Council of Overseers: Change The Substance of Your Reality 

Dear Beloved Ones, every moment you are signalling out, that which you are in every moment. That which you are is actively communicating with the interface of your eternal soul through your consciousness.

Your inner Consciousness is the substance of your reality.

All things are made of this substance.

Your thoughts, beliefs, imagination and feelings combine together creating your own unique frequency of consciousness reality.

Changing yourself, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, shifts that which you are signalling out with your interface, sending back to you the mirror of your consciousness. The reality that you live within; therefore, without.

There is no one to change but yourself.

Your Divine Eternal Being is a Creator.

The Creator Gods who created Earth are Creators also. The Divine Council of Overseers watched over them. Many now on Earth were present. The memories are held within all DNA, which hold the frequencies.

Your heart is the Divine Key to unlocking all memories before Earth and prior to each incarnation.

I remember before here, being sent, arriving. All will remember. The moment one crosses over they remember also.

You may imagine this substance of consciousness as a Quantum field of Divine possibilities. Where no limitations, (except ones own) exist.

When we say ones own limitations; we are referring to the fears, the doubts, the anxiety, and the sadness held within you, creating a lock on your heart, preventing your Full LIMITLESS Being from consciously being activated.

Creation is this Divine Consciousness and now you can communicate with this interface of being through your heart. There has never been more accessible power to shift and access more of this consciousness reality.

Creating the reality of your choosing, is accessing Your Substance consciousness through the key of your heart.

Now, breathe slowly and relax, as this takes you now into the moment.

See your Divine limitless self. Feel your Divine Self expand out into the Universe. Feel and see the Golden Light. And Breathe. As this opens your heart, let go of something that you no longer want to signal out and create, within you.

Remembering within interfaces with the Divine you and creates back to you the mirror without.

Please do this daily, focus on the one thing, till you see the difference in your world, reality.

This is all substance of consciousness, which is your reality, that you are creating, one way or the other. Now begin with awareness to shift your consciousness. The audio below may help you.

We bless you ALL now, As now is the MOMENT of Great Transformation!

With The Divine Council of Overseers, blessing you now! Know that we are always present. In Divine love, always.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian