Hilarion: The Transformation of Your Bodies

Dear Brothers of the planet Earth! I am Hilarion.

Being with you once again is always a reason for great joy for me and for any one of us. I hope you are very attentive to everything that happens in your bodies, to the imbalances, to the symptoms that are often not understood, the dizziness, vertigo, palpitations, all are symptoms of change in your bodies. Of course, everything has to be observed, so that the real diseases are not unnoticed. So it is important that whenever you feel any symptoms, different, strange in your bodies, you ask your Divine Presence: What is happening? Is it a physical imbalance or an imbalance caused by so many changes, in our bodies and on the planet?

Your bodies were created on a carbon base, where every cell, every molecule, every atom, has the carbon element, the same element as Gaia on this planet. Etherically your bodies are changing, to a crystalline sequence. It is difficult for you to understand, to think, or to reason, what this sequence would be like.

Each crystal in the universe has its own characteristics, which make them the elements they are in nature. Strong, sometimes highly impenetrable, but having their energetic properties very well defined. When we talk about crystal base, no one will become a crystal, no one will become hard like a crystal. Only you will have a base that will allow you to have a body, but not as physical as the one you have today, and that can also be just a subtle energy.

It is hard for you to imagine how it all works. But soon you will begin to notice that your bodies are no longer the same, something feels strange, different. You might actually change the color of your eyes, the color of your hair, the size of your fingers, and become very different beings, much closer to the beings to whom your souls belong.

No, no one will be different in this dimension because that would be too risky for each of you. But the closer you get to the Fifth Dimensional energy, the more your bodies will resemble your original soul beings. And at that point, you will no longer be inside the grand universe of this planet. Somehow, you will be somewhere safe, somewhere quiet, so that you can go through all of these transformations without being threatened in any way.

Understand, the process continues apace for Gaia and for you as well. What is important to do at this moment is to drink a lot of water, preferably pure water, water from nature. But I know that for many here this is not possible. So try to drink mineral water, I also know that for many this is not possible either, but at least put in your water every day a little bit of sugar, a little bit of salt. It doesn’t have to be all the time, just take a full glass a day, with a small spoonful of salt, a small spoonful of sugar, this will help your bodies stay as balanced as possible.

Fear nothing, the outlook is the best it can be. As you transform, the diseases will be eliminated, because your bodies will be capable of it. So don’t fill yourself up with medicine for the symptoms you are having. Each of you listen to your Divine Presence and know exactly what your body is going through.

Fear nothing, everything is being coordinated by Father/Mother God so that every single child on this planet stops suffering from the diseases that have been forced upon you, from all the environment, and from everything you eat and drink. Everything will change, many things will cease to exist, and little by little, you will take on new habits, and these new habits will make you accelerate the process of the transformation of your bodies

I say it again: Fear nothing, everything is being done for the safety of all of you. Just be ready. Be with all my energy and all my Love.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation into English by EraofLight.com


One Reply to “Hilarion: The Transformation of Your Bodies”

  1. David

    So needed Vania and Hilarion, so many are going through so much with their bodies, a great insight that will help to ease minds. Thanks for all your incredible work together. Much love. Namaste 🙏