Ascension Update on the Energies of March 2023

Beloved Ones,

As you are already aware, March is going to be a very important month, energetically speaking.

We just began the month and we are already having many alignments and important that lead us to continue with the reclamation of our sovereignty, as humans and as free souls. My Guides shared that this month is going to be the catalyst for the collective to finally choose a new harmonic timeline.

At this time, humanity is being assisted as never before in our entire history. Our Aurora family, which as you know are highly evolved forms of Consciousness that reside in our parallel Galaxy, Andromeda, are finally gaining access to many spaces on Earth that needs restoration, as well as the Earth’s fabrics that are being rehabilitated, after eons of manipulation.

The evidence is such that many are noticing the rare phenomenon that is taking place, the Aurora Lights, occurring all over the world now, not just in the usual countries, as it used to be. Our Aurora family is now reaching new places, such as France, and Australia, and have even reached new locations such as Anglesey in north Wales and Dorset in the south of England.

As we continually choose, as our constant state of being, a more harmonic and loving frequency, we too co-create a New Earth, manifesting new timelines where a more compassionate way of living is possible. It is due to the unconditional love that we hold within, that this transition is taking place.

Aurora beings are creating, as I previously shared, many safe passages for those who have ascended in the physical, and wish to leave Earth matrix, escaping from the archontic trap, which is something no one seems to talk about, but which is also important to know, where we are actually doing with the inner work we do, and what is this taking are after all, for we need to know that our efforts will not be aimless.

The ones with Essence/Cathar lineage, as well as other planetary healers, are now in a crucial time for the first time as well, for they are now only rehabilitating their essence unique DNA coding, but beginning to restore the Earth’s templars or grids, as you prefer to call them, being finally successful in their mission, after many human centuries.

The Essences were and are, for we have a soul group incarnating at this time that continues with the original mission, helping a lot in the restoration of the planet, for they already come with the polarity integrated within their template. This is a key time for them to focus on the mission, above any other consciousness trap, manipulation, or drama.

To add more intensity to what we are already experiencing, today, we too finally have in our heavens Venus and Jupiter, aligned, as one. This reunion has been occurring for a while, until their final meeting today. As you know, it is a cosmic invitation for us to work on self-love, for we cannot expand love if we do not first feel it inside ourselves, and then assist in anchoring this love for All who are willing to expand their hearts and move into a more loving space.

In two days, we also have the 3/3 Portal, which is the result of the unity between two equals. This is precisely what humanity is learning at the moment, the embrace of polarities, the lack of judgment and neutrality required to do so, and the creation of something that helps us all in this endless evolutionary path that we have chosen to transit.

This is a time of opposite feelings and energies altogether coexisting within us, as it could not be otherwise in our dual world. A time for us to remain in the love and harmony that lies in our hearts. As always it is all that we choose to experience, what will determine where we are, and what we will experience next in our personal trajectory.

A time when many are experiencing a profound emotional clearing from parallel timeliness, while others have awakened their multidimensionality, as even though we are already multidimensional beings, we need to awaken our second DNA layer to be able to fully activate it and are experiencing now the connection between parallel selves and the many lives we live.

It is important not to overwhelm ourselves when we are able to connect with our parallel selves, for we will bring from our dream phase or even in a more conscious state, what we are experiencing in the many timeliness we dwell.

Being grounded, doing our inner work in the present moment, which already affects our parallel selves, doing before going to bed our protective exercises, and sleeping with the protective stone(s) that we are guided, will decrease the many encounters, and often undesired experiences that may affect us during the day, for we are here to live in the now, to co-create in our physical plane, and to expand and assist within it, not to live in timeliness that does not correspond to our current experience.

We are just beginning to appreciate the results of awakening new DNA layers, our multidimensionality, and healing all that was fragmented, and while this can be confusing at times, it is the physical sign that we are finally achieving ascension in the physical body, re-connecting ourselves completely, at all levels, and healing separation, which is what will allow us to retrieve more love, wisdom, and power, becoming sovereign free beings, for it is what was meant to be for us within Creation.

Thank you for all you do for yourselves to evolve, and for All.

Thank you for remaining always in the Illumined Essence of your Souls.

I wish you all a miraculous March, Beloved Ones!

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba


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  1. Sherri-Lee

    Thankyou for Your devotion to us !!
    The Light Beings giving The Nothern Lights in Canada 🇨🇦 ✨️ made me so Happy, I felt Clearing.
    The sweep☆☆☆☆☆
    I Love This!!
    Eternally Greatful♡♡