Lord Melchizedek: The Great Awakening

There is a huge awakening happening on so many levels and I will focus now, as I am being shown, and immense awakening of the sacred sites in Egypt, Sinai, and in Jerusalem.

Before the Great Floods and when the Lion Kingdom was at its very peak, what is now the Middle East was lush, tropical and green and the Mediterranean Sea did not exist. Moreover, the Nile River was artificially created, as it is the only river in Africa, which flow north, instead of east or west. Moreover, there were great inland seas.

Civilization flourished here, as it was a proverbial garden of Eden.

It was during this time, that the High Order of Melchizedek established its magnificent crystal Pyramid Temples, a complex of 7, which linked directly via Sinai, to the Pyramids (at that time), in Egypt, and especially Saqqara, the Sphinx and the first Giza Pyramid (it was later rebuilt) and reflects the same sacred number 7, as do the cataracts in the Nile and the original Nile Delta.

At that time a very ancient High Priesthood of Melchizedek was established in what is now Jerusalem: The High Priestess hood of Seraph, and the High Priesthood of Zadok. They were equal in rank.

The most ancient Mystery School was established in this complex, which held immensely important sacred teachings and linked up directly with knowledge held all over the Lion Kingdom, inclusive of what is now Egypt. Yet the Lion Kingdom indeed spanned the whole of the African continent and what has sunk offshore of it, as there at that time, was only one single continent, which the geologists refer to as the Supercontinent.

The Melchizedek Temples were unique in that they held the keys and codes of Creation, and thus the Divine Laws of Creations, as well as the most sacred teachings, and highly esoteric knowledge which the High Priesthood of Melchizedek holds and still holds at Universal Levels.

The design of the Crystal Pyramid Temples, which glimmered white-gold in the Sun, were of such high sacred geometrical and numerical and mathematical design, that they emitted sound as well. One could only access the premises through certain sound vibrations and frequencies, as the temple complex was guarded by the Seraphim and the High Priestess hood worked with the Seraphim – hence their name, Seraph.

In the middle of these main temple the Ark was housed, which held the enormous White Flame and the Golden Cosmic Christ Flame, AS ONE, and was of such high frequency and vibration, that only the High Priest and High Priestess could enter the holies of holies, as they had to go through stringent initiations and raise their own consciousness and vibration to the level of the Ark, in order to access its powers. Which were super-powers.

This Ark was the same was held in what is now the Giza Pyramid (King’s Chamber) and elsewhere in Africa (still carefully hidden), and thus formed a trinity of power, triad.

This mainly, because of certain powers which humanity could still be accessed at the time, in the 7th dimensional state, when the world was at peace, and when unity, harmony and oneness reigned.

With the immensely powerful cosmic activations, now happening, these sites (and others which are still carefully hidden), are being reactivated and this will cause immense power surges to now go through what is the Middle East. It will cleanse and purify the whole area, of all the wars of destruction which happened time and again in that area. It will be the final disintegration of all which has always caused the wars in the latitude lines of the 33-degree adding 10 on either side, because the earth has shifted on its axles a few times since then. Much of this includes the current disputes as well as Europe, Britain and of course North America – as all of these were involved, even Atlantis.

This will bring about a stirring in the collective consciousness, where humanity will finally realize how futile war is. That indeed it is now only destructive, but it leaves so much chaos, trauma and pain in its wake which carried over onto many generations.

Indeed, humanity will finally master the most vital of all collective soul lessons: -that in truth there is no-thing to fight about, only more to unite about.

As Jerusalem and Egypt now awaken in the depths of what has been before, (and mostly forgotten by humankind and one of the reasons why the “Book of Enoch” was so revered by the Essenes), all is dissolving what needs to dissolve.

There will be seeming chaos as all of this is occurring as the shifts will work so deeply with every soul on earth, as the Cosmic Christ moves within, that from this there will be a massive rebirth, into the New Golden Age of unity, peace and harmony.

Lord Melchizedek and the High Order of Melchizedek, to which I belong, are now working intensely with the reawakening of the original 7 Crystal Pyramid Temples buried under Jerusalem. More-over the awakening of the Ancient Esoteric knowledge which will the be new way of life in the New Golden Age.

Therefore, let this be known: What is not pure, will not be able to stand in the spotlight and all which is not of love.

A mass awakening of the deepest memory banks of all souls who were involved here from the beginning, and came in later.

An outpouring of the Holy Shekinah as the Seraphim are singing in the changes as the Holies of Holies rises again.

If there is a deep stirring in your soul, then you will be triggered.

It will be the High Priestess hood of Seraph who will lead the way, and then the High Priesthood of Zadok, as both then become equal again.

It is the full birth of the 7th Earth, and the 7th Root Race of Humanity, the Golden Race, who are united as ONE within the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

Hark ye!

All is being fulfilled!

Lord Melchizedek.

**Channel: Judith Kusel


6 Replies to “Lord Melchizedek: The Great Awakening”

  1. unionylibertad

    Thank you Lord Melchizedeck…I am aware of the en masse awakening coming….This month is certainly one of great beginnings for many on Earth and even in the Cosmos…We, the wayshowers are delighted with these great news..All those awakening will rejoice and will remember so much that have been forgotten of their participation in Atlantis and in the African continent along with the Middle East…Much Love and Peace to all…



  3. Weber

    Some people have already seen 20 years ahead into the future. Honestly I would prefer paradise sooner. Life will slowly get better. Nothing ever happens all at once. We are going through the great revealing phase which is the other half of our great awakening. I will remind people how important it is to only associate with others of the great awakening. There is a reason why so many took the depop shot. This universe was designed by our source creator. He/she knows the past and future before anyone arrives upon those shores. Our creator is favorable towards benevolence not evil. Understand the process of removing toxic behaviour? Toxic people recieve a toxic jab? Why? Because they are aligned with a toxic liberal/democrat idealogy, they did what ever the toxic globalists/Khazarians instructed them to do? Who is the main opposition against the globalists/deep state? People have to really think as to why nearly half of our population so willingly or unwittingly got jabbed. Because they were meant to? We are a breed apart and our good natured mentality naturally does not align with Enlil/Satan. We are of the great awakening and our allegiance is to our benevolent source creator. So if your a person in great pain maybe just realize who in this world is actually getting saved for the future and who is not! Who are the people that end up with the facts in life? Not liberals. What is the future built upon? LOVE, TRUTH, SAFETY, AND UNDERSTANDING.

    Please do not share in other toxic individuals pain anymore. There is no such thing as death. The great awakening is destined for paradise!





  4. Mas

    It appears that you can write whatever you want on this website, it never has to be proven, never has to be corroborated by anyone else, never has to fit in with anything else and if anyone questions it then they are wrong for doing so.

    1. popgoestheweazle

      My intuitive understanding is telling me that your disappointment will turn into laughter once “the effect” of what you’re discribing shows up.

    2. tigersnack1114

      MAS….practice Discernment. Some of these posts are meant to test you by giving you the opportunity to learn and grow.
      Practice your intuition on everyone and everything…this is another chance to learn, grow and ..lol…”Level Up!”

      There ARE dark posts here and everywhere…..learn to recognize the energy signatures of those types of messages and then just laugh and smile =)