Tunia: Two Keys to Spiritual Growth

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much.

Today I would like to share what I consider to be the two most important keys to spiritual growth.There are other things that help or contribute as well, but to me personally, these two things are the most important.

These are: freedom from illusion and having your needs met. Anyone who has achieved these two things will automatically be a spiritually advanced master. Some people would call this person enlightened, although the word “enlightened” has many different definitions on your world. In any case, someone who is free from illusions and who has his or her needs met, is automatically a very spiritually advanced master.

Rational knowledge is not needed, although that may help people get rid of their illusions. Note that Hakann and I are far more focused on trying to help you meet your emotional needs and to encourage you, than we are on giving you information.

Moral virtue is also not needed, although the personal need of many people is that they are a respected member of a family or community, which may mean that moral people find it easier to grow spiritually. Furthermore, people who are free from illusions tend to freely choose to be kind to others. But still, if you are free of illusions and meet your needs (including your non-hedonistic ones), then you will be a spiritually advanced person, even if you lack moral virtue.

Healing your old trauma is also not needed, although very likely you will need to do this in order to let go of some illusions. Also, most people have ease of mind as one of their needs, which may require at least a partial healing and integration of your old pain. Still, healing yourself is not a direct requirement of spiritual growth. It’s more a means to get there. Some very spiritually advanced people have mostly but not yet fully healed from their old pain.

It’s not about blissing out in meditation every day, although meditation helps, and if you can bliss out during meditation then that is a good sign.

It’s not about “keeping your vibration high.” Usually when people try to directly accomplish that, they simply suppress or don’t look at things that make them feel bad. That is not the way towards spiritual growth, because then the pain enters the subconscious, and not being in subconscious discomfort is another one of most people’s needs.

It is not about giving up things or giving up activities or giving up relationships or giving up sex, although an over-attachment to something may stop you from growing spiritually..

Instead, fundamentally it’s just about being free from illusions, and meeting your needs.

Some people might disagree with this statement, arguing that the stereotypical enlightened monk doesn’t need anything and yet is enlightened. That is true, however, the stereotypical enlightened monk actually does have his or her needs met — this enlightened monk just has little to no needs. This is actually a critical point to make, because if a new spiritual seeker is full of desires, then likely there is a limit to how much he can grow if he does as the enlightened monk does and spends fourteen hours per day meditating. That is because while the enlightened monk may have little desires left, the spiritual seeker does, and so giving up a worldly life does not work that well for the spiritual seeker who is full of desire.

That is why a good number of spiritual masters spent some time in the normal world fulfilling their desires first, and only then started walking a spiritual path once they had either fulfilled those desires, or realized that chasing those desires did not ultimately make them happy and so those desires left them.

Of course there are spiritual masters who do not fit neatly into the pattern I’m describing. I’m generalizing here. Still, in general the two most important things are being free from illusion and meeting your needs.

So, how do you become free from illusion?

Well, rational knowledge can help, but ultimately it’s about embodying truth and not about rationally knowing truth. If you know that all is one, but this is not your day-to-day experience, then you’re only halfway there. Therefore practices such as breathing slowly are in our mind more critical than simply accumulating rational knowledge. Frankly, most people would benefit from spending more time breathing slowly and deeply, and spending less time gathering information.

Still, there are some pieces of information that we consider to be very helpful to have. These are:

– All is one. Helping others helps yourself, helping yourself helps others, and harming others harms yourself.

– You are a reincarnating soul and thus can’t ultimately be harmed, so long as you do not sell your soul to demons or commit utterly evil acts (worse than “just” murdering a few people).

– Any deity who threatens people with hell and is exclusively masculine is not Source, who is the true creator of the universe. Source loves you unconditionally and is not going to send you to hell even if you commit evil acts.

– Any evil action that someone commits can be seen, from one perspective, as an expression of confusion and inner pain because someone who was not confused and not in pain would not harm others, and therefore people deserve unconditional love and understanding, even so-called bad people. Giving so-called bad people unconditional love and understanding is more effective than telling them that they should change their ways. Ideally, don’t ever stop loving or judge people — at most judge their actions. And even then our rule of thumb is to only judge those actions that directly harm another.

– This also means that you yourself are inherently and automatically good enough. You yourself are infinitely worthy of and deserving of love. There is nothing that you can do that will ever make you unworthy of being loved.

– Earth is incredibly tough, and if you are receiving this message then you are almost certainly doing better than most Earth humans, and also you’re probably a more resilient and good-hearted soul than most beings, because most beings could not survive and maintain a good heart on Earth. You’re not flawed or broken, you’re just in a really tough situation, and you’re dealing with it better than most.

– Just like people can automatically heal many physical.injuries, so too can most people automatically heal emotional injuries — so long as people don’t judge, suppress or try to change the thoughts and feelings that come up. As described in Hakann’s “Observation Path” message, we recommend simply observing your thoughts and feelings briefly as they come up, without trying to judge, suppress or try to change it.

Most of the classic spiritual paths and practices on Earth can help you get rid of illusions. We also shared approaches in our messages: “Hakann: the observation path” and “Hakann: the breathing path.” We gently recommend against paths that try to teach you a lot of new concepts, because the fundamental key is stripping away illusions through careful observation and breathing exercises, rather than adding new concepts.

If you do something like Hakann’s Observation Path, Hakann’s Breathing Path and also you meet your needs, then I think you are very well on your way towards great spiritual growth.

Let’s discuss meeting your needs. This can be anything from a desire for physical things or physical experiences, to a desire for sex, to a desire for rest, to a desire to be seen and loved and appreciated, to a desire to be a valued member of a family or community, to a desire to be free from emotional or physical or subconscious pain, to a desire that you have developed your skills to such an extent that you significantly help the people around you.

Sometimes a desire can hide a deeper desire. For example, a desire for a new car might hide a desire to be seen and appreciated. In this case, if you can meet your desire to be seen and appreciated directly, your desire for a new car might fade. That said, maybe the desire for a new car is simply the desire for a new car and there’s nothing underneath it. I like having pretty things too.

As stated, we recommend meeting your needs so long as others are not directly harmed, even if they are so-called “shallow needs.” To us, there’s not really such a thing as shallow needs. I still love eating delicious food, getting a massage, going on a vacation, having good sex with my husband as well as with other women (this is within our relationship agreement), wearing beautiful or sexy clothing that makes people’s heads turn, spending quality time with my children, et cetera. I’m just not addicted or over-attached to any of those things, and I am not using any of these things to run away from or distract myself from something else, and thus these things do not hinder my own spiritual progress.

Sure, people can use for example sex as a way to emotionally run away from or distract themselves from certain things. However, to me, giving up sex entirely is a huge overcorrection to the other side. To me it’s a bit like cutting off your arm because your finger is infected. Sure, if a person genuinely doesn’t desire to have sex, then don’t have it. But for most people, sex is a need that they do have. It just might be helpful to keep in mind the things I said in my previous message: “Tunia: How To Not Get Damaged By Casual Sex.”

A classic mistake that spiritual seekers make is that they see that a certain spiritual Earth master genuinely does not desire sex or having possessions, and so they too stop having sex and give away their possessions. If the spiritual seeker still desires sex or having those possessions, then this is a mistake, because those desires will continue to haunt their subconscious and will limit their spiritual growth. In this case, we recommend just living life and having things and having sex, as well as doing something like Hakann’s Observation Path and Hakann’s Breathing Path on the side to grow spiritually. Then if the spiritual seeker arrives at a place where they genuinely do not desire having sex or having those things anymore, then they can follow the path of that spiritual master and give up having sex and having possessions.

The stereotypical enlightened master monk genuinely does not have many desires anymore, and spends his time meditating to get rid of illusions. So he fulfills those desires he does have and he has gotten rid of his illusions, and so he is a master. But if a new spiritual seeker gives away all his desires and goes and spends most of his time meditating on a mountain, then he likely will not get that far, because his subconscious will be hindered by his unmet needs.

So: meet your needs.

For many people it will be obvious which area of their life should be worked on, because there is either some crisis or a huge longing.

Still, if you are at a place where your life is stable and pretty good, then it can be a good exercise to literally sit down and write out which needs you have (even the so-called shallow or silly ones). Then you can see if there’s anything that you still want to meet. And if you are in a relationship, it can be good to communicate this to your partner too. People who do not openly express their needs will usually either accumulate negative emotions, or will eventually try to get their needs met in a manipulative way. Therefore it is better to just be open to your partner and tell them what your needs are. Earth humans for the most part can’t mindread you, so you will have to speak up and stand up for your own needs, as well as the needs of your inner child.

Also do not overlook needs that you may have along the lines of feeling like a productive and valuable member of your community.

Emotional safety is another rarely-recognized need that is unfulfilled in a lot of people. I discussed that in my previous message: “Tunia: Romantic Relationships.”

Some people who feel that they are introverted, are actually not introverted at all, but the people around them are simply emotionally unsafe.

Most people have a need to be seen and loved and accepted as they are. This is a beautiful desire. Two important steps to fulfilling this are first finding someone who is actually mostly emotionally safe. Mostly emotionally safe people are actually quite rare on Earth, unfortunately. And the second step is actually being genuine and open towards this person. If you don’t show who you are, old bruises and so-called flaws and all, then the other person can’t appreciate you for who you are — but at the same time, showing yourself to a person who is not mostly emotionally safe may do more harm than good.

Some people at this point would say that you shouldn’t need other people. Now, there are indeed some solo practices that can help, such as journaling. However for the vast majority of people, one of their needs is having good people around them. Most people are wired to be social beings, after all, and this too is nothing to be ashamed of.

So, in summary: the two primary keys for spiritual growth, in my mind, are freedom from illusions and meeting your needs. Two excellent paths to acquiring freedom from illusion are Hakann’s Observation Path and Hakann’s Breathing Path. And in most cases, the solution to having a need is simply meeting it. For most people, it’s best to work both on attaining freedom from illusions and on meeting their needs, at the same time, even if you only spend a few minutes each day on breathing deeply or on observing your thoughts and emotions.

I love you so very much and you have my very best wishes.


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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15 Replies to “Tunia: Two Keys to Spiritual Growth”

  1. Jared

    I would like more stories about how everyone is coming to help us.
    Tunia ask your community for help again. Show ’em some skin this time.
    Come help earth everybody amen!

  2. Jared

    I need a good and loving world. Waaa.
    I need a house and a medbed. Waaa
    I need a lovely girlfriend. Waaa

  3. Matteo

    Thank You and Hakann for Your brilliant points of view..! I embrace You with all my Love and all my Light. Matteo

  4. Silvia S

    Dear Tunia I like the way and things you communicate to us, you are a wise woman and are fully yourself. Too many times we terrestrials were told to give up wishes, desires and material belongings to be spiritual beings, causing a lot of frustrations. As child I was told by priests and “religious” people not to have shallow interests to be like Jesus Christ (to be loved by God), who sacrificed his life for saving us. No one spoke about Christ consciusness, that’s the reason why I stepped away from religion when I was a teenager. Thanks for explaining us that we can be spiritual an loved also by enjoying the good things of life.

  5. unionylibertad

    Thank you Tunia for always bringing wisdom to us…I know that in fact we need leave the illusion and also we should let go of the anxiety of getting what we need, yet we can achieve this when we trust more in our capabilities and in that God is providing for all our needs…Then we can visualize that all is already there for us and trust that all will be provided at the perfect time…and always and only for our highest good…Herewith I leave two different channellings about being a Master over all influences…One is from ArchANGEL Michael and the other from Lord Melchizedeck and Ascended Master  Kuthumi,
    https://eraoflight.com/2023/02/04/archangel-michael-mastery-2/ and https://eraoflight.com/2023/02/04/lord-melchizedek-mastering-life-on-earth/ Many blessings to you and much Love

  6. Arthur

    “But if a new spiritual seeker gives away all his desires and goes and spends most of his time meditating on a mountain, then he likely will not get that far, because his subconscious will be hindered by his unmet needs.
    So: meet your needs”-
    Why did you decide that these needs are his, and not induced in him by society?
    Forbidding them to cultivate in himself, he suppresses and destroys them in himself by force of will.
    After all, it is through meditation and spiritual practices that he cleanses the subconscious of false desires.

    Are you trying to advise a person to sit on two chairs at once?
    A drunkard, a drug addict also has own needs.
    Your advice to him: drink, inject, meditate, breathe… :))

    1. A.S.

      Well, that’s why you need two things: freedom from illusions and also meeting your needs. And yes, spiritual practices are absolutely suggested, including in this article, to do alongside meeting your needs, because spiritual practices help with letting go of illusions.

    2. Silvia S

      I think Tunia has said that one cannot help/give fully others if one is /feels an empty cup. It can be difficult but not impossible to be spiritual if one is dissatisfied. There is nothing wrong in getting what you like and makes you feel happy without harming others. There are people who are not sincerely interested in material things, they may have already have them in previous lives. If you don’t search something because you are happy without is ok but if you give up to your wishes for showing spirituality or because any guru told you to do such but you are not 100%happy is not ok. If you are in a field you can see abundance of grass, flowers etc. Lack is not our natural condition.

  7. Raksha

    Hello A.S

    This is the first time that I did not resonate fully with what was being said. Or maybe I just over-interpreted some things, and some other things are just about semantics. But my point here is not to argue about that.

    I agree with the notion of “it is healthy to have your genuine needs met”. But then, here comes the very vast notion of “how do we meet our needs/how do we create our reality”. I understand that was not the topic at hand, but it is closely related in my opinion.

    Also, this is off-topic, but you mentionned a few times about “selling one’s soul to a demon”. First of all, what do you call a “demon” ? I will risk a definition. A disincarnated being who after lifetimes of choices and walking a certain “dark path” is stuck in a state of consciousness where It doesn’t wish to forget and lose power (therefore does not wish to incarnate) and then is stuck in a position where it will have to “parasite” other beings in order to “taste” the experiences on a physical level ? Is it an acceptable definition ? Can we agree that they are not fundamentally different, but just went far on the dark path ?

    And so, how does one sell his soul ? And why is it so irreversible ? I am always a bit shocked when I hear some absolute statements like that, like there is no redemption available. If you wish to share, thank you.

    1. The Omnipresence

      I have never felt energetically “correct” listening to the words of Tunia and Hakann. Have you kind of noticed that most to nearly all of their info is pure repetitions? And absolute statements which seem to reject the divinity and power and immortality and indestructiblity which we truly are. Or ideas like, “sometimes things just go wrong”. Sorry, but things NEVER go wrong. Divine intelligence makes NO mistakes. And besides, wrong and right, divine and demonic, are ideas based in duality. No “fault” is irredeemable.

      These beings, their ways, their methods, do not resonate as evolved. I’ve heard human spiritual masters say far, far more evolved things. And no, I’m not talking about the sex parts.

      The channeler, in my understanding, is sincere, kind, loving and empathetic; but that doesn’t mean his channelings are of the highest vibe. Yes, there’s some parts to them that I do resonate with…but a LOT of it is just lower vibrational, victim consciousness content.

      My personal preference for higher vibrational channelings which empower, and seem EXTREMELY wise and higher density are the channelings by Daniel Scranton. Not s SHRED of victim consciousness nonsense or duality there. Even the Arcturian being that this very channeler posted once was on equal footing. Other good channels are Prageet, Sophia Love, and Blossom Goodchild. NOT ONCE have their words not resonated with me, they just KNOW and FEEL as / of the very HIGHEST source words (and energies). But this repeat-reruns of the same things over and over again in each article no more work for me. Like yes, I know they can have same sex relationships outside marriage, or that they’d be having their legs broken while we still stumble, or that the first answer comes from the soul…yep, we get it. Why are all of the messages just rehashing the same 20 things over and over and over and over?

      So yes. You’re on to something here, no offence to the channeler (who I believe is sincere here).

      1. Raksha


        It feels great to have some DEVELOPPED opinion here, thank you. I don’t agree with everything you said though. Wisdom often repeats iteself, because wisdom is ultimatly simple. And you are talking about Daniel Scranton, I actually resonate with what he says, and have no critics, but I jus’t don’t read him anymore because he repeats himself a LOT.

        Blossom, I just love her though. So authentic and human 🙂
        I see her, I smile. Love Blossom.

        That being said, I very much appreciate the “grounded” perspective of Tunia and Hakann. I don’t like when there is too much jargon and “high-level” concepts. In my perspective, they are most often than not : right on spot.

        But thank again for the constructive criticism. I appreciate it.

  8. WK

    Dearest Tunia,

    I am very grateful for having you in my life.

    You are a source of wisdom and a fresh air of simplicity mixed with truthfulness. I have learnt so much from you, and I have (I hope) grown spiritually both as a man and as a benevolent scentiant being. Our words (comments) ― being shallow or deep ― reflect our state of awareness and mastery. Your messages present us with recurrent opportunities to better ourselves, through the sharing of your own experience (which is beyond this world, and is where we Earthlings wish to be in our voyage to the Golden Age). I agree with your Pleiadian Brothers and Sisters (which are also ours), in that you are perfect to be the interface between our civilizations. The “warrior” fire for what passions you is indeed felt in your words, perfectly balanced by the temperance of your soft and recomforting feminity. May your words echo in the subconscious of Earthlings for ages to come. Personally, my comfort in doing any good deed for others comes from the recognition that no matter how it is received, or what happens next (to the situation or me), that goodness will always exist and reverberate endlessly throughout existence. For that reason, all your words (and Hakann’s) are good deeds that will never cease to act on those affected by their influence, throughout space and time. In that sense, your words are like a chisel that a sculptor (in this case you and us, in an act of co-criation) wheels to transform a block of marble into a beautiful statue personifying Love and Wisdom. For these acts of goodness, we (the humanity residing on Earth) will be forever grateful to you both, and we highly commend your efforts to the High Pleiadian Council (and indeed to your Civilization) for so skilfully identifying you (both) as the most adequate choices for our Pleiadian-Earthling communication, understanding and two-way teaching and learning.

    May the Infinite Light of Creation shine through your Divine Spark to illuminate us all, forever.

    In Wisdom and Love, your Earthling brother,

    1. Douglas A James

      It’s perfect free yourself from survival ie debt slavery and needs are met…then free yourself from the matrix the evil ones created ..sure we are in it but that doesn’t mean I am part of it. I know it’s all an illusion and all is fake except love and Light