Light Body Reconnection

Many of you are undergoing a process of light body reconnection, at this time of our ascension path. Since the beginning of this seventh universal Year of Wisdom, many are experiencing the awakening of their light bodies, while others continue building it, reaching further stages. As we embody more light and continue linking our human self with our Divine one, we will begin to experience certain physical sensations, as a result of building our light vehicles, for this process comprehend a total reconfiguring of all of our bodies.

This is a time when we are finally moving from a more passive (feminine) phase into a more active (masculine) one. However, knowing ourselves and our personal cycles is pivotal to know where we truly are in our ascension journey and what we need.

If you find yourself in the initial phases of activating your light body, healing it of all distortions, imprints, and implants, fatigue is going to be a constant, as the physical body needs time to release and embody a higher frequency, and we need to give it time before continue working on other techniques. Otherwise, it will collapse, especially due to the massive amounts of different energies that we cannot yet digest, causing us many other physical sensations and even imbalances that may result in illnesses.

It is important to remark that the light body is not just the Merkabah, as it is often called. The light body is the sum of building the silver cord or hara line, having the entire chakra system healed, and having built the shoulder portals, as well as many other body conduits. It is not until we have worked on the restoration and reconnection of all the previous that we can regain our conscious connection to our God Self and the rest of the God dimensions.

Guides remark on the importance of removing fear as well from our mental, emotional, and physical bodies, during this process, connecting with nature to help us be grounded and release the excess of energy. Fear is precisely what continues creating impediments for the energies to freely flow within ourselves.

When we begin working with our light bodies, we literally become another person, for we are ready now to release old egoic layers and embody higher aspects of our Self. It is then that a period of confusion, and fear, starts. We need to trust the process, align with our God Self, and Guides Team, and begin to look fear in the eye, as fear can be a transformative energy, if we embrace it, learn from it, and dissolve it as another human illusion.

We are not alone in this process, for there are many benevolent beings such as the Arcturians and the Hathors helping many to reconfigure their light bodies, with their highly evolved light technologies. The Hathors recommend us to work with sound therapy to help heal and build the light body, as the Hathors communicate with us through sound, mathematical patterns, and mental telepathy. Sound brings healing, clearing, purification, and restoration, helping us stabilize the body after having healed what was damaged.

The most important during this process is working on forgiveness, and soul retrieval, if we have not yet initiated this process, focusing on gratitude and compassion is vital to help us navigate through the rehabilitation process of our light body, something that shall be linked to the work with our DNA to truly shift old patterns, distortions, and manipulations.

As we consciously choose to awaken our light body and reconnect our DNA layers, we too begin the process of ancient wisdom embodiment, as this process will unlock our soul’s memories, allowing us to remember who we are, and what is our purpose, at this precise time within Creation.

A process that will help us remember unity, for once we restore our shoulder portals, which is the last phase of light-body reconnection, we will begin to also reconnect with all the planes of existence, and benevolent beings, that are part of our journey as well, and that due to our physical disconnection, we were not yet aware of their presence and assistance.

We are always assisted more than we can imagine. However, no one can do the inner work for us. But we can ask for help from our Guides team and open our hearts to healing and the Truth. We just have to have the will to initiate the process, ask for help and be courageous to navigate our own shadows, for we will never walk alone among them.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba


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