Venus Kumara: Finally the Mercy of God

JJK: After my meditation – a few energetic “repairs” were needed again – I accidentally open a page in the book “Jesus and Sai Baba” and read: “At the end – and this is the most important thing – comes the grace of the Lord. When the student keeps trying even though he keeps failing, when everything seems hopeless and he finally realizes his own helplessness, then divine grace comes. The light shines, joy flows through him, the miraculous happens. He is taking another step forward on the spiritual path.” (Jesus and Sai Baba, Govinda Sai Verlag, p.195)

I immediately thought of all of mankind, of the many light workers, light beings and light warriors who are making every effort to lead the earth into the bright and golden age – and yet they always have the feeling of failing. The fruits of the bright work can hardly be seen in the socio-political context.

Sometimes I too have the impression that our efforts are tantamount to a Sisyphean task or a fight against windmills.

But in the end the light triumphs through the grace of God! Is anything at all possible without the grace of God?

VENUS KUMARA: Be embraced in my love! I am with you, dear one!

The grace of God is omnipresent and it reaches every person who strives to center their life on God. Only the dead—the living dead, denying any perception of the divine—remain excluded from grace. By their own choice, they cannot experience that touch!

The grace of God is expressed in the Creator’s care and love for all that is. As soon as a person opens their heart to this truth, they realize how close God really is. The presence of God is experienced through the heart. If a heart is closed, God has no access; if it is open, God can dwell in it.

JJK: Then why do people who are definitely on the “spiritual path” so often feel like they are on their own with the difficulties?

VENUS KUMARA: The veil in front of your consciousness does that. It is gradually being removed and only at the end is the view of the whole clear – and only then does everything change.

How impatience arises

JJK: Could you say something about the fact that many lightworkers often have the impression that hardly anything is changing on the real political level.

VENUS KUMARA: This plane will be hollowed out until there is nothing left of it. This is a process that takes time and you should give it time.

Impatience arises when you are pursuing gloomy thoughts or when you are weakened by everyday life and can no longer exert any strength for the positive. Then it is best to go into silence, into nature or into meditation.

This “repair work” on your perception must be carried out regularly, but especially when you have absorbed negativity.

A clear consciousness vibrates higher and if you want to drive away cloudy thoughts, then this higher natural vibration is important.

JJK: I want to come back to divine grace again! This means that in the end God will intervene directly in current affairs!

VENUS KUMARA: God’s omnipresence is proverbial! Thus, on the day that is near, God will intervene directly in the events of the day on this earth.

The big storm

God will bring those children who are ready home to the kingdom of heaven. The earth gets a new face and the people who live on the transformed earth will themselves be transformed – reborn – in the heart full of love and in the spirit full of creative power. The people who populate this earth after the great storm see themselves as preservers of all life and protectors of all living things.

I’m talking about the great upheaval being ignited by a great storm.

In the end everything is LIGHT, everything is healed and everything that is not conducive to the NEW EARTH is gone and dissolved.

This upheaval is only possible because you tirelessly help shape the success of the light-filled change. What will happen in the end can only be triggered by your preparatory work. You are the main actors and every single person matters.

Hopelessness and disappointments are the test to be faced on this path.

The long wait strengthens your spiritual awareness, because the thread of patience can only tear where the connection to God is broken. The awakened one looks at time outside of time.

To be spiritual is to see the timeless power of God behind the phenomena of the times and to be moved by God. When you can do this, you are oriented and at peace. An intact umbilical cord to the mother of all life, to the god or goddess within you, allows you to experience joy instead of doubt.

JJK: So it’s up to us?

VENUS KUMARA: Everything is in your hands and yet everything is possible only with God. The miraculous happens because you persevered and because the fire of longing burns constantly in your heart.

Now leave yourself to your inner pictures and to the grace in God.

I bless you in the love of the ONE that is – the unmoved mover of your life.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by


4 Replies to “Venus Kumara: Finally the Mercy of God”

  1. I AM

    Please send the following message to Holy Source from the world’s capable people, thank you!
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  2. john

    We are all one fellow lightworkers we tire yes, we doubt sometimes, we even show fear occasionally, but in truth we are strong we have great faith and when we allow our true god/goddess selves full consciousness we are the builders of worlds. much love to all.

  3. spiritual924

    Being in the moment is the space of God. It is the heart. Practice staying present in every moment. Carry on spiritual warriors. God is always with you because you are that. Blessings 💜

  4. Benjamin Franklin

    Thank you Sai Baba, and Jahn, it answers some nagging questions. Had been thinking that the ball is in our court, and we have got, to find a way, to make this occur, by just keep on, keepin on, doing the best we can. Yes, it does feel like I’m failing. And have realized that Politics is NOT the asnwer, to any, of this. We have to remain spiritual people, and keep trying, to do what we can.