Hakann: You’re Still Standing

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

Today I would like to remind you just how much you have been through already, and to remind you that despite all this, you are still standing. With this, I hope to remind you just how strong and impressive you are.

I hope to remind you that you’re not flawed, you’re not broken, you’re not weak — you’ve just been through a lot and perhaps you’re still carrying a lot of weight. From my perspective, you don’t have weak shoulders, you have strong shoulders — there’s just a lot of weight on them. But you’re handling it impressively well.

So, what are a human’s needs? One of them is emotional safety. As Tunia has discussed in her message: “Tunia, romantic relationships”, the vast majority of people around you will probably have been mostly emotionally unsafe. It is entirely possible that you have never had a close connection with an Earth human who was mostly emotionally safe. This includes people just letting you be you, without trying to change you or tell you what you should do or be or believe.

Another need of humans is that they receive unconditional love. The vast majority of Earth humans, including parents unfortunately, do not express nearly enough unconditional love. Very often the love is conditional, what I’ve described in an earlier message as dog-training-love: if the child or dog behaves well, then the adult gives them affection, but if the child or dog behaves in a way that’s inconvenient for the adult, then the adult withdraws affection. To me, it is quite heartbreaking that so many Earth humans have not had this very basic need met, of receiving unconditional love.

So most Earth humans don’t have the very foundational needs met of having mostly emotionally safe people around them and receiving unconditional love. Furthermore, many Earth humans then aren’t allowed to express the so-called negative emotions that inevitably follow with that, and are sometimes gaslighted by their parents into thinking that there is something wrong with them, when in reality the child simply didn’t receive the unconditional love that they needed.

Many Earth humans also aren’t given some very basic tools to deal with their so-called negative emotions, such as what I shared in my message: “Hakann: the observation path.” Some people only discover something like that in their 30s, and have to go out into the world to find something like that — whereas that is something that we teach to our children when they are very young.

So people aren’t given the emotional safety and unconditional love they need, then sometimes they are gaslighted into thinking there is something wrong with them when they inevitably experience emotional pain from the lack of those things, and people also aren’t given even some very basic tools and information on how to deal with their pain.

Psychologists often aren’t available and affordable, plus there is a stigma against admitting that you are in psychological pain, even though nearly everyone on Earth is. Some psychologists and certain mainstream psychology approaches frankly aren’t very good either. In some cases, the symptoms are addressed but the root cause isn’t. We still recommend going to a psychologist if you feel you need it, because there absolutely are good psychologists out there, but it is still sad that some people can try to seek help and then end up with a psychologist who either isn’t very good or isn’t a very good match, and end up not being helped much or even hurt further.

Furthermore, people are forced to sit still as children in a boring room for years on end, studying something that in most cases doesn’t interest them. Most children are offered little choice in what they wish they learn or do once they enter school, being treated almost as slaves.

People are also fed false information constantly and from everywhere. Mainstream media, politicians, teachers and school books, many organized religions, et cetera all constantly tell falsehoods to people. Sure, some of those people just repeat what they’ve been told themselves and don’t realize that they are spreading false information, but the net result is still that nearly everyone is constantly told things that are not true.

Then when people become adults, they’re placed in an often harsh economical situation, where it’s swim-or-sink, in water infested with sharks. Most people are wired to need a loving community around them to feel good psychologically, but most people don’t have such a community and it’s not easy to find one there on Earth.

I could go on. You know all these things — in fact you know them better than I do, because you are living through it.

And yet. Despite the fact that from my point of view, Earth humans are not getting the majority of their needs met — still most people not only manage to create a tolerable life for themselves, but also they manage to maintain a fundamentally good heart.

To me, this is incredibly impressive. Frankly, I am sometimes surprised that there is not more crime and selfishness there on Earth. I genuinely think you are all amazing and doing very well indeed.

I don’t think you are weak. I think you are incredibly strong — you just probably have a lot on your shoulders. That doesn’t make you weak.

I think you’re all amazing. I am very proud of you, and I am glad that I can call you my brothers and my sisters.

I absolutely do not think that I am better than you are, because since my birth nearly all of my needs have been met. I was born in physical and emotional luxury, while you have had to build a life out of nearly nothing.

Please give yourself some credit. The average soul in the universe genuinely couldn’t have done what you have done already — the average soul would just have broken psychologically, and certainly wouldn’t have woken up enough to go and look for these kinds of messages. You’re doing far better than the average soul would have done, had they been in your place.

And if you ever feel like you need to rest and it is possible in the context of your life, please do so. I am hereby giving you permission, although of course you don’t need it. You have all been through an incredible amount of hardship and it is entirely understandable that sometimes you need some rest. No matter how strong the soul may be, the body and the central nervous system and the emotional body and the inner child all need rest from time to time.

I love you so very much and I am very proud of you. You are doing amazingly well.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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9 Replies to “Hakann: You’re Still Standing”

  1. Jared

    technically i am sitting at this time, but thanks for the encouragement! ha!
    everyone should laugh once in a while.
    things have gotten so ridiculous on earth it would be laughable, if people were not suffering so much.
    tunia and hakann come and help amen.

  2. unionylibertad

    Thank you Hakann…I so appreciate your kind words…At this point I feel we are so lucky and so blessed…The reason being we can have your understanding and higher perspective, and also so much guidance from so many beautiful beings of Love and Light…You can read our minds and hearts…To me this is a big deal and very encouraging…Throughout all these years since my awakening I have felt so much Love, even my heart chakra was active for a while….Right now I am not sure what is it that I feel…I find myself being in a more neutral zone…I am observing myself more and more…I am so grateful for the Love you all send us and so humbled that God/Creator is so personal and caring…I am feeling so loved by Source…Many blessings and much Love to you Hakann and all your crew.. Also to all those that will read these words anywhere…Thank you A.S. for bringing these messages from our Galactic Family…

  3. Jared

    yes everyone should be taught the 7 steps by arnoux goran when they are 7 to clear fears and negative beliefs.

  4. WK

    Dearest Hakann,

    Thank you for your encouragement. It is empowering to know that we are already doing more than enough simply by being ourselves. And I thank you for being our crew in the skies, doing what we cannot even imagine or see in our most advanced Scifi movies. We complement each other, as comrades of Light, branches of the same tree.

    I have an idea/topic for you and Tunia to possibly explore in your future messages. This is based, or an extension, of the Jared idea of 100 messages from enlightened beings. Part of what prevents contact is the existing fear of you instilled by the dark propaganda. In reality this is a fear of not knowing you, not really of you. Dissolving this illusion would be an important step towards your landing, and meeting in person. After all, the love that we feel for someone overpowers the fear of the illusion that we built about him/her. The classical example being a man that overcomes the fear of being hurt again in a relationship being overpowered by the love he feels for a women with whom he resonants deeply. We, our audience, fell in love with you and Tunia simply by your words, and the energy they have resonated. It built trust and confidence, allowing you both to become part of our lives. My personal perspective is that, following on this love template, it would be healthy for us to get to know a bit more about the various civilizations (that which to do so) via their own representatives. I guess it would be similar to the 100 messages as before, but it would be important to us (well at least to me) to place those messages into the context of who they are. After all, we can receive an anonymous love letter, but the impact will be much greater if we know that it is from the person that we were eager to meet and know more about. Knowing who they are (of course sensitive information would have to be filtered), for example what is the name of their civilization, little details on how they live and what they appreciate, would bring their message closer to our hearts, as we relate the message with a “face”, so to speak. The privacy and free-will of the person and, the civilization to whom they belong to, would have to be respected carefully. Maybe from those 100 beings, some would like to share a bit more about themselves, as you both have, and bring themselves (and their inherent culture) closer to hearts.

    Much Love and Light from my heart to yours.
    I love you both,

  5. the dave

    Always good to hear. Thank you. I think the key point is that no matter what situation we’re in we still really have only 2 choices. And the more you realize how detrimental the wrong choice can be – having experienced it enough – you kind of default to trying to stay pointed in the right direction.