The Pleiadians: Tipping Point

Beloved ones we greet you,

The winds of change are flowing across your earth plane.

Within this flow there are powerful vibrations of love that have originated from the Universal consciousness and are transmitting out this pure flow to be absorbed through the energetic web that is encompassing Earth. This pure vibrancy of light is being aligned through the magnetic core and is pulsing across the earth plane, interacting directly through the heart cells of all humanity that is ready to receive, to remember.

This force of love is bringing a pure healing frequency into the Hearts of mankind to allow a new form of sacred forging to open within the heart cells. This vibration is designed to allow a higher potential to be realized, reinstated within those of you who are on the awakened path.

Reinstated is the operative word, you are being realigned back to an original aspect of your higher light consciousness. Through this new vibrational quickening you are being realigned, opened into your sacred senses. You are enabled to be realigned to your original meeting point of Self. This happening is pre-destined.

You are at a tipping point. Only you can consciously open to choose to receive through the vastness of your own Heart. Your Heart is your sacred tool, the most powerful of all tools that gives you unlimited access to clarity, abundance. Your Heart is your guiding light. Open to receive the vastness of your abundant potential. Reach forward within your heart space and take in the magic of the shift within the elementals of your life now.

The words, ‘I AM’ will support this recalibration through you. These words anchor Truth and abundance that are part of your natural makeup.

We witness you in love.


The Pleiadians

**Channel: Christine Day


4 Replies to “The Pleiadians: Tipping Point”

  1. CloseTheRanks

    Agree we’re on flat terrain and much is beyond the ice wall. I would expect a multitude of sentient beings to make themselves known as the veil is lifted from humanity, albeit slowly.

    Note too, that the controlling aliens of the Kazarians must be dealt with also. In our current state of spiritual ability, we will require assistance for their removal.

    Perhaps we’re getting it?

  2. Keith

    Yes! The Earth is a plane! Finally someone realizes the Earth is flat and much BIGGER than we are told.
    There’s are extraterrestrials on this Earth plane…not “outer space.”

  3. Bebo

    Re: the photo. I feel very uncomfodtable with the sexualisation of our space brothers and sisters, there has been much focus on looks, particularly with the Pleiadians. May I request we be more conscious of not doing this as I feel this is an Earth 3D trait. I feel a higher consciousness would be more drawn to the soul/light/energy not the vehicle. No judgement or upset intended just my inner feeling of the photos and some viewers comments and requests over time. Best wishes and love to all.

    1. Emma

      May I suggest you work on your feelings, so you never have to feel uncomfortable again. So you never have to change the OUTER world ever again, but only inside you.