Regarding the Earthquake in Turkey

Greetings! This is just a quick post relating to earthquake in Turkey. The area was part of the ancient Babylon Empire. This is where child sacrifice occurred for centuries under the rule of malevolent extraterrstrials. The entire area is under a foundation of dense, dark energies for many reasons, with child sacrifice being the main one.

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  1. Teasy

    there was another comment about one earthquake causing massive destruction worldwide, much like the earth changes that happened after the fall of lemuria and atlantis.
    from what i have seen, there are many influences that actually prevent this kind of domino effect from occurring, either by galactics (both on planet, off planet, and inside our planet, as well as distant civilizations) or by the earth (Gaia) herself.

    we forget that we can (and often do) interact (often subconsciously) with “mother earth”, through our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, as our body is intricately connected to the earth, as well as everything we eat, breathe, and all the things that we have and use.

    if you can understand that earth is in fact alive, then you can also understand that even if a small group of malevolent beings trigger a form of mass devastation, mother earth herself will recover and will not spiral out of control.
    which is much like our own physical body recovering after an injury, and with every help that we give it to accelerate the healing process (like how benevolent galactics offer assistance in a myriad of ways).


  2. James Farmer

    Look at the geology. That location is at the northern tip of a narrow hard-rock extension of the Africa tectonic plate, which is moving south-east. A chain reaction of tectonic movements will result in a rupture of the New Madrid Fault in the Mississippi Valley and extending to the Saint Lawrence Seaway, causing immense damage in US and Canada.

  3. Dao Nguyen

    When you’re safe somewhere with computer and internet, it’s so easy to say so.

    Look at the children in the crumbles, do they deserve it too?

    1. Eva

      I agree. The people living there – particularly the children – have nothing to do with ancient Babylonian sacrifices. I’m more inclined to think these earthquakes were punitive, induced by the Cabal using HAARP technology because Turkey refused their demands and is not playing ball.

  4. Diego Carvajal

    El terremoto fue provocado por fuerzas extraterrestres oscuras venidas de Alfha Draconis, en represalia por la limpieza que las fuerzas de la Luz han estado efectuando en ese sector. Estas fuerzas oscuras no tienen permitido meterse con los humanos y han cruzado esa barrera, se ha iniciado una guerra que no se quería y traerá consecuencias similares o parecidas. Esas almas que perdieron sus cuerpos sin cumplir sus contratos de vidas se sienten perdidas y están siendo evacuadas. Se solicita enviar mucha Luz a esas almas y a ese sector para ayudar a dilucidar la situación.


    Are we now suffering the sins of people who lived thousands of years ago, it’s ridiculous.

  6. john

    Being cleansed as we speak much love to all affected either of the light or not all needs to be healed, much love to all.

    1. Anca

      no, they can’t and they are not allowed to intervene in soul contracts! WEE must accept and honor the will of all the souls who choose to exit no matter the way of exit, according to their soul contracts ! If somehow it wasnt their time to exit they are offered a higher opportunity for their soul to ascend on the other side of the veil, read Mathews messages for a better understanding. Please do not worry about any soul for they are NEVER LOST, we are eternal infinite beings of light and ALL WE SEE IS NECESSARY ! Do not engage in fear no matter what you see ! Love and hugs!

    1. Betül

      I can never understand this explanation.This looks like a haarp attack. Turkey is an important region

  7. caroline

    I see I read the Rothschilds were responsible. I’ve been on this journey for 6 years, sometimes so many conflicts of information.
    Thanks for the info