The Great Quantum Transition: Melting

On February 11, the death toll of the strongest earthquake in Turkey and Syria neared 25 thousand people, and hundreds of thousands were left homeless. The tragic events are caused by several reasons, commented on and hushed up.

Among the triggers of the disaster, the use of tectonic weapons is being actively discussed on the Internet. If this really took place, then it was an absolutely crazy idea, given the peculiarities of Earth. It is all covered with hidden and open faults, dormant and active volcanoes, and a retaliatory blow via ley-lines will destroy any country to the ground.

But there were other needle movers overlapped at once. Powerful energy’s impacts produced the Lunar factor. The tension has sharply increased due to the vibes of the approaching Full Moon on February 5. Its exact aspect was at 18:28 UTC in 17 degrees of the Leo-Aquarius axis, and the influence lasted until February 10 (for more details see February Vibes, Disclosure News, 4 February, 2023).

It was during it that a devastating earthquake occurred in Turkey and Syria. At the same time, powerful Solar flares of class M1.5 took place. The electron flux increased, then, lowered, after which it jumped sharply again.

Immediately, on February 6, the earthquake in Gaziantep in southern Turkey reached a magnitude (M) of 7.8. Many others occurred in different parts of Earth: two of M7,0 and higher; two – of M6+; seventeen – of M5+; one hundred twenty-nine – of M4+; two hundred thirteen – of M3+; two hundred twenty-nine – of M2+; three hundred and twenty-four earthquakes of magnitude less than 2.0.

Another factor was pointed out by Frank Hoogerbeets, an employee of the Solar System Geometry Survey Research Institute (SSGEOS, Holland), who tracks the interaction of celestial bodies and its effects on seismic activity.

On February 2, 2023, he made the forecast on the general seismic situation and pointed out that in the coming days the increase in its activity is possible. As he noted, an earthquake of magnitude about 7.5 could happen in the region of Southern and Central Turkey, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.

The forecast was made based on the analysis of the celestial bodies positions in the Solar System. All the planets and satellites affect each other by their attraction and cause tidal forces on the same principle as the Moon affects the Earth’s Oceans stirring ebbs and flows.

The scientist drew attention to the fact that at the beginning of February there was an interesting planets’ geometry. Earlier, on January 31, the critical stellium of Mercury and Venus took shape. On February 5 and 6, the overlapping of their vibrations reached peaks, causing an earthquake and many aftershocks.

This happened in the zone of the East Anatolian fault. Although it is very active, the earthquake that occurred had unusual strength – of magnitude 7.8. It released twice as much energy as the largest previously recorded in the region (M7.4).

Anatolian Plate - Wikipedia

Here, the Arabian plate collides in the north with the Eurasian plate. The faults of Eastern and Northern Anatolia act together, thus facilitating the Anatolian block to be squeezed out of the collision zone to the west, like watermelon seed from fingers.

Through the East Anatolian Fault, the blocks move about 15 mm per year relative to each other. This movement stretches the crust across the fault. As a result of the earthquakes, Turkey moved five to six meters away from Syria. Further dynamics cannot be predicted. Until the accumulated energy is released, drifting will not stop.

Another cause of the earthquake was an unknown layer of the Earth’s mantle, discovered under the region. It is located in the places where the border between Turkey and Syria runs, and two lithospheric plates touch – the Eurasian and the Arabian. This layer differs from the rest of the upper mantle and at the same time encompasses most of the planet.

There are 14 largest tectonic plates on Earth, they cover about 90% of the surface, and are from two, three and up to two hundred kilometers thick in different places. They are in constant motion, which is why tremors and volcanic eruptions occur on their borders.

The plates move along a relatively soft and plastic layer of the upper mantle – asthenosphere. It begins approximately at a depth of a hundred kilometers under the continents and 50-60 kilometers under the ocean floor, and ends at a depth of 200-300 meters. It is no longer as hard as the earth’s crust, but also not as viscous as the mantle under it, something in between.

But now it has turned out that the asthenosphere under the tectonic plate, on which Turkey is located, has some areas that have much more low viscosity than those above and below them. And this molten layer is located at about 150 km depth.

This slurry under the plates increases tectonic activity and, accordingly, the likelihood of disasters. They are provoked by convection, when hotter masses rise higher, and colder ones go down, as in a pot of porridge.

The upper part of the asthenosphere is zone upon which the great rigid and brittle lithospheric plates of the Earth’s crust move about. Due to the temperature and pressure conditions in the asthenosphere, rock becomes ductile, moving at rates of deformation measured in cm/yr over lineal distances measuring thousands of kilometers. In this way, it flows like a convection current, radiating heat outward from the Earth’s interior. Above the asthenosphere, at the same rate of deformation, rock behaves elastically and, being brittle, can break, causing faults.

On February 10th, 2023 at 08:55 AM CET, from Siriusians’ Lunar tracking base in 23D came the following latest update. It highlighted the events’ additional and, in fact, the main triggers.

“Under the influence of powerful quantum flows coming from the Galactic Center via the Sun to Earth, pulsed currents are now creating an increased load on the continental plates. This enhances the dynamics of earthquakes; their number and strength grow, thinning the crust at critical points, provoking landslides and sinkholes.

The destabilization of the crust is also affected by the Sun substance in the planetary core, which is displaced and will continue to move to the programmed point. At the same time, the alignment of the Earth’s axis continues, instead of the Polar Star, it is reoriented to the Center of the Galaxy. This will multiply the flow of high-frequency energy from it to Earth.

The Sun substance forms a multilevel plasma sphere inside the Crystal of Earth, its heart. Therefore, people feel with their hearts all the changes that are happening to them. The planet sets the rhythm of life for all living things. Reading our information and tracking their condition and changes in the world, many people notice a pattern of how the work of Co-Creators with the Earth’s core affects their well-being – increased blood pressure, arrhythmia, headaches, insomnia and other unpleasant sensations. Therefore, it is important to monitor your state and reduce the load.

Previously, on a Subtle Plane, the change in the landscape of the planet has already been made and now, according to this pattern, it is being built in 3D. We have constantly warned about the need to leave dangerous seismological sites, close all hazardous production facilities and stop nuclear power plants. Technological disasters will bring many troubles, but they can be avoided by taking measures, preserving life and Nature.

The Quantum Transition is now in full swing, as can be seen by the changes in the densest layer of the third dimension. This is the final stage of planetary purification and transformation of matter. After passing 5D Earth of the last, sixth filter on the way to the Gerios Galaxy to the fifth orbit of the Oryx Star, the planet will change its status to a six-dimensional one.

The near-Earth space is surrounded by a protective layer of energies, which helps to adapt to harsh cosmic rays, for better assimilation and transmutation by living beings. Co-Creators strictly control this process in order to preserve life on Earth, to help its development in the high-frequency streams of the Oryx Star, coming through the 13D-3D Multiverse.

Star Oryx in Gerios Galaxy, which is located in the third energy belt, closest to the center of the Super Universe, is a powerful Spiritual Luminary. It helps the planets in its orbits to grow different stages of Intelligence’s evolution. The blue radiance of Oryx emits sentient l-gamma particles of Greater Cosmos. The friendly plasmoid race that arrived from there, your Curators, is actively helping the Earth’s quantum transformation.

Everything on the planet is in the stage of purification and transforming. Co-Creators still have a lot to do for fulfilling the Plan of the Absolutes. As you can see, chaos is increasing, but it helps to build a New World faster. Your consciousness upgrades, influencing your actions, and consolidating changes in 3D reality. More and more Souls are waking up. The energy background on timelines is also changing rapidly.

We are seeing a lot of positive trends. Conscious people, like beacons, help others to remain calm in the raging energies. If you can control your emotions and thoughts, maintain a state of calm observer and pure mind, you are our support and guides to the New World.

There is an intense stratification of your civilization, which is now very clearly manifested in space. We note that many individual spheres have descended to the lower timelines, and the luminosity of the people in them has almost completely faded. Reached the maximum concentration of negativity within the personal spheres, the timeline of this person begins to fold (on Spheres see Operation Life Matrix, Disclosure News, January 26, 2022).

At the moment, out of 16 timelines, two are completely closed. The departure of Souls takes place according to the different life programs. On the Subtle Plane, Souls are collected on a special platform in near-Earth orbit, and are evacuated from there by modules of the Argorians’ space fleet and of other space races. You probably could feel that the duration of the Soul’s stay on the planet has been shortened.

Time is shrinking, events are accelerating. We have warned you not once that 2023 will be a difficult and fast-paced year. Now, the sense of time is strictly individual due to the ongoing processes in individual transformational spheres. A change in consciousness also affects the perception of events’ speed.

You should understand that your feeling of what is happening may differ dramatically from others. This is normal, and so it should be. Different time flows and transformational processes in individual transformational spheres create a unique view of reality.

This year, many abilities will be revealed as awareness grows and consciousness unfolds. Replacing the old energies of the three-dimensional world with new ones will produce a qualitative change in the body and mind, which means switching to high-frequency ranges. Your brain, systems and organs are moving to upgraded standards, which sets the six-dimensional space built around the planet.

The radiations of the Source saturate everything around together with the Love energy GREMO, and the blue streams of Intelligence particles from Gerios Galaxy. Live with an open heart and mind. Let your Souls shine with a bright light, helping Earth and other Souls to make the world beautiful.

Think more often about the 5D world, it is already actively being built in planet’s Subtle Plane. This is a pure and beautiful reality, which will descend to the surface when everything is ready. The times of the Dark’s power are ending, along with the closure of all 3D programs. Knowledge will help you to go through the difficult stages of purification and transformation together with Earth.”

**By Lev


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  1. Douglas A James

    Earth is a honeycomb . . Turkey pulling out of NATO had nothing to do with the deadly quakes and HAARP wasn’t used?

  2. JohnG

    So are you now saying that the Earth isn’t hollow? If so where does Adama of Telos live then?