The Great Quantum Transition: Operation Sophia’s Crown

On 4 March 2023, Co-Creators and their ground team completed the first stage of an important operation that they had begun ten days earlier. It is directly related to the activation of the new Earth’s Causal Matrix, scheduled for March 21-23, instead of the temporary one established after the victory of Light Pole in the karmic Duel of Worlds over the Dark Pole (see DNI, Duel, Parts 1-12).

The purpose of the new op was to anchor in the Earth’s field the purified and reassembled scattered aspects of World Mother Sophia, which were preserved on the Subtle Plane of Venus after a series of cosmic catastrophes and wars in the Local Universe and Solar System. Earlier, DNI narrated them a lot and in detail.


World Mother Sophia was one of the carriers of the primary manifested Absolute’s Feminine Foundation in our Local Universe, whose history is full of dramatic events (see – DNI, Operation 4th Universe, Parts 1-10).

These events were caused by the split of the Preroma as a result of one Co-Creator’s betrayal, the emergence of the Anti-World, Black and Gray eons, and an endless series of cosmic wars that continue today.

World Mother Sophia was also involved in these tragic affairs.

Her flagrant mistake led to the birth of Yaltabaoth and his Gray eons, of which 3D Earth and our Fifth Race are part (see – Yaltabael – Henceforth And Forever, DNI, April 5, 2021).

Now, new details have been disclosed in this story.

Throughout all five civilizations, their evolution faded to involution, and ended by a new seeding of the planet. Sanat Kumara (see – DNI, From 3D to 4D And 5D, Parts 1-3), who actively participated in the new operation on February 25-March 4, 2023, saved our planet from complete annihilation twice, in the Fourth and Fifth Races.

His abode was in 8D on Venus’ Subtle Plane, where he returned in 1956, terminating his mission on Earth, which he took over 18.5 million years ago.

On the physical plane, Venus also had a tragic fate. During the space war (described in From 3D to 4D And 5D, Part 2), it was dropped from its former orbit, closer to the Sun, lost one satellite, the other became the current Mercury, and from a blooming, full of life planet, turned into a dead desert.

Now, on its surface, the temperature is almost 450 degrees Celsius; the monstrous pressure is 93 bar, which is equivalent to immersion in water to a depth of 1.6 kilometers; the atmosphere is almost 95 percent carbon dioxide; rains of sulfuric acid are pouring from the sky. The spin axis tilted 177.36 degrees relative to the ecliptic plane, and Venus rotates around the Sun in one direction, and around its axis in the opposite one. One turn around itself lasts 243 Earth days, which is the slowest among all the planets of the Solar System. At the equator, it rotates at 6.5 km/h.

Before the catastrophe, its main civilization, Hathors, in a great majority could evacuate via interdimensional Portals to 4D-7D of Venus, as well as to other planets, including 3D Earth (mainly in Central Egypt). Almost 0.5% of the current earthlings are their descendants.

To save Venus, its Supreme Council decided to temporarily deactivate the Causal Matrix of the planet, i.e. put its Logos into an artificial coma. Although it is still in such a state, the life force is maintained in Venus core, as evidenced by volcanic activity on the planet.

One of the vital donors of Venus is the Earth’s Logos. The Light Mandala that both planets create during their movement is a Matrix carrying a complex program of vital activity and interaction. It is a source of powerful fiery energies of Light and Love for the planets themselves and the entire Solar System.

The second source, supporting the life of the Venus Heart, is the Monadic Aspects of World Mother Sophia. When the planet was thrown from its former orbit, it pulled down part of Her energy (Corona), which broke up into 12 fragments. The Hathors secretly saved them from the Darks in the planet’s Subtle Plane, which helped to continue receiving Pleroma’s vital power through them.

This is, very briefly, the background of Operation Sophia’s Crown, which formed the basis of the Co-Creators and Lightwarriors’ action plan. It was targeted to re-assemble the Crown fragments in a single whole, for which the Hierarchs assigned their ground group.

If successful, they and Lightwarriors could get a colossal power energy tool that will help restore life on 3D Venus in the future, and today, in March 2023, to install a new, permanent Causal Matrix of our planet. How did this unique operation go?

On 25 February, Lightwarriors conducted a preparatory setup, during which they once again workshopped all the stages and details of the upcoming operation. On a Subtle Plane, they were shown what was happening to the Crown at the time of the cosmic catastrophe when 12 Sophia’s aspects anchored on Venus that became Her abode.

27 February. A new tuning was held with 12 Monadic Aspects of Sophia in the field of Venus’ Logos, on different octaves. Geographically, they are projected and placed in the planet’s conical pyramids. The work through them was carried out in sync with Sanat Kumara and the Hathors.

By joint efforts, all aspects were collected into a single Crystal, and Lightwarriors exchanged their aspects with it. Each Aspect was placed in the area of the heart chakra in a multi-layered and multifaceted way with a firework of information that was immediately uploaded in all group members.

1 March. Direct Spiritual energy exchange with World Mother Sophia. On a Subtle Plane, it was like the take-off of a flock of white pigeons that dissolved into Its Monadic aspects on Venus. The fragments of the Crown flashed with a bright Light and rays went out from them in all directions, connecting in the Higher Realms of the Local Universe.

2 March. Assembling of all 12 fragments into a single Crown was carried out. On the Subtle Plane, 13 Lightwarriors directly participated in this op – twelve, making circle, and one in the center. The rest helped by their energy from the second, outer ring. The fragments were, first, loaded into the hearts of each team member, and then, they placed them in the thirteenth participant.

When the Crown was fully assembled, Sanat Kumara solemnly handed it to World Mother Sophia. Nothing happened for a while. And suddenly, the Crown shone with the brightest Light. The crystals flashed one after another, synchronized and moved into a single powerful glow.

3 March. Aspect exchange with the collective Logos of the ground group. At 06:00 PM CET, during the general setup and synchronization, Sophia, by Her Aspect, entered the group’s Logos and installed a copy of the Crown into it. On a Subtle Plane, every team member felt this coronation.

Immediately, the powerful energy of the Crown started to fill the cells of the 3D Earth’s crystal grid, washing out everything, introduced by the Darks, and causing ruptures and short circuits. As on Venus, it now acts as an energy catalyst to stabilize and maintain the equilibrium of the processes taking place.

4 March. New setup, synchronization with Sofia and additional information followed. Through the Crown, new energies not only Primary Feminine but also Masculine Foundations directly from the Pleroma went to 3D Earth. Now, Lightwarriors and their collective Logos are assigned to adapt these power energies to three-dimensional Earth. Thus, they should prepare it for the installation of a new Causal Matrix, planned for the last decade of this month.

DNI will monitor developments.

**By Lev