Message from God: The Bond of Love

Your true greatness

Now, all time and forever – you and I are one!

Beloved man,

in these days your true greatness is revealed to you.

In these days you take leave of a world which you have mastered and on which you have perfected yourself.

In these days you will become aware of what has led you to this earth, and however tortuous the paths were, – you will recognize the deep meaning of your existence!

In these days the connection and the unity between God, who I AM, and the people are renewed and sealed.

By this process the long-awaited and deeply longed for jump of consciousness happens in you. It is the moment, at which is shown to you before eyes, which strength and which power goes out from you and from your decisions!

You have spent eons preparing yourself for this moment. Eons you have been trained and attuned to this time.

You have traversed epoch after epoch, gaining experience and creating growth – only to be present today at this change, taking your place and shaping your irreplaceable role. You are here because for eons you have chosen to be HERE on this earth now.

The deep meaning of your existence is now revealed and you realize how important, significant and indispensable your work is now.

What I speak of, is that your elevation is in full course. Your return to God, who I AM, is and can be thwarted by nothing and by nobody any more! It happens now! here and today we become one! Man and GOD are united – in your heart and for the welfare of all life.

Open yourself!

The only thing which you must cause now is to open you to the divine completely!

This happens by offering everything what weighs on your soul to me. Now it is time that you begin with the daily conversation with GOD and that you continue with the hourly conversation – so long until you are completely filled by me, who am GOD.

This time, the coming days, weeks and months you will master with great joy, with deep certainty around the correctness of all things, if you invite me into your life and transfer the care – also for your everyday life – to me.

Why it is on the world in such a way as it is? Because God was absent. And this time is now over!

The bond of the love

I, who am ALL-THAT-IS, renew and strengthen the bond of love between GOD and the HUMAN, between HEAVEN and EARTH, between YOU and ME.

Now you will meet the challenges sovereignly and you will master the life as it is worthy of a master. This awakening experience, whereby the human being is “reconnected” with GOD, provides for a new dynamic in the time happening and changes EVERYTHING.

Now the unimaginable can become true and the unthinkable can manifest – and I tell you: The New Earth is already manifesting with people like YOU!

Be free from fear! Show all fears the door! Do you need help? Call me! Let me work in your life! The only demand to you is – to open!

Many people’s hearts close at the word GOD. Change this term, do not cling to it firmly, because the ALL, WHAT IS, has all names.

The original source of all being reveals itself to humans and thereby everything changes to the GOOD – and it changes now.

It becomes light. It becomes loving. The New World is coming into being.

You, human being, are born anew in my infinite and unconditional love!

Trust me on all your earthly paths – forever and ever! WE ARE ONE!



**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


2 Replies to “Message from God: The Bond of Love”

    1. Rolando P. Rima

      Thank You God, Our Dear Most Loving Heavenly Parent! At last we are now home, reborn through Your unconditional love. We broadly opened our hearts and minds to this grand opportunity of going back to Your Bosom. Salamatununon, Gracias, Arigato Gozaimasu, kammsahamnida, Amen, Aju!