The Great Quantum Transition: Whipsaw Part 4

On March 23, 2023, another very important event took place. During the equinox, Gaia’s Multiverse was extended from 3D (Terra) via 13D (Pleroma) to 14D (Absolutes’ Realm).

Two days earlier, Lighthwarriors working on Earth (see DNI, Whipsaw, Parts 1-3) sensed that their Absolutized Monads started to merge with Gaia and the dipole Absolute, and felt how aspects of the latter two unite into a single whole. Physically, the ground team endured this process hard. Everyone’s temperature jumped sharply, and they had to cool the body in all possible ways.

Finally, on 23.03.2023 at 23:23 local time, they saw how in 14D, as a result of the inter-Monadic synthesis of Gaia and the Absolutes, a new powerful energy formation emerged. This was the core of the Absoluterra’s Logos. Each involved in this op, Preroma’s Hierarchs and Lightwarriors, received a copy of “newborn” for preservation in their Monads.

Now, they are preparing for a series of works with Absoluterra. The closest will be tuning in to and integrating it into the Gaia’s Absolutevers. Meantime, the “neonate” exists on its own.

What does this event mean for 3D Earth and us, earthlings? For those, who actively raise their vibrations to enter 4D and 5D, it’s another huge gift. In addition to the thousands of high-frequency streams that bombard our planet every second from the Greater Cosmos, and help us to accelerate unsticking from the energies and reality of 3D, in the channel of our interaction with the Absolutes, the last barrier is removed.

For those, who is still refuse to awaken, does not want to see or hear anything, and enjoy the habitual low-vibes’ toxic swamp, very difficult days are coming. Yes, for humane reasons, they will live to the end of their days in individual capsule-spheres (see – Operation Life Matrix, DNI, 26 January 2022; and Surgery, DNI, 27 February 2023). But for them, the energy whipsaw would be much harsher.

The main reason is that physical body isn’t made of our Monad’s substance. Just like 3D Earth doesn’t consist of Gaia’s matter. Initially, Gray civilizations created this planet and its population ONLY FOR THEMSELVES under the guidance of Yaltabaoth and the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, on its farthest outskirts.

They turned Terra into a giant mine, where all the most valuable things were extracted in gigantic quantities by the hands of millions of slaves (see – The Global Crystals Operation, Part 1, DNI, 29 September 2020). The reminders of that are mutations of our atomic-molecular and genetic structure, as well as numerous canyons and vast territories, where were removed a layers of soil from tens to hundreds meter thick (in present-day Asia, Australia and North America).

In many posts, DNI narrated how on physical and Subtle Plane, Pleroma’s and Higher Light Hierarchs together with their ground team cleared Earth and earthlings of negative legacy, replacing the alien Grey and Black matter of bodies (ours and of the planet) with the original multidimensional Light substance. This is going on now 24/7, and very actively, as Argorians, Siriusians, Pleiadians, Arcturians and other sources report in their daily updates.

Activation of the Absoluterra and the new Earth’s Causal Matrix will accelerate the transformation even more. Starting from April, throughout May and June, the stabilization of the 4D high-frequency ethereal field will be completed and, according to forecasts, will fully saturate the planet’s space by the end of 2023.

Those who emit stable vibrations from 4.0D to 4.8D will live normally and feel good, synchronously increasing and aligning their freqs with the transitional four-dimensional Matrix. The division of external and internal is purely conditional; in fact, all quantum waves flow into and interact in the 4D person, or rather in his Subtle Bodies and in the neurons of the field brain.

Co-Creators actively help those who help themselves to exit from 3D. But low-frequency Souls will no longer incarnate on our planet. As of March 26, 2023, three timelines (out of 16) are permanently closed. Friendly cosmic races evacuate tens of billions of such Souls from the Earth’s etheric and astral fields and settle them in other Galaxies on planets with similar vibrations.

There is still a lot of work to remove anomalies and cleanse from the Grays and Darks’ negativity. Today, they survive mainly thanks to our vital power, which we consciously and unconsciously allow to be pumped out of us. Their entire System, from our inner to global scale (politics, economics, finance, information, culture, etc.), works as a single mighty pump.

They are classic vampires who cannot generate energy on their own, are disconnected from cosmic currents and are forced to syphon it out of victims. The System feeds them with our vital energy, and forces us to think, feel and act so that its live stream remains of the necessary toxic quality and volume, and never runs out. Moreover, everything is done in full compliance with our free will and choice freedom.

Planetary stelliums’ radiations also toughen whipsaw. Their frequencies, from the lowest to the highest, as such are neutral. But their impact depends on our vibrations, as live receivers, accumulators and emitters, i.e. in what personal range we think, feel and live (the same applies to the use of crystals and artifacts). Whatever energies prevail in our natal chart or the general conscious and unconscious tuning, we can ANY TIME change them.

By contrast, the stelliums’ energies have stronger impact on large masses due to scale effect. In combination with other quantum flows, it is a fairly potent tool for influencing events and people with the help of high and low cosmic frequencies, forming and running the collective consciousness in needed direction and state. During harmonious and tense aspects of planets and constellations, the Light Forces use energies’ whipsaws for positive purposes, the Darks – for negative ones that DNI continues to cover in its posts.

And finally, last hour news. 27 March at 11:43 AM CET, the Absoluterra was activated and successfully integrated into the updated Gaia’s Multiverse 3D-14D.

**By Lev