Hilarion: Balance and Healing

Dear Brothers on planet Earth! I AM HILARION!

I come to affirm to each one of you: The energy of balance, the energy of Love, the energy of healing is at work in everyone. We are fully aware of everything that human beings have been induced to provoke in their bodies, by eating and breathing, and what all this has caused.

If you could look at the planet from the outside, across the universe, and have the ability to see all the energies that are around it, you would see that there is not one definite color at work on the planet. There is one big rainbow, one big mix of colors, of rays, of different frequencies, each one working for its own purpose.The healing energy has been on this planet for some time now, acting in the minds of its scientists and in the minds of those who actually believe that it is there, just waiting for an action, a determination to act.I do not come here promising the elimination of your pains, nor something magical and instantaneous. Because everything is part of a context, it is necessary that there is a deep intention from each one of you to change. Changing, especially the food, changing the way you see the world, changing limiting beliefs, changing the way you look at people.

You are all made up of billions of cells, but they are all driven and maintained by your brains. Your decisions, your actions, your thoughts, are the managers of this whole process, and all the cells are very obedient, they act exactly on the order they receive. If an elevated feeling is emanated, this is replicated by all your cells and they start to work with joy, take strength, and are even able to eliminate the bad parts that are sick today. It is as if you give your cells an elixir, a powerful elixir that makes each one have extra strength to get rid of what is not original to it.

But this is slow work, not instantaneous, not quick. It would be quick if you kept yourself 100% of the time cheerful, happy, and smiling. I would tell you that you would heal almost instantly, because added to all the energy that is already around you, would be your emanation of Light so powerful, it would make these miracles, but you are all aware that the world itself does not allow you to smile all the time. You are still inserted in the whole context that was created by the Matrix, the problems are there, they are becoming more and more difficult, because they are what will make the evolution of humanity.

So it seems to you that the cure is getting further and further away, that the relief of your pain is becoming almost a difficult story to tell. But I tell you, no, it’s like I said earlier: change has to be the result of a context of every little step taken every day. You won’t be able to give that powerful elixir to your cells, but with each step you take, within the precepts of the Light, your cells will become younger, they will become invigorated, and little by little, they will rise up, they will become powerful.

And don’t forget, that the great manager of this whole process is your thoughts; they command the whole process. Each thought is a wave that you emanate, if it is a positive wave, your whole body will feel and respond in the same way. And when it is negative, it will be the same way, your body will also respond. So what do you choose? To follow the path that will bring you more and more pain and disease, or to go little by little changing your habits, your thoughts, your words… and more and more bringing your own cells a little balance so that they are strong and powerful enough to fight?

I am not promising anyone a cure here, because the process is slow when it comes from you. I just want to remind you that the Green Ray of healing is all around you, all around you. It is like a help, so that together with your positive thoughts, it brings to your cells a little bit more strength and power. So see yourselves as being involved by this Green Ray.

Let it work in your bodies as long as you like, make it an exercise. When you lie down before you fall asleep, see yourself as if you were inside a chamber, totally enclosed, do not feed fears and phobias at this moment, it is all in your imagination. See inside this chamber a sweet breeze, going through your whole body and little by little, filling this chamber with Green Light. If you want to fall asleep inside this chamber, do so. If you don’t trust it, just undo it.

Now it is very important to understand that this chamber will not work miracles, it will only be taking out garbage, which your own cells have produced by your actions, by your decisions, by your emanation of positive energy. They have become strong and have done a great cleansing. So this Green Light will clean up this garbage, and of course, it will also give an extra charge to each cell. And if this is maintained for a long time, your bodies will start to come into balance and all diseases seem to disappear. Because your cells will be stronger than they are, and you will even believe that you have been healed. But at any wrong step, it all comes back, because the balance is gone.

The great wisdom at this moment is balance, is to produce everything that is good for your cells. And an important point to consider: Your bodies are changing. You need to replenish yourselves with lots and lots of water. If possible, mark on your watches the time to take water, so that you don’t forget. Not little sips, but full glasses of water, each time.Nobody can wash a dirty floor with a drop of water, it takes a bucket full. So it’s not a sip every half hour that will help cleanse your body. A considerable amount is needed, a glass is good enough. Take several a day. How many? I would just say let your bodies do the talking, when you feel like drinking water, do it, your body will tell you the right time, learn to listen to your bodies.So my brothers and sisters, there are many healing tools for all of you, available, free. But it is necessary that each one of you becomes aware of what you do with your own bodies. Food is essential, what you drink, what you eat. Prefer fresh food, avoid ready-made food. Everything that has been packaged, packaged, industrialized, is not good for your bodies.

Prefer the food that you prepare, because there you are putting things that you know, avoid ready-made things.

There is no way to avoid it, we know that many people have a busy life, so they use these gimmicks to gain time. But I ask you: you are gaining time, but what about your health and your body? More imbalance. There are healthy alternatives for those who don’t have time. Juices, fruits, are ready-made foods, healthy and that give you energy. But of course, there will always be a but, you will all tell me a series of setbacks, about this whole process.

So I answer you: there is a choice to be made, you want the healing, you want the balance of your body, but you don’t want to give anything up, you don’t want to change anything in your life. So there is no helping you, stay in your habits, this is also a choice. Each one of you needs to make choices, and I just tell you: clearing your bodies brings balance as a whole. The connections with us get easier, the connections happen more often, and you keep complaining that nothing happens. Why is that? Make your choices and find the path to balance, or not.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation into English by EraofLight.com