The Great Quantum Transition: Acrimony

Sharp, going for the jugular, comments on DNI’s posts is one of the many symptoms that we are approaching the next entering the 4D/5D at the vernal equinox on 24 March 2023. Some of us eagerly await this stage, some are panicking and hysterical, because they couldn’t jump on the bandwagon, some still don’t see, don’t hear, and don’t feel these dimensions and everything connected with them.

Those, who ready for the Transition, have a body that vibrates impulsively every now and then: then it burns, then it freezes, then it squeezes the heart, then the head. Another activation of the third eye began; bruises and pain in the forehead area became more frequent. They do not complain and grumble, but thank selves for these encouraging symptoms of inner work, it is extremely important now.

There is almost no time left for communication with others, it is barely enough only for the closest ones. Time in the day has shrunk not into hours, but into minutes. All our energy is concentrated for the next leap and it’s impossible to spend it on anything else – only on minimal life and internal clearing of consciousness.

If we see, hear, and feel the processes in space, our Soul easier and better can cope with them. Finally, what we’ve been waiting for is happening. We see the removal of old structures and the new one is actively working in parallel with removed. And in March, the 3D, its Matrix and System will weaken and continue to crumble, no matter what ways the Darks forces us to support them with our energy.

Inside, our Soul has always been waiting for changes, because aggressive and toxic 3D did not allow us to realize ourselves, our strength and potential. We could not fulfill our destiny because of the strict restrictions and blinders in our minds. Now, the blinders and blocks fall off, our vision expands, and our energy is freed from the suckers of the parasitic System, allowing us to build a new life and a new version of ourselves.

Our Soul gets rid from the negative burden of past incarnations. From the current embodiment, we throw out all the junk of the imposed perception, piles of mental and emotional garbage and the already unnecessary experience and values of the 3D System. There is an active cleansing of our consciousness and mind. It may be accompanied by unusual calmness or even weakness. Weakness appears due to the fact that a lot of things are being squeezed out from our energy system. And it takes time to adapt to this, and to let in new, high-frequency streams.

It occurs differently for each of us, because the level of development and consciousness, vital energy and bodies are different. For some, the process is faster than for others, and this is normal. It is not worth chasing forward, because it can cause a very painful rollback.

Now, the reboot of the world and us continues non-stop 24/7. It is especially active at night. Previously, such processes also occurred, but not so often. Today, we barely have time to take the new software, as the following batches arrive one after the other.

Time changes its structure and flow, somewhere it goes fast, somewhere it stretches unbearably long. And until 5D falls into place, this will continue. The 3D Matrix, based as a computer program on OS of Calladion (see – DNI, Duel, Parts 1-12), is deactivated. Therefore, technology and the Internet constantly fail, hang for no apparent reason, or fail altogether. Many digital mechanisms will fly off, paralyzing entire systems, because the parasites are still there, in virtual space.

But even there, the influence of the old is actively being zeroed. After such reboots and reformatting, we get up in the morning as completely different person. We have to get used to this feeling and accept it. These are OUR new energies, new selves, and new perception. They are not afraid of change.

In 3D, it is very difficult for our mind and inflated and capricious Ego to accept unfamiliar things and change something. Subconsciously, we are so scared of the new that we are slowing down our transformation with all our might, preferring to stay at a level where we don’t see, don’t hear, and don’t feel anything. But this is not the way out. It’s better to put our trust in the Universe and keep up with the changes than later, we’re forced to accept them through hardship, trauma, disease, and emotional breakdown.

The new, which we persistently try to ignore and aggressively do not accept, will remind us more and more by the aggravation of ailments. The pains stored in our Subtle Bodies, belonging to other incarnations, are now awakened and activated, all at once. The best cure is to relive the memories associated with them. Repeating the information, signifying the situation, cancels it. And this info about pain and the latter disappears, as if never existed in us.

The high-frequency streams coming to Earth force us to worry and get rid of a huge number of injuries and fears. That’s why we are so often intolerant, hysterical and aggressive. This hype and alimony come and go, but still dominate our entire being.

But interacting in this way with our physical body, they expel from it all the mental and emotional toxins, deposits of false ideas and beliefs that 3D is full of. Our corpus and mind have many ways to defuse any painful information – through tears, shouting, criticism, accusation, denunciation and a hate-filled comment on another outrageous post. The Internet is wrong again…This is how we heal and free ourselves from the stranglehold of the System.

Other constant ailments also signal this to us. For example, in the area of the first three chakras in the form of intestinal disorders, including diarrhea and vomiting. These are just mechanisms for releasing negative energy. Migraines mean the work of our subconscious mind on the Mental Plane, when we are too rigid, rational, fixated on order. This may be manifested by continuous anxiety or pressure in the upper part of the head, temples, and the back of the head.

Chest pain and mild tachycardia signal the unblocking of the fourth chakra, which controls our emotionality, sensitivity, responsiveness, and openness. This is the chakra of Love, tenderness, the emotional balancer of our body, the center of Faith and Spiritual stability.

Loss of voice, difficulty in speech, and sore throat indicate activation of the fifth chakra, which is responsible for our interaction with the outside world by all forms of creativity, and everything related to training, leadership and organizational skills. Thanks to this chakra, our works become brilliant, we discover the laws of physics, create beautiful novels and poems, paintings and musical pieces.

A well-functioning chakra gives us a sense of freedom, independence, allows us to be confident, not depend on the opinions of others, transform our feelings and emotions into creativity, be positive and not be afraid of failures and mistakes. The harmonious fifth chakra fills us with faith in Higher Powers, and we are not afraid of any Darks, or difficulties and events in the world. The clues of the Universe open up to us, intuition, inner voice sharpens, we begin to see the Subtle Plane, and understand our Mission.

The block of our sixth chakra (third eye) is indicated by such physical symptoms as deterioration of vision, hearing, respiratory tract, migraines, and nightmares. At the energy level, depression, confusion, and fear of the truth arise. We run away from reality and prefer to stay in our own fictional world. We are afraid to look inside selves, and we are terrified of the unknown.

But these same symptoms tell us about the beginning of healing by the streams of high-frequency and radiant energy, pouring on us. It literally fills our biofield, and our Intelligence and vision complement each other. We begin to assimilate information correctly, intuitively “filter” it and instantly select what we need. We make decisions quickly, dismissing unfavorable variants of events. It becomes easy for us to “read” others and understand them, and everything is seen as in open book.

According to a similar pattern, new energies restore our seventh (crown) chakra. When it is blocked, we are overwhelmed with hate, anger and criticism. We are intolerant of what is happening and of other people, but we carefully conceal it. We make excuses that we “exploded” because are sick and tired of everything, but afraid to avow that have problems with ourselves.

The lack of energy in this chakra deprives us of Spirituality. We do not develop, we think in a template, and, most often, the way we were taught in a site or blog similar to our vibrations. Moreover, it is enough to read in them once or hear some “truth” somewhere, and we will believe in it all our lives. We simply cannot admit that time is passing, and that some truths are false, have sunk into oblivion, and new ones have come in their place.

The restoration of our seventh chakra signals that misinformation is becoming obvious to us, and we can no longer think, feel and live under other people’s laws and postulates that are uncomfortable for our Soul. We are not afraid of the unknown, are not afraid to open up to a new world, and get rid of distrust.

The questions we ask ourselves speak about our recovery: What is more important to me: material or Spiritual? Is there a balance between the Spiritual and the physical within me? Am I blindly following someone else’s theories that my Soul doesn’t like? Can I accept change calmly and openly? It is how consciousness awakens in us. Through this we connect with the Higher Self, the Absolutes and the Source.

All these years we’ve been preparing for this time. The constant illnesses that we have experienced over that time have been a preparation for the deep work, which is now coming to an end. Those who started this journey long ago are now free of karma, negativity, and their DNA is easily reactivated in the blink of an eye. For those who have never worked before, it will now be more difficult to assimilate these processes, but they will be gradual. There is absolutely no deadline to switch to 5D.

The year 2022 has shown that no explanations, persuasions and warnings convince many to upgrade their Intelligence and morally evolve. It means that the time for the salvation of those who categorically refuse to be saved is over. Today, the Universe is launching a ruthless Divine Justice that spins the millstones of natural cosmic selection.

Each of us is responsible for his life and destiny. And only we can save ourselves by activating our Higher Self, Soul, new thinking and perception. Therefore, it is useless, senseless and even harmful to accuse anyone of anything. Today, it is necessary to look for the causes of troubles first of all within self, second – in the chain of causes and effects, and only third – in any external factors.

Powerful quantum streams are now flowing through everyone without exception: wise men and fools, presidents and voters, oligarchs and beggars, generals and soldiers. Absolutely everyone is X-rayed by cosmic beams and the Universe asks the same from everyone.

2022 was the year of the last concessions. The year 2023 has begun the process of retribution, where everyone will receive according to their merits. Not only for the conscious actions of his personality, but also for the subconscious radiation, too. We can pretend that we think only about the good and strive to do right deeds. But our subconscious at the same time emits negative energy, poisoning and destroying everything around. At the same time, we sincerely wonder: how so I do the good and suffer for it. But in fact, our subconscious got its boomerang…

The question is often asked why the ruling elite can still go limitless without retribution, and why they get away with everything. Instead of being surprised and indignant, we should remember it is WE allow them to do this, slavishly following their laws, morals, views, decisions, and imposed behavior. It is WE generously share and feed our vital energy to them, the System and the 3D Matrix, which milk us in various ways. And it is WE, as two thousand years ago, are ready to flagellate and nail to the next cross anyone who timidly reminds us of this.

**By Lev