Awaken: We Are Not Alone, Friends From The Stars Are Here

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

Earth is in the midst of a shift which will usher in a whole new reality. From technology, to economy, health care, education, and so on. Everything you see now is going to be dissolved, and replaced by something much greater and more advanced. Let go of fear, and embrace the change.

We are not and have never been alone in this Universe, on this planet Earth. We are not going through this shift alone. We have friends from the stars overseeing this process, monitoring everything at all times.

For those who do not understand the process, they may be in fear. Particularly those who continue to hold on to old, outdated religious beliefs.

This is one of the main reasons people fear the reality of extraterrestrials. Their entire illusory belief system would come crumbling down. Which is of course something that was put in place by dark entities. However, whether people choose to open up to new truths or not, the B.S system is going to collapse either way.

Many have come to understand about pedophilia, ritual sacrifice, but refuse to accept simple truths. One of these being that the Bible consists of many stories from different cultures, composed into one book by Satanists at the Vatican, who are into pedophilia and blood sacrifice. The book has been edited hundreds of times as they saw fit.

You have come to understand the truth about fake news, fake science, fake diseases, and poisonous vaccines, but you refuse to see the truth about religion, it’s false claims, and the negative implications its had on human consciousness and evolution. It is not from the true Divine Creator.

Now, it is the same bloodline trying to instill fear in humans about extraterrestrials, while attempting to start a war with China.

There are extraterrestrials from different star systems, who have been visiting Earth for millions of years. In the ancient times the humans referred to these beings of light as angels. Angels because of their beauty, benevolence, and love they expressed towards humanity.

Why is this so difficult to see and understand?

The same entities who gave you the idea of a vengeful, punishing God, have been promoting blood sacrifice, pedophilia, pushing for the belief that only demons can visit Earth, and not angels. This way you fear, and reject the existence of benevolent beings assisting humanity in these times.

You say you believe in God. So why is it easier for you to believe in demons, than it is to believe in angels? I ask which God do you believe in? The one Satanists believe in, who want you to fear change, and reject anything extraordinary? Or the True Divine Loving Creator?

You think it’s tough talking to liberals about Satanists and vaccinations? Try talking to conservatives about UFO’s.

Friends, it is time to rise and become open to new higher truths, which will only lead this world to a light filled reality.

The truth that the existence of benevolent extraterrestrials is reality. We are to see more and more crafts in the sky. They’ve always been with us. Time to open your hearts and minds, and think outside of the illusory beliefs which were planted in humanity’s consciousness by the Satanists who brought to you WW1 and WW2, COVID, 9/11, and many disease, and unnecessary wars.

Everything has been done by the dark elite to erase evidence and hide the reality of the existence of extraterrestrials. The same dark cabal who tells you you came from ape, gave you religion, and taught you to fear God(their ‘god’/satan). Fear is their food.

We are here to simply help you open your heart, open your mind, for change is already occurring, and things will only continue to seem more crazy(from your current perspective) as the process unfolds with the vibrational frequency of Earth rising each day.

The purpose of the Galactic Federation’s presence here is to offer guidance and assistance to you during this shift on Earth.

Turning a blind eye to change, makes the journey only more difficult. The Galactics have many of their own who walk among you.

Please do not give into the fear tactics of the dark elite, who run the media, promoting alien invasions, and such things. They have no power. They do not even posses technology to carry out a blue beam project invasion. Not to mention that this would simply not be allowed by the Galactic Federation.

There are no governments of any Earth nation shooting down UFO’s. They are shooting down their own drones and crafts sent in the atmosphere on the orders of dark entities in an attempt to start a war between U.S and China. While at the same time instilling fear in humans about UFO’s. Wake Up!

The technologies of the Galactic Federation are thousands of years ahead of anything governments of Earth have. If they wanted to harm humans, it would have happened already. They are our true ancestors from the stars.

The Satanists want you to fear the Galactic Federation, for if people open up and realize the truth that we are not alone in the Universe, the power structure of the Satanists would collapse instantly. Everything would change for the better on Earth.

How many earthquakes, floods, UFOs, other phenomena are you going to blame on the dark elite prior to beginning to think that perhaps there’s something greater unfolding? You want the world to change yet you want to hold on to the old, and refuse to look further and reject all signs that point towards the shift.

Humans are beings of light residing in a physical vessel. And all have the choice to find out more about themselves, to learn who you truly are. You must not allow old programming to prevent you from asking and seeking beyond what is presented to you as truth by the Satanic controlled institutions.

The Universe(God) would not expand and create billions of stars, planets, and galaxies, just to leave them all empty, without life. All stars and planets have life. And we do not speak of “bacteria” life types. We speak of sentient life.

Humanity’s origins begin in the stars, not on Earth.

Your family from the stars is here. They never left. They hail from the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, and other star systems. They are the ‘angels’ the ancient civilizations spoke of in their stories. Now the time has come for them to show themselves again, as we prepare to enter a new world of light, love, peace, and unity.

The benevolent ET’s are here to assist humanity. For were it not for their intervention, your dark minions of Earth would have destroyed Earth by now. The ‘angels’ in crafts have prevented many of the dark’s plans from coming to fruition. You must release your fear and all preconceived notions. Open your heart to see their presence, and feel their love.

It is time to break free from the old programming. And awaken to a new reality, one of light, love, unity, and of a Universe filled with life.

That is all for today.

12 Replies to “Awaken: We Are Not Alone, Friends From The Stars Are Here”

  1. jakesey

    All shared is fact, perfect. We have nothing to fear. There is no project blue beam. That could have played out prior to 2012, certainly not now. Our Angelic Star Brothers are here, so close, NOW. I CAN HEAR THEIR HEARTBEATS as I entrain mine to theirs.

  2. john

    Wow excellent article KejRaj so many truths i will share this with all my brothers and sisters much love top all.

    1. Douglas A James

      I agree with is all but how many died in turkey due to the earthquake many are blaming on tectonic weapons for surely this isn’t part of the shift to topple building down on families killing 1000s of people? We know the DS have energy weapons and we also know the storms aren’t natural.. HAARP is being used correct?? I realize we are shifting but the media needs taken over and the people awakened about all of this… I know ETs are real and we all really of ET origin but so so much needs to be explained to the deep sleepers ..
      I mean many still think nine eleven is real..

  3. viloyon

    A Last Call message for those clinging to narratives of ‘Blue Beam’ and ‘Demons’. I dare say people have run out of time to put the pieces together on their own time if they haven’t already. Seeing won’t necessarily be believing, but that’s where many of us come in 🙂

  4. Andrew Borromey

    It makes my heart sing to read the truth emblazoned in plain black and white! I’m totally burned out trying to enlighten people who won’t accept anything out of their comfort zone. This includes members of my own family. I pray that someday they realize the truth.

  5. Matteo

    Thank You Kejraj. Thank You. Thank You.This message made me feel so thankfull to You and the Whole. The answer to everything is Love and I understand and feel this everday more and more and more. I send You and to the Community of Light all of my Love and all of my Light. Matteo

  6. Solarstar_1

    Hey😊 ich wollte mal fragen ob ich ein Arkturianer oder Plejadier bin?
    Und was ich auch interessant fände ist wie ich von meiner galaktischen Sternenfamilie wahrgenommen werde

  7. Gordon

    That was a carpet bomb of truth, though I don’t like to use the word bomb, it’s all I could come up with before I goto sleep.