Daily Message for 3/25/2023


Greetings! This message is not for limited minds, living in fear, and survival mode. This is for the awakened, for those who are on a spiritual path, towards the Fifth Dimension and beyond. Think it, believe it, act it. You are the center of the Universe. Creation is at your service. Thy wish is its command. Everything that exists in the Universe is a reflection of you. It is all here to support you. What do you wish for? Think it, believe it, it is done. ~Kejraj

Daily Message for 3/23/2023

Greetings! Solar Flares will increase in frequency and intensity all the way through 2025. From the end of 2023 through 2024, there will many M and X Class flares. In late 2024 and 2025 peaking between X1 to possible X20. All these waves will contain powerful light codes impacting all on Earth, particularly the humans, leading to higher integration, expansion of consciousness, and your final upgrades just prior to the shift/ascension into the Fifth Dimension. ~Kejraj