Daily 777 Message For 2/14/2023

Greetings! There is a higher light arriving to Earth from the Galactic Center, and it is spreading like wild fire. All that does not match this light’s vibrational frequency will dissolve. The dark elite know this, so they rush with false flags in hopes of creating fear and lowering the frequency of the planet. It will not work. Nothing will stop The Shift to the fifth dimensional reality. ~Kejraj

6 Replies to “Daily 777 Message For 2/14/2023”

  1. Matteo

    Thank You..It is tangible everyday more.. it is like a sweet and powerfull heave..even in the most difficult days (i had plenty in the last times) a help stronger and stronger to follow the path..an epic, huge feeling in the Heart. We are truly blessed in this times. Thank You all.

  2. wkhardy

    Don’t be alarmed. That’s a gentle way that guides have of letting us know that we are feeling our true essence, that we’re doing or thinking or imagining exactly what’s right for us.

  3. Stephanie

    Do not fear. The ego mind is very tricky when you are adjusting to higher frequencies. During ascension we tap into sounds that our bodily complex is not accustomed to. Many of us awakened souls are going through the same process. Last week I was listening to some harp music on u tube for about a half an hour then shut it off. Then for hours I continued hearing the music off and on but I wasn’t actually playing music. Only I heard it. I am just learning to accept these new realities.

  4. Stephanie

    I need to burst! I have been in contact telepathically with the Galactics.Tonight I communicated as to why I can’t remember my dreams in the sleep state. I intuitively knew but wanted reassurance. The word WANTED was part of my not remembering. I was informed that as my frequency raises so will my remembering of my many tasks as a light worker on the …take a guess? The Arcturian star system. I have been loaded with healing modules to
    assist humanity. It’s no wonder I have left the programmed so called medical profession in earthly terms and knew intuitively in 2020 what it was all about. I am here to spread the light and love.This has been a painful process and still is. It is my soul journey. My telepathic and clairvoyant abilities are escalating. What a journey!

  5. Betül

    I was just reading the messages here and I felt a very strange ringing. It increased slowly and was not humming. It was like in meditation music. It was very real and frankly I was scared.