Kryon: New Attributes of Love

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Today, the subject seems to be love, and it’s my favorite. There is more to it than you think. I’ll be speaking of love this entire month, talking about the incredible love from the Creative Source of all things. I’m going to ask that, perhaps, you might consider erasing what you’ve been told, or what you think, about how much God loves you. God loves you more than anything you have been told, and that’s the truth.

We know it’s difficult to understand the kind of love that comes your way from this spiritual creation source. So, what if I told you that what you call love has a completely different name for us or, perhaps, a completely different perception from what you have been told? What if I also told you that, within your DNA, there are attributes of love? Nobody told you it’s in your DNA, have they? Love is actually part of the double helix itself, and all DNA vibrates a certain way in response to love. Now, that’s very different, isn’t it?

For Humans, love is a very special emotion that comes in and goes out. What I mean by that is that you receive it, and you give it. It comes in and you are also able to send it out. This is an interesting concept because not all emotions are that way. In the case of love, you can transmit it far, far beyond the room you are in. Many other emotions can be transmitted as well but, mostly, just to the bubble around you – but not much more. There is something very different and special about love.

What do you know about love and compassion that you’ve been told esoterically now for many years? Were you told that it exists in the Field, and that it can be transmitted long distances around the world? Did you know that you can love somebody dearly and imagine that they are receiving love, and they will? This is esoterics at its best. It also tells you that this thing you call love is multidimensional and much more than an emotion, dear ones. I’m going to give you new information about love before this channel finishes – describing a little more about what it is.
I have given channellings in this series [streaming Healing Wednesday Circle of 12] about many esoteric attributes. In the past, we’ve told you about things that were hidden in plain sight. We’ve given you some of the attributes of your Soul. However, none of these messages are as powerful as this one. Let’s go back to your DNA for a moment.

The DNA that you have is enormous in its complexity. You have no idea how complex unless you study it. There are billions of pieces to it, and it’s more than just simply the blueprint of the body. That DNA of yours, in its enormity, carries even the attributes of your past lives. These things are not necessarily contained in your brain, as many believe they might be. So, if DNA carries attributes of your past lives, what else might it carry? It also carries your lineage. It carries that which is the marker that says how many times you’ve been on the Earth. The DNA that you have, that multidimensional part, is the biggest part.

Scientists have wondered why it is that the biological part of DNA, the genes, only occupy about three percent of the many billions of parts that they have mapped in DNA. The answer to this puzzle was revealed within a discovery in 2012: Over ninety percent of the chemistry is now seen as the “instruction book” on how to put the DNA parts together, or how to make them work. Science has just discovered the book, but not the translation for the book. There is so much more than what it appears to be. That ninety percent area is where all of this information is stored that I speak of, and among that information is a process, a big one, that’s triggered by love.

I want you to hang on here, for this is a new premise. This is the love month [February] so I want to give it to you now, and I want to give it to you in a way that you can understand. There are some things in biology that you postulate have cascading effects: When one thing happens, it triggers another, and it triggers another, and it triggers another. This is because the body is balanced and wants to stay balanced. Some of these cascading effects are things that are negative, and they have to do with a cascading effect which creates poor health. However, the one I’m going to tell you about is the opposite: It’s a cascading effect that is the most positive effect you ever have heard about – and it starts right in your DNA.

You might say you have receptors in your DNA for love! They are both for receiving and transmitting. The Human Being is a wonderful transmitter of compassion and love because the multidimensional antenna you have, dear ones, is magnificent – magnificent! And once you cue into it [feel it] and know that it’s working for transmitting and receiving – something happens. I’ll tell you what it is.

When you start receiving that love from Spirit in the way that we are giving you today, and you relax and understand that you are part of all of creation, you begin to relax with the incredible love that is pouring into you. This relaxation takes your subconscious and voids it – puts it out of the way – no matter what you’ve been told. This allows the healing attributes of love to start pouring in with purity, through the greatest Source that ever was, and allows you to “pour it forward,” – to start transmitting it. When these things happen, the reception and the transmission of this power called love, not the emotion, but the essence of the Creator, starts a cascading effect that is triggered in your DNA – a powerful one. Let me tell you what it does. It starts to heal you. Everything you’ve asked for, the problems, the fears, the anxiety, the biological issues – all of them together – start to correct themselves and snap into a healthy balance. Now do you see why the DNA is involved? This is the effect I want you to know about.

What if I told you that this cascading effect is called healing, health, and balance? If you want health and balance right now on this planet, start transmitting love. Start receiving love as well, and watch what happens. Love is the catalyst for everything that you’ve asked for.
There’s another one as well: It’s also an emotion. I will put this one in category two, but it does the same thing as category one – LOVE. However, you can feel it right away; it’s called joy and laughter. This one disarms fear. Joy and laughter disarm hate and anxiety as well, and you can feel the release right away. This emotion is immediate, not transmitted, but it creates release and health.

When you create joy and laughter and love in your life, you become a transmitter of love and your whole body starts to change. Aches and pains start to go away. Diseases start to diminish. You start to realize that you’re living longer. Each one of these attributes is biological, every one of them – and this places them right in your DNA, and that’s part of that ninety percent of DNA that has been so mysterious. Love can create fast recovery from any virus or any injury. It’s the strongest thing you can have for an immune system!

There are biological processes here that you may never discover as a Human Being, but they are very real. They are esoteric and multidimensional – and very, very real. Ask somebody who has had an awakening and has gone from despair and worry and trouble to a place where they begin to receive beautiful love. Then, suddenly, they begin to be compassionate toward others, and something happens where their whole body starts to react. Some say they shake with the realization of what they didn’t know, and the cascading effect begins to spread and to heal them of all that is unbalanced in their lives. That’s love.

Love, our kind of love, is in your DNA! If you are serious about any of this, especially in this love month, this is where it starts. It is the catalyst for all things you wish to have in your existence as a Human.

If someone says, “Well, I’m having trouble with this disease,” or “I wish I could get rid of this fear,” we say, go directly to love and let it start the process. Many will dismiss this idea and say, “No, I don’t think so. I’ve got to do this and that, and this other process is needed.” No, they are not. We are telling you where the cascade starts! We are telling you where the source of the healing begins, and it’s not with substances or processes or self-examination. Let those follow later if it helps you, but start with LOVE.

Create love in your life for all things – God – yourself – others – the planet – and all things will be added unto you that you need for life.

I’ve given you a truism today, and some of you will know it’s real and it’s true. It’s part of you. It’s the process of you – intuitive and grand. So, are you surprised that the love of God the Creator, which is the greatest energy in the universe, is also part of your healing and part of your cascading DNA for health? Perhaps now you can say, “Now I understand. Now it makes sense.”

These things need to make sense to you, dear ones. You are part of the Creative Source. You are part of the love that is yours any time you want it. The door is open; it’s already there. Now
take it.

“Made in His Image” is the phrase you have heard many times. It’s accurate. All of you were made in the image of the Creator – LOVE.

I am Kryon, in love with all of you – for who you are – what you’ve done, and what you’re discovering what’s about to happen.

And so it is.


**Channel: Lee Carroll