President Trump Announces a Quantum Leap in the American Standard of Living

President Trump: Past generations of Americans pursued big dreams and daring projects that once seemed absolutely impossible. They pushed across an unsettled continent and built new cities in the wild frontier. They transformed American life with the interstate highway system—magnificent it was. And they launched a vast network of satellites into orbit all around the earth. But today, our country has lost its boldness. Under my leadership, we will get it back in a very big way. If you look at just three years ago, what we were doing was unthinkable, how good it was, how great it was for our country.

Our objective will be a quantum leap in the American Standard of Living. That’s what will happen. Here are just a few of the ways we can do it.

Almost one-third of the land mass of the United States is owned by the federal government. With just a very, very small portion of that land ~  just a fraction [of] one-half of one percent ~ would you believe that? We should hold a contest to charter up to 10 new cities and award them to the best proposals for development. In other words, we’ll actually build new cities in our country again.

These Freedom Cities will reopen the frontier, reignite American imagination, and give hundreds of thousands of young people and other people, all hardworking families, a new shot at home ownership and in fact, the American Dream.

Another big opportunity is in transportation. Dozens of major companies in the U.S. and China are racing to develop vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles for families and individuals. Just as the United States led the automotive revolution in the last century, I want to ensure that America, not China, leads this revolution in air mobility.

These breakthroughs can transform commerce, bring a giant infusion of wealth into RURAL America, and connect families and our country in new ways. Likewise, through our Strategic National Manufacturing Initiative, which is going to be very big and very, very successful, we will turn forgotten communities into hives of industry, producing the goods we will no longer import from China.

We will also have a major initiative on lowering the cost of living, with a special focus on lowering the cost of a new car and lowering the cost to build a single-family home. And they will be beautiful homes.

And I will ask Congress to support “Baby Bonuses” for young parents to help launch a new baby boom.

Finally, I will challenge the governors of all 50 states to join me in a great modernization and beautification campaign ~ getting rid of ugly buildings, refurbishing our parks and our public spaces, making cities and towns more livable, ensuring a pristine environment, and building towering monuments to our true American heroes.

Very importantly, I will also make sure all of these new places are safe. We love and cherish our police. They will do the job the way they have to.

It is time to start talking about GREATNESS for our country again.

I will dramatically increase living standards and build a future that brings our country together through excitement, opportunity, and success.



31 Replies to “President Trump Announces a Quantum Leap in the American Standard of Living”

  1. jakesey

    Paladin please slowly count to 10 first before you (painstakingly) explain just why some are Superior to another. If you can’t, carry on regardless, be my guest. I am Eurasian in the meat-suit dept if it matters, which it doesn’t!!

    1. Paladin

      The truth hurts doesn’t it?

      Did you move to a European country or America only to suffer under White racism, discrimination, micro-aggresions and non-stop White privilege?

      Of course Whites are the epitome of evil because of slavery right? Oh wait a minute, the slave traders were Jewish, not White, and the slaves were purchased from African kingdoms. Blacks were sold into slavery by other Blacks.

      And we took over the Americas from noble Amerasians who were absolutely the most righteous people on Earth, when in fact they waged savage war against each other for centuries before we even arrived. Cortez conquered the Aztecs with 1000 Spaniards and 30,000 allied Indian tribes that were willing fight the Aztecs. Do you know why these 30,000 allied Indian tribes were willing to take up arms with Cortez? Because the noble Aztecs were using them as a food source, that’s right, the Aztecs practiced institutionalized cannibalism.

      I could go on and on but these are but a few examples of the 5th generation psychological warfare lies and distortions waged against Europeans by these Khazars who have infiltrated our societies.

    1. Paladin

      And the world belongs to everyone and we are all of mixed DNA, but I need to go back to Europe. What a hypocrite.

      You non-Europeans are so accustomed to the double standards that have been institutionalized by our traitorous Western governments you get indignant when any White man even defends himself.

      Your broadened horizons don’t include Whitey, do they Val?

    1. Val

      ewww sounds like the jetson’s… God forbid all of that bs… we want the new paradigm, trump is just one of the many pawns pushing for an agenda that is harmful to the earth… wake up american people who consider themselves awake but think trump is their saviour… 🤢

      1. unionylibertad

        Trump is connected to his Higher Self…He is very aware of Who he is…Please re-think…At the moment he is the one to lead…In the future there will be younger people that will only follow their heart and the wisdom in them…

      2. Emma

        Exactly, the awake are going with Trump, as Jesus does not run for president.
        Trump or Biden, that is what is on the ballot (probably), and the awake take Trump ANYDAY over Biden.
        Biden is destroying the planet, and starting WW3.

  2. Lemurian brother

    Dear paladin , i love people , just dont vibrate with really stupid fear based us verses them kinda people , cultures that bring music , culinary arts , dance , textiles , languages that are music , an on an on make life beautiful and make us one people on the planet

    1. Paladin

      Lemurian brother, the fact that somehow you are not happy with Whites having anything to themselves belies what you have said.

      Also, what makes you believe Trump’s vision of building new cities would be only for Whites?

      If anything is apparent it is Whites are to have nothing to themselves, not their nations, cities, homes, culture, history…nothing. Lack of diversity = too many Whites. Diversity served = Whites gone.

      A great example of the anti-White hypocrisy of “diversity” is the NFL. Even though Blacks comprise 60% of the NFL with some teams only having 2 or 3 starters being White, a complaint is made that the quarterback position suffers from institutionalized racism because that position is still majority White. Conversely, there is only one starting White running back in the league, but that is not the result of racism. Surely, one White running back in the league is called diversity served. In the NFL there is diversity when a position is all Black or the opposite of the definition of diverse.

      I don’t know what you are racially but I’m sick of these double standards.

      I think it is best for different races to live in their own countries and live as they see fit, and that includes my people, Europeans. You never noticed how only European countries have diversity thrust upon them by their own governments? China is not worried that their country is full of Chinese for example. No one is worried that India is full of Indians.

      Racial differences are real. Things like problem solving ability, impulse and violent behavior control, abstract thinking, artistic ability and IQ vary greatly from race to race.

      Culture, societies, civilization are the result of race, not random chance as Jewish supremacist Franz Boas asserted.

      We are not one people on this planet. Some Racial groups are completely incompatible. Separation would best serve diversity.

        1. Paladin

          I don’t comment on the spiritual sections of this website because the basic concept is fundamentally and obviously FLAWED. How can we be one? How can existence be possible as a singularity? It makes no sense. If there is just a singularity, and we are all becoming one, as has been repeatedly predicted on this site, then existence comes to an end. There can be no existence as a singularity. There is no you or me or anyone else, just a vast endless oblivion of loneliness.

          It sounds wonderful, an end to life and consciousness. Or didn’t any of you give this any thought?

    2. Emma

      Mozart did not move out of his country, and still the world could enjoy his music.

      Migrants often hate the country they end up in, for strange reasons. It is inhumane to not send them back to their piers, to secure their happiness. Most of them are not happy in white countries, and white culture.

      I used to have open arms, but not any more. Too much violence follows when different cultures meet.

  3. Douglas A James

    Yah sounds great but we need nesara and we need abundance for all no more working for $$ we want all to have all and be inspired to achieve because it benefits humanity and helps us evolve upward in consciousness.

    1. Paladin

      Doug, you’re never going to get NESARA/GESARA. You’re never going to get Aliens breaking the Jewish mass media control. Unless we light torches and get out our pitch forks we’re doomed. The Jews want America in ashes and European people exterminated.

      1. unionylibertad

        It is already being happening for a while…It will manifest fully sooner than you think…Those you call Jews are not such…They are really zionists which like to be called Jewish to hide their true identity which is from east Europe…They are called the Zacharian Mafia. from a place or region in central Europe that used to be known as Zacharia…There is also the true Jewish people…Both of these are in Israel and all over the world…There is a need to know this distinction…The Zacharia mafia is the one bringing all the havoc to our world…

        1. Mike Ohira

          Khazarian Mafia, not Zacharian mafia. The name of the country is Khazaria, not Zacharia.

  4. Paladin

    Yawn, DJT talks a good game but does nothing…all hat no cattle. If he is allowed to win reelection he will immediately go to work on behalf of Israel and Jewish neocon warmongers.

    1. unionylibertad

      He is really fighting for the real Jews, not for the Zacharian Mafia which infiltrated Israel and mixed with the real Jewish people…Those in government are the majority of the Zacharian mafia…(zionists)…Those are the ones that want total control and power over all people…

  5. Lemurian brother

    Zero credibility , oh and all these great new places will be for more white people ! When you bring up this guy it ruins the love vibe of this website

    1. Paladin

      More White people? This country has been destroyed by weaponized immigration to displace and replace White people. The Federal Government has been waging war against White people for 70 years. If you don’t like White people stop moving to our lands.

      1. tom

        Paladin if the government was at war for 70 years fighting the white people. Then why do more blacks fight in wars started by our government ?

      2. Val

        our lands? go back to europe… the american continent was populated by native people way before “white”people showed up! but in any case the earth belongs to everyone and no one is white or non white we are all just people with mixed dna and we are all loving energy and all one body… all nations and races have been taken over and tortured by dark energies and all have to go back to who they truly are, interdimentional beings of love and light who are happy to share a home in peace and harmony… without any worldly leaders who r just racist and so limited like Donald trump and all other politicians for the past thousands of years

        1. Paladin

          Go back to Europe but the Earth belongs to everyone? You’re not making much sense. What you really mean is the White man’s achievements and civilization belongs to you and other non-Whites, nothing belongs to the White man, not even Europe.

          I dont see it that way, and I’m not alone.

          Yawn… the Indians were here first. Everyone came from somewhere else. Turkey was inhabited by Europeans before Mehmed the Conquerer took Constantinople. Italy was occupied by the Etruscans before the Romans. England belonged to the Celts, then the Romans, then the Anglo Saxons.

          You lovey doveys are really hypocritical.

          So how does this work? Is this that hippie dippie John Lenon song Imagine?

          Are you lovey dovies living in European civilization? Maybe you’d like to go live in Sub-Saharan Africa instead? Remember though, if your White then you’ll be an evil colonizer. If you enjoy non-White music or cuisine you are guilty of cultural appropriation.

          You’ve learned your CRT and Political correctness very well Val.

          1. Emma

            Since white people are asked to pay reparation to blacks, then we should vote.
            I vote for reparations in form of a one way ticket to Africa.

            I used to like all people, in my nature, and in my star sign, but the last couple of years has shown me so much hate an violence from non-white.

            I do what I can to cleanse my self, but they will be much happier in a non-white country, since they hate whites so much.

            P.S. I like and respect a number of blacks in America (public people), but they are not hateful, so I guess I judge a man by his character and not by his color.

          2. val

            i was answering to his comment of “our lands” i dont actually think anyone owns any land and the earth is meant to be shared… but u read and hear what u want… in any case Trump is def not alligned with his higher self even a blind man can see that… Trump is not the leader nor is biden nor in any democrat or republican… but believe what you want i pers dont support any of these world leaders they were not spiritually appointed and dont actually care about humanity or love either way.

        2. Emma

          You need to educate yourself.
          ALL blacks loved Trump before media told them to hate him. Rappers loved him, sports people loved him, Michael Jackson was close friend with Trump, as was Muhammed Ali and his family.
          Trump is less racist than most people.
          It is mind blowing that people who NEVER can come up with racists stuff about Trump, still claim him to be racist, because their ego is having them 100%.