Learning to Love Yourself Unconditionally

If you are weary of all the emotional baggage coming up within you recently – old traumas and unresolved dramas from your past – you can know you’re right in the flow of what is happening for many lightworkers these days. At times, it can feel as if you’re dealing with one emotional crisis after another, without much of a break in between. It can be exhausting.

But the good news is that this means your vibration is rising, and there is no longer any room for all the residue of painful events and experiences you couldn’t fully handle in your past that had to be stuffed into your unconscious mind. So they are now coming up to finally be seen, understood and then released. They are clearing out so that you can embody more of your Multidimensional Self which is now descending more and more into your body.

You may be attempting to heal yourself, either with techniques you’ve learned yourself or with the help of a healer, and perhaps you’re having some success. But one thing that can really be helpful is to understand that, if you are in any way not accepting and loving yourself unconditionally – exactly as you are, no matter how you are feeling – the healing will likely be incomplete and not last for long.

Unconditional love for yourself is a prerequisite not only for full and lasting healing, but also for Ascension itself. So long as you are holding onto any guilt, shame, self-hatred, self-doubt or self-judgment, it is very difficult to raise your frequency.

The “Inner Critic”

Understanding what the “inner critic” truly is – an ancient, advanced AI technology that is not natural to human beings – is an important step in getting free of these kinds of negative emotions.

The youtube below outlines steps in how you can better understand how this this technology operates and what you can do to begin dismantling it within your mind and body — which then automatically brings you greater freedom and dramatically raises your vibration.

Learning to do this also has the added benefit that you need not depend on anyone else in your life to give you unconditional love, because you’re already giving it to yourself. If someone does give it you, it’s a bonus — but it’s not necessary for you to feel a sense of being lovable and valued.

And what’s really ironic is that once you learn to love yourself unconditionally, you will find that others who can also easily give you unconditional love are attracted into your life.

**Channel: Vidya Frazer


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