Theme for February: Listen to your Heart

The theme for February is listening to the dreams that live deep in your heart and taking action to manifest them.

The emotional charge of the Leo full moon Sunday the 5th will dominate the first days of February. Moving towards the weekend the sense of connecting to our deepest desires to live a life of full expression is palpable.

This full moon is one of the most intense and powerful full moons of the year. Uranus, the planet of disruption and change is intimately connected to the full moon. Uranus wants to awaken us and can do so through unexpected events that shakes us out of our ordinary way of seeing the world and brings a different perspective.

Also a tense combination is occurring on the full moon with Venus; the planet that wants us to have a beautiful happy life is square Mars, the planet of action and also called the warrior planet. They are in a square position to each other which indicates a fundamental disagreement between what action needs to occur in order to have what we desire. Coupled with the Moon in Leo which screams, follow your heart, listen to the message of your heart, will be complicated as the action to take may not be as smooth as you like.

For example, the inner wisdom of your heart may be crying out to seek a more fulfilling job, or relationship, or whatever yet the action needed to accomplish could be complicated. Mars, the action planet in Gemini the sign of ideas and mind, and also the twins can be stirring up confusion with more than one direction to go in through an internal dialog and debate that goes in circles.

In addition, Uranus is pulling you to break free of unwanted restrictions: you can see why this Leo full moon is quite juicy. How to work with this mixture of energy ultimately is to go deep within after your internal debate and find the underlying foundation of what is most essential for you to have. In other words, at the end of the day, what is the core need that makes your heart happy?

As the month moves forward when the Sun conjoins Saturn on the 16th an understanding or decision on concrete ways to bring what you want into your world is revealed.


The new moon in Pisces on the 20th has Venus at the very last degree of Pisces which is conjunct a fixed star called Scheat. Scheat in ancient astrological lore has the misfortune of being called the star of sorrow and suffering. The element of Venus in lovely star land of Pisces, where she is happy surrounded by musicians, poets, and artist, knowing that she is at the last day of her time here and about to enter into Aries, where she needs to put away her dreamy clothes and put on a suit of armor as she spends the next month among the warriors. This element will resonate sometime during the next four weeks as a longing for a pleasant retreat from the daily grunge in the midst of ordinary obstacles that demand a little bit, (or a lot) of assertiveness.

Venus is in the sign of Pisces until the 20th, compassion, empathy and longing for what is possible seeps into our daydreams. This is a time to listen to your favorite music, contemplate your idea life and to find time outside of your daily responsibilities.

Venus moves into fiery Aries on the 20th and is shining bright in the skies in the evening. Venus as an evening star carries more wisdom. Therefore, Venus in Aries will be adamant, determined, and quick to go after what she wants. Yet as an evening star she has the wisdom to distinguish the difference between whether she wants the object of her desire for the thrill of the chase or if it is truly something dear to her heart.

This Pisces new moon is a reminder to embrace the spiritual warrior within and to cherish and honor the value of giving more than we take. In digging down to find the core concept of what this year’s Pisces new moon is offering us we look for what is call the final depositor of the chart. This is akin to who has the last say and is ultimately running the show. This year Saturn in Aquarius is at the foundation from which we can build upon the Pisces gifts of creativity, imagination that leads to new insights, artistic events, and the capacity to help those who are in need.

Saturn suggests that when you have the core needs met and are not wasting your time or energy of extraneous activities that in the long run are not part of your path, the energy and time opens up for you to embrace the offerings that the Pisces new moon has.

Both Mercury and Venus are in aspect (connected to) the maverick planet Uranus in the new moon. This is a quick in the moment vibration to make decisions towards having what you want. Opportunities will arise between the new moon and early April that demand a quick response whether to go for it or not. When you are clear on what you want, either to do, or to have, or around relationships then this is a time to say yes to the universe.

How to work with the Full Moon in Leo to bring more joy into your life.

  1. Balance the mind and emotions. – Listen to your higher consciousness, the wisdom that is streaming in, and your emotional needs will be balanced.
  2. Find time to play, open your heart to joy and happiness.
  3. Acknowledge and let go of old wounds, especially those that were no fault of your own.
  4. Meditate on your highest greatest good, fill your heart chakra with luminous light and a silver chord of grounding from the base of your spine to the top of your head and beyond, channeling in cosmic awareness and all that you need to know.
  5. Listen to your mind and heart; distinguish the difference between an emotional drama, and true intuition.
  6. Honor your friends with universal love and nonjudgmental acceptance.
  7. Listen to the inner rumblings that are shaking you up to make changes. Honor the changes that further your path.

How to work with the energy of the Pisces New Moon

  1. Connect with your creativity.
  2. Begin a dream journal
  3. Plan a trip to the ocean, lake, aquarium or vineyard.
  4. Learn photography.
  5. Digitize your old photos and film.
  6. Find time for your spiritual growth and meditative contemplation.
  7. Listen to music and allow yourself to disappear into a great movie.
  8. Replace anger, frustration, disappointment or judgment of others with compassion.
  9. Take a break from relationships that are filled with so much compromise that jeopardizes your integrity.
  10. Imagine what is possible without the mind telling you all the reasons why it can’t happen.
  11. Connect with your psychic side and listen for messages from your higher self.

**By Donna Page