming before our eyes.

Since the first weeks of 2023, the transformation of Earth and earthlings on the physical and Subtle Plane has accelerated dramatically. Never before have we been irradiated almost daily by such powerful high-freqs energies from the Pleroma and the Galactic Center. The strongest Solar storms, pushing the protective magnetic field almost to zero, follow one after another.

So Co-Creators are rapidly preparing us for the transition to 4D and 5D. Only those of us who raise our vibrations to this level will be able to survive and continue evolution in these high-frequency dimensions.

According to the info from the Siriusians’ Lunar tracking station in 23D, transmitted on January 21, 2023, at 11:55 AM CET, an enormous number of Souls have accumulated in its space, which are leaving Earth. Four Argorians’ ships collect them and evacuate to other planets, freeing up the field for new arrivals.

Many Souls emit very heavy low frequencies and are dropped to Earth. But the planet has already switched to 4D/5D and is pushing them back with high frequencies, where Argorians are trying to intercept them. To accelerate the purification of the planet, they increased the influx of high-frequency GREMO energy to it.

At the same time, the entire Local Universe is changing. Finally closing its third, dual version, the dipole Absolutes are actively clearing space for Their new, fourth project. In order not to start building from scratch, They take with them everyone who is ready to build a Universe of Light, completely free from negativity (see – DNI, Operation Universe, Parts 1-10).

Absolutes no longer hide from earthlings behind the barrier of dimensions; they are not isolated from us. On the contrary, They have set a course for a complete merger with humans. In part, this has already happened in the highest echelons, where a unified eon of the two 13D Pleroma’s upper sub-levels and the lower “floors” of the Absolutes’ World was built.

Their main goal is to create such Universe, in which They could freely to single out Their Monads and other Manifestation Bodies all the way to Earth without the slightest negative distortion. To make the whole reality similar to Them. That is why they and the ground team conducted and continue to carry out thousands of operations on the Subtle and physical plane to remove karma and all the negative legacy of duality. DNI tries to inform at least some of these ops.

It’s the same with a Man. He, as the Highest Intelligence Form and the Crown of Creation, having a Soul and a Monad, carrying a Spark of the Source, must also be equal to the Absolutes. From now on, they do not consider us as guinea pigs, but help transform and become co-creators with Them, and offer ways out of the former, 3rd Universe’s Matrix. The Pleroma and its inhabitants have already left it. The single Absolute-like eon is now in another space.

So far, this Matrix covers everything below the Pleroma, and in the past, it was impossible to get out of its labyrinth. We were doomed, with no chance. There will be no more of this in the next project: we will get full freedom of movement throughout the Greater Cosmos.

To rise to this level, we have a huge inner work ahead of us: to transform from dual 3D people into carriers of Absolute Light, which opens access to all dimensions and spaces. That is, to become again who we were originally, before coming to this planet.

Of course, hardly anyone can easily, from the very bottom of dimensionality, rise to the Absolutes, because this process is long. But the biggest path begins with a small step. And every step or attempt makes us stronger.

It can be confirmed by many Lightwarriors, about whose unique capacities and operations DNI narrated a lot and in detail in the last years. During one lifetime, they have gone all the thorny way from ordinary men to the Absolutization of their Monads to comply with the 4th Local Universe and its Pleroma.

Today, there are only two permanent Maternal Monadic Logos in it – the Pleromic and the Absolute-like, into which all human Monads endeavor. The abode, the native home of the former is the Pleroma, and they embody all its highest qualities; of the latter – the World of Absolutes, where it is necessary to be Their likeness.

Each of us has exclusively his own roadmap to these peaks, his own experience of reaching the Pleroma and touching the Absolutes, his own vision of an Absolute-like state, or at least close to it. Weather to follow this path or not, to get such an experience or to prefer a different option, EVERYONE DECIDES ONLY BY HIMSELF. In any case, now or later, after eons of years, everyone will inevitably return to the Source.

What is the roadmap to these goals? Once again, it is purely individual for everyone, but there are also common stages and requirements.

Everyone on 3D Earth begins this journey in a physical body. Everyone makes a decision (or not) themselves, “from below”, with their three-dimensional consciousness. For everyone, this will affect all his Monad’s manifestation bodies. All, along the way, will achieve many other practical and evolutionary goals in their transformation during the Transition, first, to 4D and 5D, and then, to other dimensions.

The first stages of the roadmap are preparatory. We have to completely purge our thoughts, emotions, and actions from low-frequency negativity. Get rid of karma at all levels of the Subtle Body, and maximize the frequencies to eliminate any distortion when we approach and contact with Absolutes, entering Their realm.

We will need to restore the integrity of our Monad, create its new manifestation body, ascend it and fix, first, in the Pleroma. Meeting and merging with our dipole (twin) Soul is part of the return to the integrity of all Life forms, which were forcibly and artificially separated on Earth in the era of duality. Integrity is critically important, a prerequisite for the further evolution and Absolutization of our Monad. Without this, we couldn’t move on.

Very long ago, the former Black Co-Creator and his son Yaltabaoth, the founder of the Gray eons, where we live, divided the integral man’s Monad into two halves in the mad hope of capturing and subjugating the Source’s Spark in the human Soul. This was a catastrophe for the entire Local Universe and its fate, although brought invaluable experience to all Five Races and the Absolutes. But it was an enormous common pain and tragedy, which we are now beginning to correct.

Therefore, the main tasks of our inner work are much more wider, ambitious, and cosmic: to restore the integrity of the Monad, its intra-nuclear synthesis and the emission of Perfect Light that will fill others, 5D Earth, the Solar System and the 4th Local Universe. Only after that we could enter the single Maternal Monadic Logos, and then, into the family of the inhabitants of the Pleroma and the Absolutes’ World, from where we will continue the path to the Source.

At the preparatory stage, our physical and multidimensional Subtle Body are transformed to the technical readiness of a direct Transition to 4D. A healthy lifestyle, thoughts and feelings actively helps to rejuvenate, improve health, clear the mind and subconscious, and strengthen the immune system, so necessary today, during the bacchanalia of the pandemic.

The tasks of the next stage are to upgrade our Monad to the level necessary for its entry into the Absolute-like Maternal Monadic Logos, and then, into the Family of Absolutes. Our Monad does not just rise to a higher level of the Hierarchy. It does this together with its existing manifestation body (us) and with the active participation of our still 3D consciousness. But even it allows us to visualize and track what we are doing and what results we are getting.

In addition to ourselves, we are always helped by our Curators and assistants, who are called guides in Reiki. These are the Supreme Entities from the Angelic System, as well as Absolutes’ Hierarchs. Each has its own specialization. We constantly encounter many of them throughout our lives. For example, Guan Yin personally oversees all our work on karma.

That is, during our inner work, they ALWAYS carefully monitor, back up, and help us. This minimizes errors and unauthorized interventions of Darks and other parasites, although sometimes, at the request of our Higher Selves, negativity tests, improvisations, experiments, innovations are possible.

Who makes the decision about the transformation? As a rule, it’s our Higher Self. If it believes that we need such an experience, we will feel it as an imperative thought form. If we don’t need it, then, there will also be a feeling that we aren’t ready for it. Perhaps our Higher Selves want to first look at the results of others, and then make a decision about us.

Of course, we can also decide to get such an experience by our lower, 3D mind. But this will only be our initiative, which must be approved by the Higher Self. It will also prompt a specific transformation roadmap, depending on our mentality and the vibrations emitted.

Below, is a brief description of the path from 3D to 13D Pleroma and a single Absolute-like eon, passed by the ground team leaders, the same ordinary mortals as most DNI users are. Over the past three years, Disclosure News narrated much and in great details what they went through. The roadmap of these Lightwarriors consisted of five stages:

– Whole-Fractal-Causal Transformation;

– Holistic-Monadic-Pleromic Transformation;

– The First Absolute Transformation;

– The Second Absolute Transformation;

– The Third Absolute Transformation.

All of them were performed not in parallel, but sequentially, one after the other.

1- Whole-Fractal-Causal Transformation

At this stage, one of the main goals was to get rid of karma, to leavet the Samsara Wheel, that is, to completely cleanse the Causal Body (where the energy of our events accumulates) from all negativity, interpersonal conflicts, untied knots, etc. After that, it becomes part of the Monad’s single manifestation body on the Universe’s Causal Plane. This brings a higher degree of organization, evolutionary possibilities, and facilitates a direct transition to the 4D Earth field in the existing physical body.

At the same time, an accelerated one-time “hurricane” working out of all individual karma is possible according to the principle: REALIZED-REPENTED-FORGIVEN. The effectiveness of this scheme has been tested on many Lightwarriors, who have gone through it.

The most important conditions for success are A CLEAR AND HONEST AWARENESS OF ALL MISTAKES IN BEHAVIOR, FEELINGS, RELATIONSHIPS, VIEWS AND ASPIRATIONS, SINCERE REPENTANCE AND FORGIVENESS, COMPLETE DISCLOSURE OF THE HEART. Only in this case, all karma with the help of Guan Yin is annihilated, simultaneously, purifying the Causal Body and DNA from all karmic programs. Express diagnostics and crash tests are carried out for verification. If this is not done, the continuation of the transformation is impossible.

The next step at this stage is the formation of the 4D Transition body, which combines the physical corpus and etheric shell. Before that, the etheric coat (where a chakral system works), although it was very close to the physical corpus (repeating its outlines), still did not merge with it. The division and the boundary between them remained.

For a direct Transition to 4D, it is not so much the readiness of the Monad that is needed, as the restructuring of the physical body and the chakral system. Therefore, it is first necessary to increase its general vibrations, as well as of each chakra, from the 1st to the 12th, separately.

To do this, it needs to monitor their condition (shape, color, deformations, damage, mutations, etc.), clear the chakras and the space between them from blockages; maintain constant and efficient operation of each energy center.

Then, the main power channel, Sushumna, is built and activated. A fusion of the physical and etheric bodies into a single whole is initiated, and then, a general hardening and strengthening of its energy and the chakral system in full. This is helped by the already existing combined the Earth’s 3D, 4D and 5D eon.

After that, several tests and subsequent work are carried out. Namely: expansion of the Sushumna; intensification of Subtle Bodies; purification of the individual info field; boost of all chakras; hardening of the unified etheric-physical body by the elemetals’ energies; unification of the chakras and the endocrine system; cleansing of the etheric and other Subtle Bodies from 3D substance; initial crystallization of the Monad; formation of a single fractal of the Monad’s manifestation bodies in the 3D/4D/5D field; its synchronization with the Earth’s 4D and 5D Logos; creation of the Monad’s additional manifestation bodies in 4D and 5D, as a prototype of its future integral fractal; its synchronization through 3D, 4D and 5D Logos; creation of a single multidimensional Monad manifestation body on the physical, etheric and causal levels.

2- Holistic-Monadic-Pleromic Transformation:

At this stage, the integrity of the divided Monad is restored. Primary World Mother Sophia personally oversees that process.

First, search, localization and synchronization with the twin Monad are carried out. If necessary, it is cleansed from karma. Then both merge into a single whole. The two Higher Selves are combined as a common or dipole Intelligence. After that, a karmic crash test is conducted to check the resistance of the Monad to any negativity.

If the check is completed successfully, a single Monad’s ascending manifestation body is created. Its vibrations are accelerated to the maximum level to initiate the synthesis of Pleromic Light in its core.

As soon as it becomes stable, the Monad ascends into the Maternal Logos in the Pleroma. There, it gets new parents, the Pleroma’s two Supreme Co-Creators. This stage ends with the introduction of the Monad’s new substance into its lower manifestation bodies down to the physical corpus in 3D.

3- The First Absolute Transformation

At this stage, the initial prep for the Monad’s Absolutization is carried out. To do this, it goes through a series of the most stringent crash tests, using all possible types of karma at the Monadic and Causal levels.

If necessary, it is restored after each crash test. At the end of the process, it is hardened by the vibrations of the Absolutes through direct contact with the Absolute-like Monads.

4- The Second Absolute Transformation

At this stage, an attempt is made to ascend the Monad into the Absolutes and obtain their dipole Aspect. In case of success, it transforms into an Absolute-like and becomes part of a single Family in the Maternal Monadic Logos.

Then, the reverse process repeats: the Monad materializes its Absolute substance in the lower manifestation bodies on three-dimensional Earth.

5- The Third Absolute Transformation

At this, final, stage, a man is initiated into the Micro-Absolute. He gets the opportunity to get out of the Matrix, admission to the Absolutes’ World and stay in it.

From this moment a new stage of the evolution of the Soul and the Monad begins. This transformation is controlled by the Absolutes’ dipole.All these stages occurred in Power Places, regardless of whether it was Lightwarriors’ individual inner work or collective ones.

The choice of a specific place and the technique of transforming on it were also preceded by a lot of preps and works. Here are some of them:

Search and safety precautions on Power Place; cosmic authorization and start of work on it; strengthening of the individual energy channel; remote cleaning of premises; purification and charging of water; elimination of side effects of medications taken and strengthening their therapeutic effect; remote energy correction and support of other people; rejuvenation of the body; charging, cleaning and balancing of chakras; creation of Light (Radiant) Body; activation of Stellar memory; purification of cellular memory, consciousness and sub-consciousness from negativity; harmonization of the Earth’s aura; development of clairvoyance; increasing immunity and unity with the Higher Self; harmonization of interpersonal relationships; creation of new Power Places – planetary and Stellar.

This is briefly the experience, for which Lightwarriors and many of us came to this 3D Earth. For someone, it may be completely different. Again: not for paradise, or the Event, but for the EXPERIENCE we are here. Only mastered it, we could enter and celebrate the start of the New Universe.

**By Lev