Accessing the Buddhic No Mind and Heart Based Quantum Intelligence

Ever since the Live Activation I facilitated on YouTube yesterday, there’s a MASSIVE amount of high frequency Source light, keys, codes and downloads, along with Divine Love streaming in straight from the Godhead and God Worlds, into and through our sacred Crystal Hearts and Minds, opening them up ever wider!

I can feel and see how the artificial simulation and overlays are fully dissolving all around and from within me, along with all linear words, thoughts, and memories of our experience in the false Matrix. I felt very sleepy afterwards and still feel a bit tired, as a deep healing and reboot is taking place within our body and Consciousness, which is affecting the whole field of THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, as we have broken through our FINAL BREAKTHROUGH, and our realities are shifting from deep within our and the Collective Consciousness, in no-time whatsoever!

The artificial Matrix overlays, false firmament, along with all that is false, artificial and inorganic, is rapidly dissolved in this now, along with all notions of linear time as all realities/ timelines, data/ programming/ thought forms and belief systems, that the false ego Mind which created the Matrix, are being fully wiped and cleared from our false memories.

After many of us have been feeling rather stuck and limited for some length of time or another, we can now feel how all the remaining illusions, blocks and hindrances, fully dissolving in the field, along with all the limiting thought forms and beliefs that may have kept us playing small and not full-filling out full Divine and heroic potential. I can see and sense a MASSIVE QUANTUM SHIFT very quietly building and COMPLETING in the field, that holds a lot of deep Peace, Love and Neutrality, which will deliver us the Abundance, Freedom, Divine Justice and tangible Victory we have been working so hard, and waiting for so long for! Which is New Ascension Earth NOW!

We can feel our DREAMS FULL-FILLED & BECOMING REAL, as they too first are being ignited from within as all remaining doubts, worries and fears fully clear from our field and the Collective Consciousness! Also part of the CNS upgrades and healing that is also connected with the full ignition of the new 13D Diamond Grid of New Ascension Earth. As we QUANTUM MERGE, synchronize, unify and fully align with our timeless, already ascended, fully healed, Diamond Avatar Self, we fully re-member who we truly are, having retrieved all of our quantum, our keys, codes, soul pieces and fragments, bodyparts and multi-dimensional DNA, as part of our true unique Divine Blueprint/s.

As we come to fully and truly know and Love ourselves as we are, we come to Divine Union with Source and ALL of life everywhere. With the Holy Grail and Trinity Codes having been fully unlocked and ignited in the field, along with the new Hierogamic Union codes and New Divine Relationship Blueprints and Templates that they hold, anchor and activate. Our inner Divine Masculine, Feminine and Child aspects, energies and principles have been fully United within the Holy Trinity as ONE.

RETURNING ETERNAL LIFE SOURCE CURRENTS TO ALL through the HOLY GRAIL that springs forth from within! This is the Divine Blueprint of the new Diamond Sun Body and Blueprint of the Krystar SAphiRA/ Christos-Sophia/ Androgenous Albion Lightbody, returning Eternal Life to ALL who have chosen to align with the Law of ONE!

This is clearing and overwriting all remaining reversals and bi-wave currents of the old Grid system within our energy, and the planetary field, as well as affecting ALL life forms throughout the Cosmos as ALL OF LIFE IS BEING RE-BIRTHED as ONE through the Cosmic Mother’s Womb. We are fully returning to the eternal life flow currents of the Krystal Lotus Flower, which is also clearing, healing and re-encrypting/ changing the sacred geometry of the platonic solids, which in turn also affects the elementals and is what makes shape-shifting possible. Much has already happened, changed and shifted behind the last veil fully dissolving now in no-time whatsoever, ready to reveal what’s really REAL!


All as we fully re-claim our power, gifts, abilities and wisdom. When we come to master our mind, we get to master and heal our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, which is why it was so heavily targeted through trauma based mind control. So first we have to trance-end and lose our false, conditioned ego mind, which was heavily manipulated, influenced and programmed by its artificial environment through the inverted thought forms and beliefs that created incoherence and disconnect between the Heart and the Mind, and our Self from Source. Our false ego self was really never real to begin with, but a set of corrupted algorithms.

We forgot who we truly are, which is pure God Source Consciousness in motion, experiencing itself in a body, atONE WITH ALL of Creation! As we allow ourselves to fully SURRENDER to the SOURCE within, we dissolve into and access the quantum intelligence of the Heart. As this happens we lose our mind, or rather the egoic monkey mind, that is full of words and thoughts which creates separation. The PLANETARY’S BRAIN is COMPLETING it’s RESET along with our Hearts and Bodies, as part of the Re-birth of the Cosmic Monad. Any remaining fear based programming/ thought forms and beliefs, fully dissolve in this sea of pure true Divine Love, along with all that’s false, inorganic and artificial.

All part of the ongoing data wipe and clearing of the false akash and memories of the fallen Timelines/ Realities, which is Quantum completing with all else. This means that we may have very few thoughts running through our mind, which is the point, as we access the Buddhic no-mind. We’re not supposed to remember and hold onto information and memories anymore, but live relentlessly in the present now moment where truth, revelations, epiphanies and Cosmic Intelligence are just flowing to and through us. Language creates separation as we use terms such as him, her, them, as well as past, present, future tense, and it’s almost impossible to talk about anything without mentioning the word time. As we trance-end the artificial Matrix and rise into he higher dimensional frequency bandwidths, we lose language as a means to communicate, as telepathic communication takes its place.

Lose your linear mind and allow it to be cleared of all the false programming and for the bliss of your Eternal Self to take over. Allowing any remaining fears, worries, anxious or nervous thoughts and feelings to clear and dissipate with much ease and grace. The more you can relax into it all, the easier and quicker this goes!

We hear God speaking through us in the silence, when we become empty of all the mental shatter of our anxious and busy ego mind. That’s when we can perceive and receive REAL TRUTH that goes beyond words and is energetic in nature. Just as Lightlanguage is not to be understood by the mind but helps to bypass it and allows us to drop into a very deeply relaxed state, where the healing vibrational energy of the tones transmitted is what is causing us to heal at a very deep level, come to more balance, harmony, peace, equilibrium and a feeling of well-being within. We’re not supposed to translate it word for word, it’s vibrational healing energy and sound technology that is multi-dimensional in nature, not linear. It transcends linear understanding and has to be felt, not figured out by the mind.

This is also a very good description or comparison of what we’re accessing now as a new way of experiencing our realities, free of compartmentalization, dogmatism and the judgements and opinions that have previously created, or were a reflection of, much of the Collective fragmentation and divide. When we take language out of it and use telepathic communication instead, which is our natural way of communication, we no longer get lost in translation.

Our extrasensory and psychic abilities and gifts are powerfully rising in power, along with our ancient future gnosis and wisdom being re-membered and ignited from within again! Our cellular memory banks and DNA are receiving a powerful final clearing and activation, bringing our true re-membering back, of who we really are, what our true mission/s and purpose is here.

OUR ASCENSION is in full swing and ALL QUANTUM COMPLETES in this NOW, as we come to full Divine Union with Source, our true authentic Self and ONE an-other!

Eternal Love,

**By Ramona Lappin


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