Benjamin Fulford Report: March Madness Begins As Rockefeller/Biden Horror Show Implodes

Don’t be fooled by the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) sideshow, what is really happening is the Rockefeller/Biden horror show is imploding. Let’s be clear, so-called President Joe Biden, Janet Yellen, the Rockefellers etc. are all criminals who are about to face justice. To see what a joke this regime is, watch the so-called “leader of the free world” say “they had to take the top of my head off a couple of times to see if I had a brain…”.

No wonder Russian dementia care facilities are using Biden on their posters 

Do you think these guys are going to stay in control by bailing themselves out with their own money? No, they are all going to be bankrupted and sent to jail. Just watch and see.

What happened with the $209 billion SVB is insiders withdrew all their money from the bank only to have Janet Yellen step in to replenish their funds. Canadian Intelligence sources say it was just a massive bribery operation that will not fool anybody. Ponder this: The CFO of SVB bank is none other than the former CFO of Lehman Brothers.

This whole sideshow was meant to divert attention from much bigger news of the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION and with it the entire Khazarian mafia control grid.

That is why the head of the Nazi EU Ursula von der Leyen met on March 10th with the fake “President” Joe Biden to “start talks on establishing a global critical raw materials club.” In other words, they are “starting talks,” after already being cut off from stealing raw materials from the rest of the world.

In a clear sign of this, Australia’s government-owned Perth Mint was caught last week selling 100 tons of impure gold bars in Shanghai in a desperate attempt to get funding for the FRB.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The BIS and the Swiss central bank gold vaults are empty and no explanation has been given as to where the gold went. At the highest level of the world financial system, only real stuff like gold is accepted, so if they have no gold, they have no mojo.

They are cut off not just from gold but from oil too. That is what was behind the announcement by Iran and Saudi Arabia that they were going to start a military alliance in cooperation with China.

Iranian sources tell us that a secret clause to this agreement is that Iran has been recognized as a nuclear power and that Saudi Arabia will also have a nuclear deterrent to stave off KM nuclear blackmail. The Iranian Monitor News agency says “Today arrogance knows it has no other option than diplomacy and they have accepted Iran as a nuclear country.”

After this announcement, the head of the Iran/China Chamber of Commerce tweeted “Comrades pour whatever dollars you have saved into the market.”

This means the Rockefeller petro-dollar has been consigned to the dustbin of history.

The US dollar is now officially the UN dollar and is no longer controlled by the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. The UN dollar is backed by gold and commodities but not controlled any longer by the Khazarian Mafia.

In other words, all those “dollars” Janet Yellen is doling out to her co-criminals are not backed by reality. This is going to be obvious to everybody sooner rather than later. The KM financial system is going to implode, that is a mathematical certainty.

The SVB bankruptcy is just a distraction from the now-confirmed much bigger collapse of Credit Suisse which, according to the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC), will be shutting down accounts as of March 24th.

Credit Suisse will just be the first big domino. “The banking collapse in the US has already begun. There is no turning back. The KM can’t stop what’s coming. I was advised to watch Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank,” a Mossad source says.

In a sign the whole house of cards is about to collapse, Hal Turner reports

Word from money giant VANGUARD is that people with 401-k’s who have been trying to make “Hardship withdrawals” for the past two months have been stymied by VANGUARD.

Something big is going to give, likely in the short term. And likely it’s going to get combined with some sort of show, (geo) politically. Think China. Cyber attacks, something like that. Could well turn out to be the end of the Biden Admin. We’ll have to wait and see, but things are going to get crazy,” says Anthony Migchels

“All central banks around the world are bankrupted now — it is just not revealed to the public yet, and maybe it’s a good thing. This is the WH Military Alliance’s ‘Softest Landing’ approach to avoid maximum tragedies, suffering & casualties for all citizens,” a Canadian intelligence source says.

“The bankruptcy reveal will be done publicly in phases to ensure not creating a full meltdown of citizens all over the world, all at once,” he says.

“As more & more people figure out what is truly going on inside the matrix financial systems & government, it is not going to be fun. It will be more intense than the last 3 years of dealing with the CONvid agenda,” he adds.

For the rest of the world, this is long overdue. China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang explains developing countries account for more than 80 percent of the global population and more than 70 percent of global economic growth and are “entitled to…a louder voice in international affairs.” He adds the world wants peaceful development that “is not pursued through war, colonization or plunder,”

Russia agrees saying “it requires African, Asian and Latin American developing countries being more involved” in the UN Security Council.

If you recall UN vetoes by the United States on behalf of Israel over the past many decades you can see KM-controlled Israel is the elephant in the living room here.

That country is now headed for revolution. Contacts in Israel say within the next 2 weeks, the country most likely will be in total chaos. “Every day more real Judaic people are demonstrating against the non-legitimate Netanyahu government. Even top commanders in the military and Mossad are not with Netanyahu’s agenda. The people have had enough. Something big is about to take place there,” a Mossad source says. 

Here is some of what Netanyahu, who is allied with KM arch criminals like Elliot Abrams and Victoria Nuland, is trying to impose on Israel:

-Allow openly racist parties to run for office

-Remove basic secular subjects like math and English from schools

-Put control of food stamp distribution in the hands of fascists

-Eliminate the standard of reasonableness for judicial decisions;

-State that for religious reasons, the United States and Israel should not be subject to any international law.

No wonder as many as 500,000 pro-democracy protestors took to the streets nationwide on Saturday, in what the Israeli Haaretz daily dubbed “the largest demonstration in the country’s history”.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid told crowds the country was facing “the greatest crisis in its history…but the only thing this government cares about is crushing Israeli democracy.”

Netanyahu is now openly saying he is a Satanist and not a Jew. Here you can watch him tell former US President Barack Obama “you are the great Satan and we are the little Satan.”—-You-are-the-Great-Satan-and-we-are-the-little-Satan-

The KM colony of the United States is also in open revolt. For example, Arizona Governor Kari Lake had a meeting with Mel Gibson to discuss the new American Revolution.

Mel Gibson tells her he is currently working on a movie about the Rothschilds and a sequel to The Passion of The Christ.

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  1. Andrea

    So much misdirection, what is going on while eyes are on T? I was hoping his “arrest” would be a domino of disclosures.

  2. Jeanne Green

    Only could imagine if DJT was to be arrested, and deposed , a lot of interesting info could come out under oath. And not all people who are arrested are found guilty…just a hint.

  3. Scroogle McDuck

    There is no “secret space force.” There is a secret space FARCE which can burn blue alcohol fuel in LEO (Low Earth Orbit), but it’s nothing exotic. Human tech still cannot handle the energetic regions of space past the earth’s atmosphere. This is why the Chinese and the Russians — and the Americans — have never landed on the moon. Like the Ukraine “war” and the ISS and “space X”, all our space programs are moneylaundering boondoggles. Defund NASA. And the C-Eye-Eh. And the FBI. They do nothing but predate on the American people. Might as well get rid of all the branches of govt while you’re at it. They have nothing to do with America, anymore.

  4. Beth

    A real life One in a Million human being who is standing up to Massive Corruption in NH which extends Worldwide is Mike Gill. This man took on BIG names in NH and has hard evidence against them. These criminals tried to bribe him with $50M to keep quiet. He refused and documented all of his interactions. He has risked his life, family and wealth due to his Passion for exposing these criminals. Check out Brendon O’Connell via YouTube to view the latest intel from Mike Gill who has been bankrupted and on the run from these hoodlums. In all my years in search of the Truth, this man deserves a listen.

  5. Beth

    How about the expose’ provided by Mike Gill and his relentless perseverance, sacrificing of his wealth and family to take on the Corruption in NH which extends worldwide…check out Brendon O’Connell on YT or Patreon for the expose’. Mike Gill has been bankrupted for not playing with these criminals (offered a $50M bribe to keep quiet), he has hard core evidence and a Passion for Freedom, Liberty and Justice..numerous life attempts and has been “on the run” for quite some time. A human who is truly one in a million! Check him out!

  6. Keith

    Outer space is fake…the Earth is flat.
    Extraterrestrial….Extra-terra meaning extra land. There is more land on our flat plane.
    NASA lies and the “blue marble” is the biggest con on humanity which will reveal everything….
    It’s time to really wake up.

    1. FUKM

      Flat as Fook Absolutely – it’s the biggest lie of many these evil pricks have played on humanity so wake up we live on a plane of undulating land with flat standing water and a firmament. Lieing KM scum every they claim is a lie along with all Wars, 911, Moon Landing, NASA, Satellites, FIAT money, denial of Free energy, Dinosaurs etc 😈

      1. Cindy

        I want proof, pictures and proof words are just not going to cut it. Have you seen the other part of our so called flat earth???? show me pictures

  7. Mike Ohira

    Regarding Donald Trump and Putin

    The current Putin is a double. The real Puting had been taken out by the Cabal some years ago. However, Puting was able to turn to the light.

    There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Trump. Melania is definitely not married to Trump. Donald Trump was killed in a helicopter crash on Oct. 10, 1989. The current Trump is a double and he’s got three of them. Trump was married to Ivana Winklmayr (born 1949), a daughter of Adolf Hitler, but they divorced after Trump was killed in a helicopter clash. Melania, born in 1970, was a baby child of Ivana Winklmayr who later on met Trump and the two got married.

    If Melania is not the true wife of Trump, then who is? This is what I heard: Donald Trump and Princess Diana are couple. Diana reincarnated into a body of a woman who agreed to receive Diana’s soul. So does this mean double soul?

    Check this out: https://www.reformation-org/trump-britannia-connection.html

  8. Lilas

    I think this the third Putin,there is a great difference
    Between the KGB Putin and this one.
    See the photographs.Its not important,hè is 10xbetter
    than the evil presidents of america.

    1. Leslie

      The only way to ascertain who are clones is to detain all of them. I heard the person we are seeing now as Trump is a clone. Detain him and do a forensic examination of this clone. If it’s a double, take fingerprints and blood samples. Ever notice that the recent speeches Trump gives are dark. That may be to mask the truth. The rumor is that the real Trump is in Cheyenne Mountain and has been since 1/20. Is this a sanctioned clone or double or a black hat? Nothing is what it seems anymore. As for Putin, this present Putin is clearly not the earlier version. I leave it to you to figure this out.

  9. Wayne Hansen

    There are different meanings of the word mothership. He seems to be talking about the UFO lights in the sky which are not very important. Then there are the motherships that the lightworkers talk about. Tuella called the mothership a great space city with twelve levels. At the time of sleep the soul of a lightworker can travel up to this mothership. The lightworker is from this ship and is on Earth assignment; a tour of duty in human body. The space ship people have higher dimension bodies that look human like us.
    Stargate Newsletter reprinted this article also.

    1. Mike Ohira

      I think the mothership you are referring to is The New Jerusalem. UFO’s you see in the sky, regardless of the size, are simply UFO big or small.
      The mothership New Jerusalem is about one third the size of the earth.
      A mothership of such size must keep distance from the earth in order not to disrupt earth orbit.

      The New Jerusalem is also a popular reincarnation destination for souls leaving planet earth.

    1. Leslie

      Operation Warpspeed. I’ve heard the arguments for and against his culpability. He was up to his neck in it.

    2. Mark Dalane

      Nothing is as it seems….smoke, mirrors, slight of hand….it’s all good. But NO, I don’t buy the Trump, Putin Xi arrests…