Exposing The Beast Kingdom

With all this extreme chaos currently going on so many don’t realize that it stems from a global control structure.

What so many people aren’t asking themselves is who are the dividers?

Who are the profiteers that sit on the top of the pyramid of war and disease?

They own your religions, politicians, mainstream media and monetary systems.

What many don’t understand is they also own your mind and the last thing they want is for you to take the red pill.

This information that is causing the Human Awakening is the red pill.

Even when you think you know the truth there’s always layers of operations, twists and turns, manipulation and psyops designed to manipulate your beliefs.

These off-world controllers have done a brilliant job of dividing humanity including financing both sides of each war going back to Napoleon.

These controllers hide behind the guise of religion which demonize and sponsor harm outside of Universal Law upon the human race.

These controllers are from off-world, they are not human, they are an unempathetic predator race and this will be extremely hard for many.

We are truly experiencing a transition of biblical proportion.

Our history has been one big manipulation! We must save ourselves.

I believe Trump has to let certain events play out to wake people up to this power that we all have, that we all forgot.

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.

We’re not going to be saved, we never were going to be saved and that’s the lesson and power we must recover.

It’s kind of like the children that are coming into this world suffering from autism.

Meaning, these kids are coming into this world on a mission to bring autism to the forefront because if they didn’t we wouldn’t know what vaccines are doing to us.

Sacrifices if you will. It’s a dirty realm down here and we are in the myst of clawing our way out of it.

The only way humanity is going to move beyond this enslavement by these off-world entities and their Satanic agenda is to reveal it.

We need to move past this low vibrational reality of the almighty genocidal god that has put a veil over our eyes.

This current transition and global chaos we are experiencing will ultimately free us from this tyranny.

We need to erase the past and ignorance and heal the collective trauma.

Revealing our history and how truly everything has unfolded on Earth is the solution to world peace.

These parasites know their time is coming to an end and they are going to throw everything at us in their power.

They knew this was coming it was inevitable and their push back and resistance is futile.

We and the raising of our consciousness, our awareness to this deception will DESTROY THEM!


**By Teri Wade


4 Replies to “Exposing The Beast Kingdom”

  1. val

    Also the solution to world peace is love, and creating from a space of love and balance within… finding out or knowing evil beings have been behind all the chaos and misery on earth is not the solution.

  2. Val

    i was gonna say… why r u saying “trump has to let events play out…” trump is quite obviously not in the least bit interested in people waking up… he is just interested in hanging on to his wealth and status… urgh how can so many people be fooled by a guy who is so obviously revealing his true colors, just take a good look i mean you just said yourself that the same “people” have financed both sides of every war…

  3. Paladin

    Why did Trump go along with the DOD bioweapon that they had sitting on the shelf waiting to be deployed and for him to call it Operation Warp Speed a phony vaccine for a virus that exists only in a computer model.

    I’m tired of the Trumpers constantly ignoring the genocide of millions of Americans and innocent children with his beloved death jab.

    Trump is one of them.