Daily Message For 2/28/2023

I believe in angels. No, not just those in the heavens, those in the sky. For I have seen an Angel here on Earth, their love made me feel like I was ready to fly. I saw and felt this Angel’s light, unimaginable beauty, their heart melting presence. I felt their love, and it was paradise, reminded me of my own inner essence. However, I was not gentle enough, so that the Angel would stay. The unintentional, cruel, old energies came forth from me, and I pushed the Angel away. The Angelic beauty, love, and joy, it was all here and very real. Now even the *love of the *stars can *pour *into *my *being, and will not fill this emptiness that I feel. ~Kejraj

10 Replies to “Daily Message For 2/28/2023”

  1. Linda Rosa

    Oh Kejraj, how wonderful that you experienced this beautiful angelic spirit. I too had a visit by an angel years ago when I needed a bit of information to close our house mortgage and I could not find the information in the town files (there were 22 file cabinets to look through.) I asked a woman behind the desk where I could find certain information and she just pointed at the bank of files. Then, suddenly, there was a man also standing at her desk, someone I hadn’t noticed who I thought must have entered the room after I did. He looked directly at me and said something like, “I heard you ask for certain data, you can find it in that drawer.” I pointed to the drawer where I indeed did find the exact information needed. When I turned around to thank him, he was gone (just as silently as he entered the room.) When I asked the woman behind the desk if she saw the man who was standing there a moment ago, she said she hadn’t seen anyone. That could have been because she was very busy, I realize that. However, I truly believe that our Father God sent this angel to me to help us with our mortgage.

    All I can remember is that he was very slender, dark hair, beautiful face, it seemed as though there was a glow emanating from him. Even his clothing seemed to shine. His white shirt was radiant with light. And then he was gone. I hope that he reads this and can receive the heartfelt thanks I sent him that day and all days when I think of him. I don’t know who he was, just a messenger from God sent to help.

    Kejraj – thank you for sharing your angelic visit with us. Truly, your angel was/is well aware of your inner heart and the beautiful being you are. You don’t need to worry about that. Sending love.

  2. Yup

    You are very romantic. Much better to have loved and lost than never to have loved to that great degree. I lost a love and was in pain and I wondered if I’d get over it, but time indeed does heal. I can’t claim to have had the intense experience you had, but humans focus and as focus changes your heart will have a chance to recover. Much good vibes being sent your way!

  3. AJ

    You Are LoVed and LoVing~
    Lessons learned lead us to
    Mastery and the heart is,
    Has always been our greatest teacher💜beautiful writing🥲

  4. Angelique

    Your angels did not leave. Angels are always here. They just gave you space for you to realize. And your heart is so full, so beautiful that you realized very quickly…
    Angels are always here….

  5. Desert Flower

    dear Kejraj, I believe your “angel” will feel the love in your heart and realize that what emanated from you was NOT you but a dark force triggering you. This type of realization may only come upon passing of the body. But we are eternal spirits and when we love purely, it is felt by another. Real love cannot be lost.

  6. Sandra

    I believe you and your Beautiful Angel will be together again. When the time is right and the changes have occurred. Love and Light to you brother ✨