Jeshua: “Jesus” Did Not Die For Your Sins

To the children of Earth, I say hello. My plan for you is to prepare your mind for my return. I can only take you if you are ready. I have given this message before, I am to reiterate. You must be prepared in your thoughts for me to approach you. I need for you to clear away expectations of how you think things will go. I need you to forget the thought that you are not good enough. You are good enough and I will tell you so. I need you to breathe deeply and not be panicked.  Breath is so important. When I come to you it will go like this. Fear will be gone. It will feel calm. My hand will stretch out to take yours. We are going to enter a new world. You will be joined by your friends and family if they so choose to come forward and share the experience.  They too must be in the same mindset as you are.  Together we will all step up into a new platform.  Earth will come too.  The souls of those you have prayed for will feel it.  Your eyes will be open with sights set on majesty.  Our souls will be escalated to a higher dimension full of love and harmony.  You will have no concern for material possessions, you will have no concern for ailments. You will embrace the experience.  When will this happen?  I begin this year.

There is an evolution going on with your soul as the prize.  The dark is trying to entrap you in their world.  I will pull you to my world.  Pay particular attention to the hypocrisy presented to you.  Surely that would not be my world.  As the world awakens to the light, revelations will crush you.  The deceit that has been laid upon the Earth must come to an end.  If you have not paid attention, you will have difficulties taking it in all at once.  For centuries you have been victims of cruelty and harm.  Universal laws are such that things must play out in a deceptive manner.  I am not punishing you.  I am bringing to light and exposing the darkness you have lived in.  I am putting center stage corruption and mistruths.  I am educating the population to think for themselves.  It is an ugly sight what I see, and the sooner it comes to light the sooner change will come.  Please do not be afraid, the support you have is immense.  Pray to me for strength. Discernment is paramount for your survival.

I speak these impactful words.  My return comes soon.  My intensity grows more as the time draws near.  Open your eyes, you do not live in a friendly world.  Officials cause harm.  Laws are unjust.  Wake up your neighbors, inform who you can.  I need everyone to question authority.  If you find a headline that disturbs you share it, seek feedback, question it, discard it.  You know the truth, you can see through it and beyond it.  This is not a world to be a part of.  This is a world to unite together in, to move us forward.  Speak to your brothers and sisters, don’t turn heads.  I need you to trust me that we will reach a new land by uniting our differences instead of judging.  The Elites will persuade you to follow their plan and it will sound convincing and plausible.  Be wise and know there is a grand spiritual warfare occurring.  Combat is in progress; the battleground is Earth.  Innocence is lost.

It is my divine plan that my children will be taken care of when the time is right.  I need you to prepare your minds for changes to come; all for the evolution of your souls.  My name is Jesus, and I did not die on the cross for your sins.  I lived to bring you into the new age.  All my love, Jesus Christ.

**Channel: Krista Energeticleigh


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    1. Lemurian brother

      I resonate with master sananda , the most luminous one . He is also the chohan of the golden pink resurrection flame wonderful message thankyou