5 Replies to “Daily 777 Message For 1/28/2023”

  1. Raksha

    Hey Kejraj, if you really do approve 99,9% of the comments, why not just let them be published in automatic mode? I guess you could still delete the tiny little part which is just pure hatred? It would spares you some time, and it would be more convenient for us. What say you ?

    1. vikkybijekar360

      I happened to found u in all the messages 😂. You are quite regular here I guess😅

  2. jakesey

    From cradle to grave we are surrounded by ‘authorized voices’ that are only there to imprison our minds. A prison without walls. Freeing our minds from this virtual matrix prison has got to be on the top of the list of must do’s if we ever wish to have a life worth living. Sometimes it’s really that obvious!! It’s obscene just how much we acquiesce our (sovereign) power to these so called authorities who are and were always satanic.