Divine Mother: Vibration

If you bless someone or something you are harnessing Divine energy, you are accessing the zero point field. Or, should I say, you have the potential to access the zero point field. You were robbed of the ability to bless by religions which insisted that blessings come only through their assigned individuals. You were robbed of the ability to bless by having to learn prayers by rote that have no meaning to you, because your blessings are so powerful, because your blessings can move mountains.

Imagine a magic wand: one end is tipped white; the other end is tipped black. The white-tipped end is white magic, created through blessings; the black-tipped end is black magic, created through moaning, victimhood, anger, jealousy….

Imagine your eyesight is deteriorating and you need stronger glasses. If you complain constantly about your eyes, each complaint is like waiving the black-tipped wand over your eyes. You make your eyesight worse. You block out the Divine creativity, the energy and power you were born with, with every ‘black spell’ or black blessing.

If you bless your eyes, your eyesight, even your glasses, you access the zero-point field: this is white magic, otherwise known as your innate Divine power.

Your intention and attention is crucial in accessing the zero point field, that is what creates your vibration – not your mood or emotion. You can’t fool the cosmos into thinking you’re high vibe when you’re not and by that I mean of pure intent, or relatively pure intent.

And this brings me to another point. There is a great deal of confusion about being ‘high vibe,’ and this is often misunderstood as being happy, cheerful, optimistic, joyful… This is a distortion. High vibration is a reflection to your commitment to your spiritual path, your willingness to heal your inner wounds, your compassion for you and for others (please note which one I put first!) and whether your overall orientation is service to yourself or service to others.

For this reason, feeling pain, sadness, anger, regret, even rage or jealousy, don’t lower your vibration when they are used as pointers towards healing. They are your inner tools, highlighting a need for a deeper level of self compassion and healing. They are – believe it or not – the building blocks of your high vibration. As you notice and heal each one, you release old patterns, finished karma and outdated DNA codings, thereby raising your vibration.

I hope that this is helpful for you, beloved sparks of Divine purity in form.

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert


4 Replies to “Divine Mother: Vibration”

  1. Marcos

    Entendo que ainda somos bastante leigos em relação ao amor divino e estas explicações simples, e dita com a simplicidade suficiente para as criancinhas entenderem nos é de grande valor, é o facilitador para o bom entendimento.
    Obrigado, sim Agradecido.

  2. Matthew

    Yes, for me too. Be sure to read (if you haven’t already) message from yesterday titled The Collective: Moving into the 5th Dimension (channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan), because it speaks of the same thing and it’s also very helpful.

    Take care!

  3. john

    This is a very good lesson for me at this moment thank you Jennifer and Divine Mother, love to all.