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As the days are numbered, human consciousness is now expanding at the speed of Light. We recommend the practice of meditation, in order to self-evaluate yourself, because what each was yesterday, today is no longer. It has also been said here, that what used to take Centuries, is now unfolding in a few weeks, or months.

Obviously, there is a large portion of humanity, who still insists on the Planet’s old power grid. They try at all costs to keep the status quo known as normal. But what is this normal? It may not pass the state called comfort zone.

We can assure you that the majority of the symptoms of pain, suffering and discomfort are nothing but resistance imposed by each one about the changes that are necessary in the present days. Resisting and fighting against these changes, makes one’s life much more difficult and tormented.

That’s why we always say, “Get in the Flow! “You are here incarnated at the best moment on Planet Earth. This is a privilege very few have. Living in the form of incarnate, exactly in the final period of the Planetary Transition, will give you a unique insight into the infinite Universe. This knowledge will firstly be integrated into your higher versions of yourself, that is, your Monada.

Such knowledge, once it reaches the Source, will also be integrated into all the Superior Uses of all the other Monads existing in the entire Cosmos. Therefore, understand the size of responsibility that is on your shoulders, at this time of Planetary Transition, and the ascension of your soul.

Failing now would be an immeasurable waste. It would be the loss not only of the opportunity, but of hundreds of incarnations, being such incarnations in a World of Atonement and Evidence. Repeating again this Cycle of learning is certainly a tough task for every repressed soul. Fortunately, much of Earth’s current humanity is reaching the required frequency for ascension.

We’re bringing some more guidance today, to make walking this final stretch of the Old 3D Cycle easier. When we say the worst is over, we want you to know indeed, that the best is yet to come. Even so, each may encounter more ease or more difficulty on this crossing of the final bridge, which separates the Dimensions.

Understanding that all existing forms, both matter and intangible, are nothing but accumulated energies, gives us the certainty that the human body is materialized energy. Already your soul, is energy not material. Even so, energy is constantly interacting, merging with each other, being matter or non-matter.

We can say that energy variably passes through the consciousness of each human being in order to elaborate and create the intended result for each one. And if everything is energy, that explains the theory that we are co-creators of our reality. Thus we are all individuals, for there is an individuality in every human being on Earth. No two consciences are exactly alike. The soul that is incarnated in a physical body is this individual consciousness.

When we say that the ascension of the soul depends on the state of its frequency, we are actually showing that ascension is individual. Each consciousness will reach a required frequency level in order to receive the vibration that allows you to pass through the Ascension Portal. Vibrating in unconditional love, compassion, respect, solidarity, charity and gratitude, the frequency rises enough, at least to ensure the level of the Fifth Dimension.

But today we’re going to bring here some information, about how to filter energies. You are constantly bombarded by high-frequency energy, coming directly from the Light. But you are also attacked diuturnally, by the low-frequency energies that the Lords of Light send you. Like a real arm fall battle, you are between these two forces. However, know that only you can decide which side will win this dispute. And you are the trophy winner.

In this ongoing struggle, what is at stake is your conscience, that is, your soul. It’s up to you to make this dispute less painful, because the non-Light side doesn’t measure the consequences that could fall on you. The more pain and suffering you feel, the more energy you’re offering to the negative side of the dispute. The more fear, anger, resentment, guilt and despair you feel, the more energy you will be giving, precisely to the one who does not want your release from this world of Atonement and Trials.

Remember that the physical body is just the echo box of the soul. All energetic imbalance occurs in the more subtle bodies before it manifests itself in the physical body. Filter all energies before they take care of you Identify the frequency of every situation, every person, every news, every feeling, and especially every information. Yes, today humanity lives the final battle of the 3D Cycle, and everyone is engaged in it, being on the one hand an information soldier, and on the other, a disinformation soldier.

Choose which God you want to serve Remember the phrase, “You cannot serve two masters at once.” Either you’re informing or be disinformed. There are no two accents for every soul in the arena of life. But there are two very clear Timelines, and here there is a choice. You will choose according to your frequency, for there is no other way. And once you choose the Timeline, nothing can distract you from it. One will take you to the New Earth, and the other, will take you into exile, i.e. to another Planet still of Atonement and Trials.

Watch how the two armies play. It has never been easier to understand and identify each other. Identify the frequencies on both sides. Feel what resonates within you! Don’t try to guess, because there is no need to waste the precious time that is urgent now. Just feel it reverberate with your inner vibration. There is no external force, however powerful, that will be able to change this frequency. There will be no cheating, so don’t be afraid to follow the Timeline of your choice.

Although your current frequency has been built over successive incarnations, there are still choices these days. Choices that can soften your discomfort. Identify the frequency of everything you are told, everything you read, and especially everything the Media brings to you. They are weapons used in this war of Information versus Disinformation. If you have already possessed the frequency of the New Earth, absorb energies of disinformation, it will delay you a bit in crossing the Dimensional Bridge, and it will also cause you unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Filter everything and do it quickly, always at the moment you are given the information. Feel in your heart if it resonates or not with what you believe and know. Even with limiting beliefs imposed over time, you have the innate ability to feel. O feeling never cheated . The feeling is the updated quantum program that exists within you. He who still vibrates in the old energy will certainly tune in to disinformation, for it always brings about evolutionary retrograde. If you vibrate in the new Earth frequencies, you will naturally feel the sympathy or not of the message or news that arrives.

The Earth is today, something we can compare to a radio set, which has only two wave or tune frequencies. Your soul will now choose one. You will choose the noise-free energy vibration, you will choose the season where you will feel comfortable. Nothing and nobody can stop that choice. It is the exercise of free will of each conscience. But remember: No one is going to stand in front of you and tell you what choice to make. You don’t depend on anything external to do that. Your frequency will automatically, out of tune and sympathy.

Use your Energy Filter! This tool has always been available to you!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!

**By Vital Frosi


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