Angels and Fallen Angels

I’m primarily here to help with disclosure of UFOs and extraterrestrials, and to talk about the coming Shift, and much of this deals with untangling years of people’s fearful religious programming.

I use certain terms so people can hopefully better understand the connections between disclosure and religion, and discern truth from fiction in religious doctrine.

We must first understand there’s life throughout the universe. Earth isn’t unique. Just like humans, each individual being in the universe is responsible for their own behavior. This is what “free will” means.

For this reason, there can even be good and evil within a single race or species. There are no completely evil races. Racism is the belief there are entirely good or bad races.

In the context of ET life and Earth, there are light forces and dark forces. These various beings have been called many names in religion, from Angels, to Elohim, to Son of Man, to God.

All forms of life that exist; nature, souls, planets, galaxies, all come from an unnameable force we call God, but humans on Earth were upgraded from a primitive state by higher dimensional ETs called Elohim. There was natural evolution plus outside intervention.

These positive ETs who upgraded humans are a group called Galactic Federation. They set up a controlled system of soul reincarnation to fast-track humans to become a 5D galactic civilization. Earth is a school for souls, not a prison, because there is no other place Earth native souls would otherwise be. Without outside intervention humans would simply not have survived this long.

This controlled system means allowing humans the freedom to make mistakes, while sometimes stepping in to correct things that don’t serve the greater good. The reason why there’s good and evil on Earth is because humans choose good and evil.

The negative ETs here are weaker and fewer in number, and are partially allowed to interfere with humans through lies and deception. They were lead to Earth by traitors of Galactic Federation, who pretended to be on opposite sides in order to divide humans. They continue to use this trick today. Their arrival on Earth is where the scriptural stories of the Fallen Angels and Lucifer, comes from.

What are some of the major differences between these positive ETs (Angels) and negative ETs (Fallen Angels)?

• Elohim who lead Galactic Federation
• They genetically upgraded the entire human race
• They came to teach of divine power within us
• They are loving and protective
• They incarnate as humans, They serve as Guides
• They’re seen in crafts, They walk among us
• They protect Earth, They plan our 5D ascension

• Elohim who were expelled from Galactic Federation
• They altered one lineage of existing humans
• They pretended to be God in every culture
• They are jealous, angry and promote fear
• They demanded blood sacrifices
• They hide on the astral plane
• They divide humans, They plan our suffering

Knowledge is power. Fear is control. God is love. There’s nothing to fear. School is almost over.



**By Kabamur


2 Replies to “Angels and Fallen Angels”

  1. Hans Koning

    An image is information and information is an image. If I have to believe your story about humans, you have to proof to me that my Image of a loving Creator is not true, before I can accept your image. You say: “but humans on Earth were upgraded from a primitive state by higher dimensional ETs called Elohim”. Proof to me that humans were upgraded from a primitive state. I believe that the Creator did a marvelous job and created a perfect human being, Man, similar to God Himself. We were created in His image and likeness. The only difference is that we received a flesh body and the Creator is Spirit, but particles of His being lives in every human being born of a woman on earth. How can you say that humans were in a primitive state? I believe humans were created to be Masters of the Universe. I think we still have that ability to just be that, but through clever state dogma’s and religious dogma’s Man has been forgotten who he is, a god himself, God means Creator. we are all creators on this earth. So, I can’t believe in a Galactic Federation that has to come to earth to change us. I certainly don’t need you for that. All that Man needs is to become conscious aware of who he is. Once Man knows this, he will change form the inside out.

    1. Linda Rosa

      Thank you, Hans Koning. Truer words have never been said. In these days of treachery and evil, it is easy to believe what sounds nice and soothes our hearts. But demons might be behind that soothing and one must be very careful. Stick to the Holy Bible, the book of book, the holy of holies, depicting the beginnings of humankind on this earth. Praise our Loving God !