Lord Melchizedek: Mastering Life on Earth

Life on Earth is short, yet to humans a lifetime seems like a long time, particularly if one survives into one’s eighties or nineties. When you are a child, a lifetime seems like an eon, yet before you know it you have grown into an adult and childhood is but a memory. In a blink of an eye middle, then old age is upon you, and many lessons either have been learnt or wasted in between.

Being a human, Dear Ones, is nothing but one long lesson. A lifetime of learning that is well-planned before life and heeded during life will allow the soul to grow towards mastery at a rapid rate. If one loses one’s way on the Earthly plane and refuses to take the learning on board, the lifetime may become harder to live, ultimately resulting in the need for reincarnation after death.

The Divine Will is that you master your free will! Overcoming the human ego is no mean feat, and when individuals can put their own needs aside to assist others to learn and to evolve, it is a sure sign that that person is well on their way to mastery. Listen to your soul-song. What is it telling you? What is your purpose here on Earth? Beyond the normal reasons for being here, such as being educated, working and having a family, what is your life’s purpose driving you to make a difference in the world? If you are here, you are meant to be here! Make the most of your time and see the lesson in every moment – you will be much more able to see the blessings and, with that, your time on Earth will be miraculous!

There are four simple things you can do to raise your vibrations above the drama around you and to help your life experience be less challenging:

Keep yourself grounded. Keep your energies completely grounded into Mother Earth by always consciously grounding your energy in the morning when you rise. Feel your energy hooking into Mother Earth and then connect to Creator’s light. You will feel much more in your body all day. Alternatively, walk barefoot on the wet grass, on the sand or even on the carpet. Or, immerse yourself in water and be conscious of yourself in space.

Look after your health. Treat your body like a temple, because it houses your spirit and your soul. Keep hydrated, eat healthily and exercise your body. Also ensure that you get enough sleet and control the amount of stress in your life.

Learn to love yourself again. It is not possible to see everyone and everything with love if you cannot see yourself that way! The universe revolves around love and love alone. Find the love for yourself and you will be able to see things from a much higher perspective. You must work at releasing past hurts and forgiving yourself for past mistakes. Do not look in the mirror and see your physical appearance. Look, rather, into your heart and see the child within. Most love for self dissipates in early to late childhood. Regain your love for yourself by sending love and forgiveness to yourself as a child. Nurture the child within and regain the love and respect for yourself that the Creator has never lost.

Stay connected to Universal Love: Whilst it is important to be grounded and present in your physical body, it is just as important to maintain your connection to your higher self, guides, angels and the endless love of the Universe. Being aware of the power that your thoughts have over your reality is a tool that can change your life in ways that you may never have imagined. Thank the Universe every day for what you have and practise positivity in thoughts, words and deeds. See each day as a gift and learn to notice the signs that your guides are giving you to help you on your way. You are never alone and nothing happens by chance. The more you are connected to Spirit, the easier it will be to navigate the through any challenges in your day to day life.

Make the most of your time on Earth, loved ones, and know that most of what you are experiencing has been chosen by you to learn and to evolve. The hardest lessons result in the most growth, and the lessons you learn offer a chance to become a teacher for others. This may occur whilst you are still alive, or you may choose to become a spirit guide much later after your lifetime is over. Whatever you choose, remember that you always have a choice. Take control of your life and work with the tools the Universe is providing you to create the life that you want.

We ARE Master Kathumi and Lord Melchizedek.

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane


3 Replies to “Lord Melchizedek: Mastering Life on Earth”

  1. Shirley Wolf

    I am 85 and aware of why I am here. Gets hard sometimes, but I persevere. So much to be grateful for and spread the love and light.

  2. john

    Thank you Victoria and Master Kathumi and Lord Melchizedek, I am gratefull for all you teach me i am 62 and i am so glad to be here on earth at this time so many wonderful things i am finding and i am so looking forward to the new world i am building in my heart in bliss i am much love to all.

  3. Grace Steele

    finding this helpful ….I just turned 78 and am sometimes ready to go and sometimes sure I’ m not done yet. I know I chose to be here now…